Insane in the Ukraine: J.Go Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before [UPDATES]


Sextexting Jason Goodman is neck deep in the scandalous cloud of deceptive news ops, character attacks, Mossady type media hoax warfare. Jason shows up at the Anthony Weiner sentencing with a smirk on his face, and cracking jokes about hot dogs. Maybe that was to make Weiner’s acts seem “titillating”, instead of the disgusting actions of a politician who swore allegiance to Israel.

Recognize this guy? Jason Goodman, CEO of Aerocine, the first company to fly a full-size RED EPIC camera on a “heavy payload” micro-hexacopter drone.

It’s almost like we’re watching an actor playing a different character. This one is confident and slick, walking with a military bearing.

Here’s the video that was chopped out of this clip.

It’s certainly spectacular footage. They won an award at the first ever New York Drone Film Awards.

So why does Jason Goodman never mention this?

There’s nothing in his demo reel about it:

His company 21st Century 3D’s “news” section hasn’t been updated since 2012. Being a CEO of an award-winning drone company is somehow not newsworthy, or relevant to the resumé of a film-maker?

Why have we never once seen a drone shot, in hundreds if not thousands of episodes of Crowdsource the Truth? Why didn’t this expertise come up when Jason was covering the Las Vegas massacre? Why did he trespass to see what the view was like from on top of a nearby gas station when he could have got a better shot perfectly legally with a drone? He explored the theory of guns being attached to helicopters, so why didn’t he ever touch the idea of guns being on drones? He was the CEO of a company that pioneered heavy lift drones and was one of the first companies in the US to get one of the FAA 333 flight exemptions for drones.

Jason Goodman’s IMDB page stops in 2014, with the Bryan Singer movie X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In 2014 Goodman registered the trademark “Aerocine”.

On February 21, 2014 Aerocine flew their drone through the Chernobyl site in Pripyat, Ukraine – less than 100 miles from the capital city Kiev.

When I say “through” I mean that quite literally, as the video has many shots of the drone inside buildings and structures. The city of Pripyat is a ghost town, abandoned since the nuclear disaster in 1986. The whole area is in a military Exclusion Zone that is now administered by Ukraine’s Ministry of Emergency Services.

When you land in a new country with a brand new drone, to attempt something never done before in cinematography, do you:

a) get off the plane and go immediately to the remote film site from the airport and start filming

b) rest for a few days, show up at the remote site on the day of filming and hope everything works fine first time

c) get off the plane and go to a hotel. Sleep, test the drone around a major city where you can get parts and repairs, and then travel to the remote film site confident it works

It would be c) don’t you think?

So it would be reasonable to assume that the Aerocine team was in Ukraine with their drone a few days earlier than the filming date February 21, 2014.

On February 18 , 2014 the Ukrainian “Color Revolution” turned hot in Kiev. The biggest day of massacre was February 20, 2014.

Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? Jason Goodman is the CEO of a company which is operating the world’s most advanced commercial HD video drone in Ukraine at the exact time a Western-backed coup breaks out there. It’s almost as big a coincidence as Jason having his “Crowdsource the Truth” team member Joe Napoli in the crowd in Las Vegas when the worst lone gunman massacre in history breaks out there.

The founders of Aerocine (who attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts) traveled the world, and deployed their drone with 3-man teams: pilot, camera operator, and aircraft technician.

[AD note: Jules and Gédéon Naudet also attended NYC’s Tisch School of the Arts, just like “the founders of Aerocine”. According to Wikipedia, Jules and Gédéon Naudet moved to New York City with their parents when they were teenagers. Both brothers graduated from the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1995. Their first years at NYU (Tisch School of Arts), both brothers “used the same ID card and only paid one tuition”. The Naudet brothers became American citizens in 1999. 

Read more on the The incredible Vanishing Naudet Brothers

The Jewish Oppenheimer family started the Tisch School of the Arts with the first donation coming from the Tisch family. Art students and 9/11? What is going on here with all these art students visiting government agencies?

While in college Preston Robert Tisch was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, a Jewish fraternity. Funding for the “art school” comes from the Loews Corporation ($13.7 billion in 2017 revenue). At one point Loews Corporation was the parent company of MGM.]

One of the key features of the Maidan revolution were snipers, who turned out to be picking off people on both sides to foment chaos.

Please go to Source: BurnersMe to read and learn more about these networks.


Insane in the Ukraine Part 2 – The Spin Begins


A summary of the claims he made:

December 11, 2018Jason Goodman has responded to our Part 1 article Insane in the Ukraine – J.Go Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before in a recent episode of “Sundays With Charles”

“it started before I got involved

“the original aircraft was purchased in Sweden”

“the two original owners of that company actually decided to go to Ukraine and do a video over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor”

“this is before I got involved in the company”

“they got in a dispute with the Swedish manufacturer and the helicopter failed”

“when I joined that company they had no working helicopter, I had to go to Sweden and re-establish the relationship with the manufacturer to get that helicopter repaired and back in the sky”

“then I got them to change the name of their company to Aerocine”

“the rest is history that’s being distorted by some people who would perpetrate falsehoods on the Internet in an effort to damage Crowdsource the Truth”

Although he does not name us specifically, it is clear that Jason is insinuating that the information presented in Insane in the Ukraine is false. We are not trying to perpetrate falsehoods, as he alleges. We are trying to present true information, supported with citations. So let’s take a look at the evidence we have and compare it to the claims Jason Goodman just made.

Goodman claims that he was not the CEO of Aerocine when the drone flew over Chernobyl at the time of the Ukrainian revolution – February 21, 2014. He certainly had no problems talking about being the CEO a couple of weeks later at London’s 3D Creative Summit on March 12-13, 2014. Did he really only join the company (formed by his NYU Film School chums) between Feb 21 and March 12, just in time for a speaking gig at the conference?

Video of Jason Goodman presenting as CEO of Aerocine in London, March 12-13 2014:

 He says “it became clear to me that this micro-aerial platform had a tremendous future and so we formed Aerocine”. Doesn’t that make it sound like he was a co-founder of the company, and not just someone hired to join them later on?

“I am aware that a video we posted several weeks ago has gone viral” (presumably meaning the Chernobyl video)

“We’ve been working on this for a long time, selecting the best platform, the best motors, we’ve done everything to modify the rotor configuration and just tweak this thing out to the utmost extent” – doesn’t that imply he’s been working on this drone project for longer than 2 weeks? Wouldn’t they have done all that tweaking and adjusting BEFORE their flagship Chernobyl flight debut?

8:00 “we’ve been working with ARRI CSC. At the end of February we flew an Alexa XT and this is some footage of that”

“We” implies the speaker considers himself part of the group. Goodman is visible in the video clip he plays and appears to be directing the events.

Further video of this flight at ARRI in New York: 

Here is Aerocine’s demo reel, shot in Chernobyl in February, 2014. Did they use a different camera?

Please go to to read the entire article.



Jason Goodman: From Russia with Love

The Hudson Report • December 10, 2018

Staged photo op with Lumiere Awards (2013)

There is no record of Goodman ever winning a Lumiere Award. Yet, Goodman uses the Lumiere Awards image on his business website: 21st Century 3D and on his IMDb site.

The Lumiere Award is not documented on his website.
It’ sure fun to hold Lumiere Statues…no mention of any Lumiere Awards

Goodman’s next association with the Lumiere Awards is in 2014 photo op with the President of Lumiere Awards, Jim Chabin. Once again… Goodman had no association with the film that actually won the awards.

A Lumiere Award is a magnet for Jason Goodman (2014)

Professor Jacques Verly ( third from the left) ‘just happens’ to be hanging out at the Lumiere Awards with a minor Hollywood nobody like Jason Goodman. Here’s a quote from Jacques resume:

“Participation in the ARPA Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) project in the Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) area.”

Here’s a link to Jacques curriculum vitae:

The Sinister Rise of Jason Goodman

How did a little New Jersey Jewish boy rise from total obscurity to the ‘hallowed halls’ of Hollywood? Rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in science, technology and film. Was it his talent? Was it his prestigious degree from NYU? (If anyone can verify that degree, please let us know.) Or…was it some ‘other’ type of grooming that is the back story to his meteoric ‘rise’ and his current ‘fall’ into YouTube ignominy.

Jason Goodman often refers to his inventions & his development of optical lenses. However, our research has led to other conclusions. It appears that Goodman was ‘mentored’ by a technical genius whose work provided the basis for Goodman’s development of a Hollywood persona or ‘cover.’ What was the need for this persona or ‘cover.’ That’s something that will reveal itself as more information surfaces with time.

Stereoscopic (2006) Conference John Rupkalvis (5 from the left) & Goodman

John Rupkalvis: Goodman’s ‘Real’ Hollywood Mentor

Why was John Rupkalvis, technical genius, assigned to Jason Goodman? We have no idea. Nothing qualifies Goodman for this level of attention or training. Check out Rupkalvis’s bio:

How do we know Goodman worked closely with Rupkalvis?

Please go to to read the entire article.


CryptoBeast #16 – Queen Tut Spills The Beans

Queen Tut was an insider at Crowdsource the Truth. She reveals the tangled web of people connected to a proven FBI informant, manipulating narratives on YouTube as a sophisticated form of psychological operations.

This event is related to the discussion in the clip above between Steve Outtrim and “Queen Tut” with nobody being arrested or identified for taking responsibility for this stunt at the port in Charleston last year June, 2017:

Conspiracy Theorist’s Dirty Bomb Tip Shut Down South Carolina Port Overnight

Related concept (fostering drama):

LARP/lɑːp/nounnoun: LARPS; plural noun: LARPs

  1. a type of role-playing game in which participants physically act out scenarios, typically using costumes and props.”vampire LARPs play out in scores of cities around the US and as far away as Brazil and New Zealand”

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

Wikistrat: The world’s first crowdsourced consultancy

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