Insider Field McConnell, “PADDOCK WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON!” – Hear the Watchmen Journey

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  • All the best of luck with the ranch in Texas, Jesus will provide you, if he doesn’t then I will be very surprised.
    Q …. Why do I never hear of you on the Alex Jones show ?
    I have asked Alex, but never a reply !
    Oct 5th (tomorrow) the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Mike Veale will produce his investigative report on edward heath the ex PM of Britain. (named lower caps deliberate) !
    The hostage rescue team found loads of antifa stuff in paddock’s room when they shot him for shooting at them first !
    William Binney “Its All satanic !”
    On my timeline in Facebook, quite a way down you will see my comments to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, welby couldn’t give a shit !

  • Field McConnell will never be heard on Alex Jones. Field’s team around him are too good to allow that to happen.

  • May I make a special request to receive a MARINE reply to this question please ?
    Sounds like a dum dum question, but am not necessarily so much new …. more inexperinced, because I like them both.
    Field will NEVER be heard on Alex Jones show ?
    Oh Oh ….. why?
    Is Alex a shill ?
    He says the correct sounding things, but Field makes me lush to the bottom of my stomach. A real loving guy.
    Sorry if this angers you, it is not meant to, but I think maybe it is.
    How can I know if I doon’t ask ?
    I have shaken hands with Field twice, once at Telford in 2015, then at AV7, but I got poisoned and had to return home at 05.30 on the Sunday morning VERY ILL !

  • Sorry I meant laugh not lush

  • Yes Alex Jones is a shill!

  • No one needs to take their Antifa literature with them anymore. He had a home in Mesquite. He was going on a suicide mission, why take your Antifa literature? You can have all your literature on your phone, or laptop. He was the patsy.

  • Took the words outta my mouth !! 😉

  • Hello Field, I have been watching you and DH on youtube for months as I have become a fully aware patriot. Thank you for your insight! I am a female disabled USCG small boat Coxswain and Federal Boarding Officer (1988-1995). I suffered my first injustice on my first day of bootcamp in May of 1998 and continued injustice throughout my short lived career. I would be honored to spend time at your ranch and do what I can to contribute to your cause. Please contact me with any info