Iran’s Jewish Rulers

by Donny Ahzmond

June 3, 2019

It appears a couple of Saudi oil tankers were attacked off the coast of the United Arab Emirates a couple weeks ago, and the US is blaming Iran. Obviously, this is just a false flag being used to keep everyone tense, or justify the defense budget, or play with oil prices, or all the above. But it got me thinking about Iran and its rulers – who they are and where they came from. So let’s take a turn through the mainstream bios with our eyes open, and see what we see. As it turns out, they’re all Jewish. They are not “Arab” or “Persian” or “Middle Eastern”. These are all just broad ethnic terms that signify nothing. They are used merely to keep you off the scent. And none of Iran’s leaders are Muslim, either. Most of Islam’s top clerics and religious leaders have been placed there to control the religion and keep its adherents focused on the wrong things. They are doing the same thing with Christianity in the West. See the Pope, Billy Graham, the faith dealers, etc. So this paper is just more evidence that Islamic extremism isn’t a real thing,nor has Iran ever been a nuclear threat.

The current Supreme Leader of Iran is Ali Khamenei. Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979 which overthrew the last imperial Shah, there have been two Supreme Leaders: Ruhollah Khomeini (1979 – 1989) and Ali Khamenei (1989 – present). We pronounce their names the same in English, and having heard the names frequently throughout my life, I had always assumed these Iranian leaders were related. When I ask Google if they’re related, I’m told the names sound very different in the Persian language, and they are both place names referring to two distant towns where the two Supreme Leaders trace their family roots. Let’s unwind that. Khamenei means “from Khamaneh”, a town in the Azerbaijan province of Iran, in the northwest. If you haven’t looked at a map of the Middle East recently, this is the area of Iran that borders Armenia. Khamaneh is only 80 miles south of the Armenian border. Why is that important? Because the crypto-Jewish Komnene family that infiltrated all the European thrones are from Armenia. See Miles’ paper on the Crusades if you don’t know what I am talking about. In fact, the Komnene’s Byzantine empire at one point encompassed part of present-day northwest Iran where Khamaneh is located. That’s fairly strong evidence that the town itself was named in tribute to its rulers, the Komnenes. The town can also be spelled Khāmneh or Khumna. Is it possible that the Supreme Leader Khamenei is actually a Komnene? This would mean the mainstream story is reversing the truth about his name. His family isn’t named for the town; the town is named for his family.

My hunch gets more validation when we examine the Komnene’s origins. One of the first known family members was Nikephoros Komnenos, who was governor of Vaspurakan in the 11thcentury. Vaspurakan comprises modern-day southeast Turkey and northwest Iran, where Khameneh is located. At the very least, we’ve established that Supreme Leader Khamenei bears the name of a town that was in all likelihood named after the ancient Komnene family who also originated in that region. We will come back to the recent Supreme Leaders. For now, let’s go back in time to the Safavid dynasty, which lasted from 1501 to 1722 and encompassed what is now Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and parts of the North Caucasus, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and beyond. This dynasty began with Ismail I, Shah of Iran. That nose should tell you something, as should the name Ismail. The red hair is also curious.

Here’s the kicker – Ismail’s grandmother was Theodora Komnene, daughter of John IV Komnenos, Emperor of Trebizond. So by calling the Safavid its own dynasty is more than a little misleading, since it was just a continuation of the Komnene dynasty. Theodora’s mother was Princess Bagrationi, daughter of Alexander I of Georgia, from the powerful House of Bagration. The Bagrations were Jewish, claiming direct descent from King David of the Bible. This lends more evidence to the fact that the Komnenes were Jewish, as they married into another Jewish dynasty. In any case, this means the Komnene family was ruling Iran all the way up to 1722 at the end of the Safavid dynasty.

Who ruled after that? The Safavid rule ended when Pashtun rebels besieged the capital city of Isfahan and defeated Sultan Husayn, the “last” Safavid (Komnene) ruler. After a series of military skirmishes and tug-of-wars, Iran fell into the hands of Karim Khan Zand, forming the short-lived Zand dynasty.

Karim Zand (see the nose?) is known for opening up trade with Europe. As Wikipedia tell us:

During his reign, relations with Britain were restored, and he allowed the East India Company to have a trading post in southern Iran.

Oh, really? That would make sense, since the Zands were Jewish. They don’t admit it outright, of course, though see page 24 of this paper where we get a passing admission that Karim’s wife was Jewish, and that the Zands appointed a Jew as governor of Shiraz. Now look up the surname Zand and you’ll find almost exclusively Jewish people: Nathalie Zand, Polish-Jewish neurologist; Nosson Zand, Chasidic rapper from Boston; and Shlomo Zand, professor at Tel Aviv University. About the only Zand they don’t admit is Jewish is Kayvon Zand, who just happens to be a descendant of the Zand dynasty. They do admit he’s a pervert. Kayvon started the Zand Collective in New York City, a performance group whose act was banned from the Highline Ballroom for being “too shocking.” In it, fire-eaters have sex on stage. He also began an event called “Sex Fifth Avenue” which took place at the Museum of Sex, where it was “successful in cementing Zand’s reputation for revitalizing NYC nightlife.” He also formed Zand wagon, a modeling and casting agency that represents transgendered people. He’s also an actor, playing a terrorist in RuPaul’s film Starr booty and Elvis Presley on some Japanese show. Here he is giving everyone the creeps on America’s Got Talent:

But here’s the thing about the Zand dynasty – it was really just a front for the Safavid/Komnene dynasty. They admit that the Safavid prince Ismail III was the official Shah of Iran from 1750-1773, during the Zand rule. Try to make sense of that. After overthrowing the Safavid dynasty, they continued to let a Safavid occupy the throne.

After the Zand dynasty came the Qajar dynasty, whose founder was Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar. It isn’t clear how he came to power, and it makes little sense considering he was a eunuch, having been castrated as a young adult. When you’re castrated, you stop producing testosterone, lose muscle and gain fat, and generally become effete – not the type to lust for military power. Yet we are told he was a “cruel and rapacious” military tyrant.

Does that guy look cruel and rapacious to you? No, he looks like a neutered puppy, which is exactly what he was. But notice how he is seated in his portrait and compare it to Karim Zand’s portrait. They are positioned exactly the same, even down to the hands. They are signaling that this is just a continuation of the same dynasty. That was my assumption based on the portraits alone, but a peek over at shows that Agha Mohammad was in fact both a grandson and son-in-law of the Zands, as well as a half-brother of a Safavid. They don’t tell you that at Wikipedia. This means the Zand, Qajar, and Safavid dynasties are just one big dynasty stemming from the Komnenes, which we can now extend all the way to 1925 with the exile of the last the Qajar ruler, Ahmad Qajar.

[Miles: also remember that Zand becomes Sand/Sands, linking us to many Jewish people of that name. Think writer George Sand, who did not choose that nom de plume by accident. She was in the direct line of Augustus II the Strong and a cousin to Louis XVI. Of course Augustus was a Hohenzollern, taking us in the maternal line back to Barbara Jagiellon. Also actor Julian Sand,Israeli historian Schlomo Sand, fake German martyr Karl Sand, rear admiral Benjamin Sands (a navy spook whose son James also became a rear admiral), fake IRA Bobby Sands (who allegedly died in a hunger strike), Comfort Sands (founder of the Bank of New York), vampire author Lynsay Sands, and the billionaire Sands family (Constellation Brands).]

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Great showmanship, Bibi, bring it on. Might want to consider providing Iran with a few more drones to get technologically caught up?

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