In Wisconsin, 70 percent of the highest-earning public employees work for the state university system

Ed.’s note: Readers are encouraged to visit Professor Doom’s blog to see just how bad universities and community colleges are in what was once “America.” And if you are white going to college? Forget it, you won’t survive. The best advice today? Don’t go to college. Instead, seek out 3 to 4 experts and professionals in the field you are interested in and then personally contact them. Figure out how you can learn direct experience from these professionals already working in the area you are most interested in. This would be a whole lot better than graduating and then going to work for example, the state of Illinois where cities are cutting public services to pay pensions. As a college graduate going to work for the state is that something you would honestly work for where federal and state pay outpaces the private sector? Then if you are in college and facing debt, what choice do you have? Join the military?

US Army Smashes Recruitment Goals By Preying On Hopeless Millennials With Student Debt 

Universities in America are nothing more than schools for cranking out debt-laden consumers and ideologically-driven SJW unstable crazies. And finally, if you are presently in college studying investigative journalism, you might want to consider yourself after graduation becoming a target of the state. This is the reason the NSA (a corporation created to keep corporations safe under the false assumption of “keeping America safe”) and the Department of Homeland inSecurity (insecurity for you; security for private corporate interests) are tracking journalists in the US. Makes a complete mockery of the 1st Amendment.

Confessions of a College Professor

UK Ministry of War Says ‘Investigative Journalists’ Among Top Threats, Right Up There With Spies and Terrorists


Source: The College Fix


Fifty UW-Madison professors make over $300,000 per year 

Of the 100 top-earning state employees in Wisconsin in 2018, the vast majority worked for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a few at UW-Milwaukee, according to an analysis conducted by The College Fix. 

According to a list generated by The Fix using public state employee salary information maintained by the Green Bay Press Gazette and Wisconsin State Journal newspapers, 50 UW-Madison professors and assistant professors made over $300,000 in gross pay in the 2018 school year. Topping the salary list for professors at the public university was economics professor and dean of the department Ananth Seshadri, who made $537,000 in 2018. 

Seshadri’s salary was higher than the president of the UW system, Raymond Cross ($525,000), and the chancellor of UW-Madison, Rebecca Blank ($500,000). 

The most highly paid professors clustered primarily around financial-related fields. Of the 50 professors making more than $300,000 per year, 78 percent were instructors in a finance-related field (finance, economics, administration, real estate, accounting, marketing, management). Of these professors, 15 taught economics and seven taught finance.

Please go to The College Fix to read the entire article.

Ed.’s note: Looks as though this university system based around the University of Madison in Wisconsin is attempting to imitate Harvard with their specialization in finance that ONLY benefits a few very wealthy people at the top. It’s all about finance and using money as a commodity. This isn’t about “education”, it is the creation of wealth.

Harvard Endowment Increases 5.7 Percent to $39.2 Billion

Note that Professor Ananth Seshadri at the University of Madison is from India.

Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America

This cannot continue. Not when an estimated 30% of American universities are expected to close within the next ten years.

Will Half Of All Colleges Really Close In The Next Decade?

Are you a female looking for a scholarship at a major university? You might be required to put out.

Study: Widespread Sex Discrimination In College Scholarships

Since we mentioned whites having a hard time on university campuses all across America, we thought this article would be relative. Our suggestion would be to arm yourselves with something like a SIG Sauer P226 then get professional training. When out on the streets in public have 100 percent 360 degree situational awareness at all times. The current social engineering trajectory is that ethnic tensions will continue to be exacerbated.

His Name Is John Weed: 59-Year-Old White Man Murdered by Two Black Teens Playing “Knockout Game” at Fair in Maryland

How did we get to this point? This essay may provide a few answers:

In America

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