International Arrest Warrant Requested for George Soros (Stooge Globalist Juden Front Man)

Ed’s note: If one African immigrant comes through the US-Mexican border carrying the Ebola virus and this can be traced back to George Soros, we demand an international arrest warrant be placed on George Soros. Soros himself is a front man stooge for powerful globalist interests knowing full well the Ebola virus is now on the run. Note that Larry Krasner who is mentioned in this Sputnik article is a Russian-Jew which explains why Soros backs him and his policies in Philadelphia.

Although the Sputnik article is worth reading, note that it is not specifically George Soros “remaking American society,” it is rather “Jewish interests remaking American society” that we have seen over and over again Soros funds. What Americans need to comprehend is that while America is being reduced to Americans selling vegetables to each other on street corners, Israel will take America’s place as the dominant global power after America has been thoroughly harvested. Remember Israel’s “branding George Soros as being anti-Israel?” That was faked. And why was it UAE spent tens of thousands of dollars a month to “snoop on Trump?” Simple: Trump’s relation with Israel.

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Source: Sputnik

George Soros ‘Purchases’ Local Elections to Push for ‘Radical Agenda’ − US Attorney

George Soros, 88, is known for his investments in pro-migrant groups and broader globalist agenda. One of his most recent endeavours is a criminal justice reform drive in the United States, in which he has thrown his weight behind progressive candidates in several district attorney elections.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has ripped into American-Hungarian investor and liberal philanthropist George Soros, accusing him of using his wealth to quietly “remake” American society.

George Soros was reported to have ploughed over $3 million into district-attorney campaigns in several states in 2016, supporting progressive candidates who would back a criminal justice reform.

“Once elected, these candidates have ended cash bail, treated felonies as misdemeanours and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely,” Carlson said.

He added that Soros’ efforts were on display in Philadelphia, where Democratic candidate Larry Krasner was elected district attorney in 2017. Incidentally, he has reportedly received $1.7 million from Soros in donations.

Larry Krasner’s Republican contender at the time lamented that an “outside individual”, Soros, who “knows nothing” about public safety in Philadelphia, was dishing out massive amounts of cash. She referred to Krasner as a “far-left candidate who has never prosecuted a criminal case in his 30-year career as a criminal defence attorney” and who sued the Philadelphia police over 75 times.

Carlson argued that the consequences of Soros’ involvement and Krasner’s election were statistically bad for Philadelphia.

“In the city of Philadelphia, Soros backed Larry Krasner and the murder rate there is the highest that it has been in a decade,” he said.

According to government data, there were 351 murders in Philadelphia in 2018, up 12 per cent since the previous year and the most since 2007. Police statistics indicated that almost a third of the homicides were drug-related.

Carlson spoke with William McSwain, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

McSwain and Krasner have clashed over the case of a gunman who shot and nearly killed a beer deli owner last year with an AK-47. Under a plea deal, the man was sentenced to 3-and-a-half to 10 years with parole possible at any time after prosecution dropped attempted murder charges against him − a sentence many critics deemed lenient.

McSwain told Carlson that “Philadelphia is the laboratory for where these experiments in Soros-funded prosecutors are playing out.”

“We can look at the data and we can see what has happened to Philadelphia,” he said. “Homicides have skyrocketed, shootings have skyrocketed, the worst kinds of violent crime have really gone up.”

Please go to Sputnik to read the entire article.



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This is how Jews counter criticism of their collective group behavior:

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So readers, tell us what the suicide, alcohol and drug overdose rate is in Israel?

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