If You Are Not With Israel You Are a “Terrorist” or Are “Antisemitic”

Ed. note. This is going to be a fun one, and why not with all the intentional media-induced confusion going around? These two guys (Smile 2 Jannah) are fun. Let’s have a listen then we’ll go into the details suggesting both Britain and Israel intelligence through their labyrinth of think tanks are running the global terrorism business model. Highly suggested the clip is listened to first then go onto the posted media. Are you antisemitic? Do you have an Intel microprocessor in your computer? Go have a look. Look for a hardware backdoor located below the boot set, below the bios in the Intel Management Engine (IME), at the bottom of the system even if your laptop is unplugged. Can you disable it? Nope. Ha ha ha…

Maajid Nawaz Makes Thought-Provoking Defence Of Israel

The British activist who went from radical Islam to staunch Israel ally

The rapid transformation of Maajid Nawaz from Islamist screaming for the destruction of Israel to moderate and then devolving into a Zionist apologist correlates closely with the sources of his funding. Only Nawaz knows if he holds positions because he is paid or if he is paid because he holds positions. Either way, he is incentivised to drift further right and has been well rewarded for doing so until now. Millionaires and billionaires don’t make donations; they make investments and investing in a secular and liberal Muslim willing to push your propaganda has tremendous payoffs.


Source: Tasnim News Agency

Christchurch Terrorist Creature of Israeli Intelligence: US Analyst

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An American political analyst highlighted the root causes of a recent mass shooting in New Zealand’s Christchurch and said the terrorist who killed 50 Muslims in the incident is “a creature of Israeli intelligence.

April, 02, 2019

“Brenton Tarrant, the white Christian terrorist and mass-murderer credited with these murders was merely acting out in accordance with the programming he has received over the course of the last 2 decades by a Jewish mainstream media whose aim is to turn every Christian in the West into a ticking time bomb of sorts who feel it their religious, personal or political duty to go to war against Islam,” Mark Glenn, from Idaho, said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.

“Tarrant is a creature of Israeli intelligence in that his mind (and subsequently his actions) were hijacked years ago and filled with psychological black magic cooked up in Israel and transferred via a Jewish controlled mainstream media and Hollywood in order to turn him into the lethal instrument that he was and is,” he said, adding, “And what makes this situation so dangerous is that there are millions just like him.”  

Glenn is a writer and co-founder of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, an interfaith forum dedicated to uniting Muslims and Christians against Zionists. He has his own blog The Ugly Truth.

The following is the full text of the interview:

Tasnim: Turkey hosted an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) about “increasing violence based on Islamophobia” in Istanbul a week after the New Zealand mosque attack killed at least 50 Muslims, including children. What do you think about the importance of the emergency meeting and the concerns of the participants?

Glenn: Both the importance and the concern on the part of the OIC participants in the emergency meeting is certainly warranted, but for reasons rooted in a much, much bigger problem than simply the murder of 50 innocent Muslims in New Zealand.

Based upon the discussions, dialogues and debates that have taken place over the almost 2 decades since the Israeli-engineered terrorist attacks against America on 9/11/2001 and the subsequent ‘war on terror’ demanded by Israel that followed, one of the CENTRAL items that has somehow missed the attention and discussion of those who make it their business to comment on such things is that the reasons for Israel carrying out those terrorist attacks were not merely rooted in seeing Iraq destroyed, or of offering Israel ‘cover’ so that she could proceed with her plans of cleansing the Levant of Palestinians, but rather, the much more serious plan of de-Islamicizing the ENTIRE world, and by that I mean specifically in bringing about the eradication of 2 billion Muslims and of having the religion of Islam erased from all human affairs.

The plan on the part of this backwards and violent theocracy known as the Jewish state that operates under Judaic principles of ‘all or nothing’, is to see the Christian West and the Islamic East–aggregately making up half the world’s population and both of which Israel views as mortal enemies–to spend the next 100 years or so at war against each other until both mutually destroy the other, the Islamic world through overt war and the Christian West by the utter bankruptcy that must follow as the inevitable consequence of such as war.

Please go to Tasnim News Agency to read the entire article.


Source: Open Revolt

The Hidden Hand Behind the Belt & Road Initiative

March 19, 2019

“Our European Mission is to create the Culture-State-Nation-Imperium of the West, and thereby we shall perform such deeds, accomplish such works, and so transform our world that our distant posterity, when they behold the remains of our buildings and ramparts, will tell their grandchildren that on the soil of Europe once dwelt a tribe of Gods.”Francis Parker Yockey

Wildly untrustworthy (whether intentionally or not) anti-imperialists have been singing the praise of the Belt and Road Initiative (formerly One Belt One Road) under the banner of it being a sign of a rising China that will help to create a multi-polar world. This idea we can hardly blame them for because it has been pushed with full force by major alt-news websites from the Russian and Eurasian camp, who the anti-imperialists are in the habit of accepting the reporting of without much discretion or further investigation.

Unfortunately, with just a small amount of research, it is quite easy to discover that the Belt and Road Initiative is at best a joint Israeli and China led drive for mutual global ascendance or at worst, and in my opinion most likely, an Israeli push for full-spectrum dominance using China as the “face” to sell it to the world, since their reputation is a quite bit better than that of the Zionists when it comes to this sort of potentially cataclysmic shift in power.

Once Israel’s leadership of this project is recognized, and the dominance it will give them over Eurasia recognized, many other things fall into place. Like the over-representation of Zionists across Eurasian activist groups, often left in leadership or spokesperson roles, they clearly have not earned or deserved. And how somewhere that Zionist oligarchs still have considerable control, like Russia, can remain both the guardian of Israel’s safety while also being an ally of Iran (who are also a planned part of the BRI, giving them reason to only take their conflicts with each other so far).

None of this is conspiracy theory and those looking for honest news, have to be left wondering why not one of the pro-Russian alt-media websites, that I am aware of, has reported on Israel’s deep involvement, if not control of the BRI. Or of the flourishing relationships, both economic and cultural the Zionists have developed with the corrupt oligarchs running today’s Dystopian China.

A few examples can be seen here, here, here, and here.

Now I challenge you to show one Eurasianist or pro-Russian alt-media project who has even mentioned these connections casually, let alone how deep they are and how much deeper they are becoming.

In the Belt and Road Initiative, we see a Zionist plot hatching that was mapped out in 1581, if not before. The long term strategic vision of our enemies is one of their most powerful assets.

The map of what would become the Belt and Road Initiative created in the late 1500’s and displayed proudly many places in Israel:

For Europeans in Europe and without it’s clear that unlocking from one set of chains just to trade them for another, where the key is not held by European or Euro-American allies of the Zionists but the Zionists themselves, is the most foolish of plans.

Before complete European Liberation if a choice must be made, better the devil we know than the devil we don’t.

Oppose the BRI with your mind, your body, your heart, and your soul.

A Europe of a Hundred Flags needs to rise, independent, and proud. Connected to those nations outside of Europe but founded by Europeans in a two-way relationship of mutual alliance and respect.

Europe shall not bend the knee and be the useful idiots of America, of Israel, of China, or even of Russia. Nor will we be the slaves allowed to live in the house, in a slightly more privileged servitude.

The center of our world does not rest in Jerusalem, in Beijing, in Washington, or in Moscow.

Europe For Europeans.

Our responsibility is to be awake and aware of all guile used against us. Especially by those in the media both mainstream where we see the familiar hands of the Zionist weaving their usual lies and of the allegedly independent media, which stinks of being on the payroll of any combination of Israeli, Russian, Chinese, Pakistan, Saudi Arabian, or Turkish sponsors, who surely vet their message before reporting, which is impossible to miss if you dare look at it with open eyes.

If we are fooled again, it’s only our fault.

If we fall without a fight, it will be the greatest disaster to ever touch mankind.

Explore the video below. If you wish to begin with the discussion of the Zionist controlled Belt and Road Initiative start at around 16 minutes in. If you are one of the few who can focus longer the beginning of the video also delivers value.

Swords Against Schemes and Blood Against Gold.

Ourselves alone if must be,

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

Hugh Payens, New Resistance

Have a look at how China is actively participating inside American institutions influencing students and spying.

The Chinese Government’s Influence on Campus

US Secret Service busts ‘Chinese spy’… after letting her freely walk into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago


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The war continues…”everything is ready to roll…”

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