Hillary Sent Her Body Collectors After The FBI Informant On Uranium One


FINALLY: FBI informant William Campbell to testify on Tuesday (tomorrow)

The hillary body club already paid him a visit while he was out for a jog, but he was packing before they shot him, got his gun out on time and they vanished into the woods. Gotta have a perfect ambush I guess. Will Campbell actually testify tomorrow? That will be up to GOD. It will take an act of God to prevent him from dying in a remote control car wreck, OR, suddenly getting depressed and shooting himself in the head multiple times, OR, accidentally swallowing a whole bottle of _____ OR getting caught in the drapes and strangling to death. 24 hours to save Hillary, WHAT WILL THEY DO?

Maybe they’ll kill someone else who is critical to tomorrow or you fill in the blank.

At any rate,

“William Campbell, the FBI informant who will testify on Tuesday, will be able to show that the Uranium One scandal went far beyond the sale of the U.S. mine and its assets. The Russian conspiracy is part of a larger plot.

If it were not for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Campbell’s attorney Victoria Toensing, this information would have remained secret. The gag order would have put Mr. Campbell in jail had he revealed the information he collected.

There are documents, video recordings and more to show the Obama administration and the FBI were very well aware of the depth of the Russian conspiracy to control the uranium market, even in the United States. The former president wanted a reset with Russia at all costs.

Circa news reporter Sarah Carter was asked if Hillary Clinton should be worried about what we learn Tuesday and her one word answer was, “Yes.”

My comment: William Campbell has a lot more to worry about than Hillary does. That guy needs to sleep in a random bank vault tonight.

Hillary needs to worry about informant’s testimony Tuesday


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  • Notice Trump is not protecting him ? So Trump doesnt like leakers of crimes yet if it wasnt for leakers he wouldnt be in power . Honesty is the enemy yet he wants to clean up corruption ? Doesnt make sense to me .

  • Let us hear from those who committed the crimes . https://youtu.be/wR1NFI6TBH0

  • Prayers that all truth be revealed praise God

  • Has the witness even contacted the President and told him who he is and what’s going on? Has he requested protection? Do you know these answers? Do you know if the President even knows about him? I’m sure President Trump would protect him with everything within his power. These are the question you should be asking before condemning the President of the United States!

  • theresnothingnew dot org/index/Trump. The Great Game is in its final play. It is in GODS hands. Have Faith in The Lord. removetheveil dot com/Cretans

  • Amen everything is not a damn conspiracy people need go slow their roll a bit.

  • Should anything happen to Mr Campbell and he commit suicide shooting himself several times in the back of his head we would clearly know why that happened ergo his whistleblower status as the reason is beyond obvious.
    Having said that he needs protection no ways about it and hopefully appropriate measures are taken.