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May 30, 2011

Dear Nigel Farage:

Harper’s Imperial carbon computers in Crown Sisters Libyan genocide

Abel Danger believes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper used Imperial Oil and University of Calgary computers to set up a dictator game where profits generated from trading CO2 emission reductions through genocidal killing of Libyans, can be shared by Crown Agents Sisters and special investors in the $71 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project.

Canada (Harper) Bombs Libya – May 29, 2011

Western forces launch assault on Gadhafi regime

Enriched Special Investors – Carbon Disclosure Project – JPATS Call Sign ‘Justice’ – Fatal Autopilot Maneuvers – Airbus A330-203 – AF Flight 447

Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks

Stephen Joseph Harper, PC, MP (born April 30, 1959) is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Canada, and leader of the Conservative Party. Harper became Prime Minister after his party won a minority government in the 2006 federal election. He is the first Prime Minister from the newly reconstituted Conservative Party, following a merger of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties .. Harper was born in Toronto, the first of three sons of Margaret (née Johnston) and Joseph Harris Harper, an accountant at Imperial Oil. He attended Northlea Public School and, later, John G. Althouse Middle School and Richview Collegiate Institute, both in Central Etobicoke. He graduated in 1978, and was a member of Richview Collegiate’s team on Reach for the Top, a television quiz show for Canadian high school students. Harper then enrolled at the University of Toronto but dropped out after two months. He then moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he found work in the mail room at Imperial Oil. Later, he advanced to work on the company’s computer systems [which he allegedly helped to integrate with computer systems used by Exxon Mobil, the owner of 69% of Imperial Oil shares and a target – like BP – for CO2 dictator-game extortion by Crown Agents Sisters and special investors in Sam Cam’s $71 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project]. He took up post-secondary studies again at the University of Calgary, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in economics. He later returned there to earn a master’s degree in economics, completed in 1993. Harper has kept strong links to the University of Calgary [the home of CO2e genocidal dictator-game developments by Harper’s colleagues Tom Flanagan and Robert Oxoby], and often lectured there. He is the most recent prime minister since Joe Clark without a law degree.”

“March 29, 2011 · 12:11 Why Canada attacked Libya By Yves Engler Would Stephen Harper attack Libya simply to justify spending tens of billions of dollars on F-35 fighter jets? Perhaps. But, add on doing it for major Canadian investors, reinforcing his “principled” foreign policy rhetoric and reasserting western control over a region in flux, and you pretty much have the range of reasons why a half dozen CF-18s four other military aircraft and naval frigate are currently engaged in combat 10,000 km away from Canadian soil .. Home to the second largest amount of Canadian investment in Africa, instability in Libya has put a couple billion dollars worth of this country’s corporate investment in jeopardy. Dru Oja Jay, editor of the Dominion and a candidate for the Mountain Equipment Co-op Board of Directors, notes “Canadian investors are legitimately worried about what’s going to happen to the $1 billion signing bonus Suncor paid out to the Libyan government, or whether SNC-Lavalin is going to recoup its investments in the country, which is home to 10 per cent of its workforce.”And these are some of this country’s most powerful corporations. Embassymagazine includes both Suncor and SNC-Lavalin’s CEOs among the nine most influential business executives in determining Canadian foreign policy. Would a victorious Gaddafi have moved against Canadian companies? Even if he didn’t, with all the bad press SNC and Suncor have received could they continue in Libya without regime change? Finally, will the rebels dependence on the west lead to better contract terms? Unlike Egypt or Tunisia, the Conservatives denounced Gaddafi’s repression at the beginning of the Libyan uprising. This is partly because Gaddafi has never been on great terms with much of the West, even if there have been warmer relations in recent years. Also, the Conservatives were widely derided for supporting Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and (to a lesser extent) Ben-Ali in Tunisia to the bitter end. So Libya gave Harper an opportunity to re-affirm his “principled” foreign policy rhetoric .. Recent developments in Libya are a reminder that if you give the western decision-makers an interventionist inch they take an imperial mile. In principle trying to stop Gaddafi from massacring people in eastern Libya is a good thing. But, the “no-fly zone” immediately became a license to bomb Libyan tanks, Gaddafi’s compound and other targets in coordination with rebel attacks. On March 22, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon claimed the UN resolution allowed for “boots on the ground.””

Let us know if you don’t know what we are talking about.

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