Hillary Clinton Cackles – What’s Your Favorite Title?

Mike Cernovich interviews Journalist Laura Loomer on crashing HRC Book Signing



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Alternate Titles For Hillary’s New Book “What Happened”



Power Games: What McCain, Soros and the Clintons Have in Common

Clinton’s new book removes all doubt. She still has no idea why she lost


Are people actually wasting their money buying this book? Check out the publisher…ha ha ha…so pick out your favorite cover for Clinton’s book…cackle…cackle…cackle

Simon & Schuster, Inc.


As to be expected, Amazon deletes one-star reviews of Clinton’s book What Happened:

Watch As Amazon Deletes Hundreds Of One-Star Reviews Of Hillary Clinton’s New Book


An essay worth reading becoming apparent the “Clinton’s weren’t stopped”:

The Analytical Papers – Hillary Clinton Must Be Stopped Part 2: Voters Who Would Be Victims


And then there were the events in Benghazi:

Two Security Experts Tell the Truth About What Happened in Benghazi Five Years Ago


This is a serious mental illness…


And finally, is it possible Hillary Clinton cannot be prosecuted? She was operating under international law and treaties that supersede the constitution so Clinton has political immunity. She held the office and immunities from prosecution are extended afterwards under their “sovereign authority.” Who is going to revoke Clinton’s immunity? The US is the global player and is dictating international law. Clinton’s political immunity comes from the book The Law of Nations from Chapter IV, Sections §38 and §39:

CHAPTER IV: Of the Sovereign, his Obligations, and his Rights.

§38. Of the sovereign.The reader cannot expect to find here a long deduction of the rights of sovereignty, and the functions of a prince. These are to be found in treatises on the public law. In this chapter we only propose to shew, in consequence of the grand principles of the law of nations, what a sovereign is, and to give a general idea of his obligations and his rights.

We have said that the sovereignty is that public authority which commands in civil society, and orders and directs what each citizen is to perform, to obtain the end of its institution. This authority originally and essentially belonged to the body of the society, to which each member submitted, and ceded his natural right of conducting himself in every thing as he pleased according to the dictates of his own understanding, and of doing himself justice. But the body of the society does not always retain in its own hands this sovereign authority: it frequently intrusts it to a senate, or to a single person. That senate, or that person, is then the sovereign. [13]

§39. It is solely established for the safety and advantage of society. It is evident that men form a political society, and submit to laws, solely for their own advantage and safety. The sovereign authority is then established only for the common good of all the citizens; and it would be absurd to think that it could change its nature on passing into the hands of a senate or a monarch. Flattery therefore cannot, without rendering itself equally ridiculous and odious, deny that the sovereign is only established for the safety and advantage of society.


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  • I’ve just purchased this book this evening. It will be interesting reading I am sure!

  • This sound file is long. It is the intellectual property of John B Well’s CARAVAN to MIDNIGHT outfit from Dallas TX.
    I take a liberty here making this available but the cause is a good one. In this personal account we hear the extent of the subversion by the past WA DC Admins. By the way this technique was used by the NAZI and inflicted ipon Europe in WW2.

    The difference is one of scale and reach, all of the Western institutions have been compromised by sophism. Here in Europe Merkel and Macron have decided to bond while the USA has deployed more military material in The Baltics.

    The European Union has been tasked with the support of Albania to reign over the mixed populations pf the Western Balkans. The West wants the oil and gas transit geography and the opportunity to “stitch up” the locals with debt.

    Deep State Uncle Sam fully supports Albania. We have a global fractal micro model here laced with Muslim vs Christian: ideal conditions for causing unrest. Sen John McCain recently visited on a mission pro bono his pecuniary sponsors.

    The EU, in typical Goebbels format, denies that we, in Europe, had ANY conflict since WW2. The 100,000 W. Balkan souls murdered in the decade beginning in 1990 does not count because the W Balkan people were “Untermensch”. Only recently have the W Balkans become “Euopean”.

    There is a pressing need to secure the W Balkan territory for the oil and gas field pipe lines from the E Med and the Golan Heights. Then Germany can keep warm in winter. Germany was happy to stand and watch the Clinton led war on the people of the W Balkans 1990 to 2001.

    Today, Germany and France want the pay back. The European Union is the political tool and financial greaser to secure the energy transit lines. Then THE FOURTH REICH can say bye bye to the Russian gas supply and then THE EUROPEAN ARMY can take a leading role in the war with Russia they so desperately seek.

    Meanwhile there is N Korea to deal with, and that will keep the USA busy for a while. Moreover there is plenty of work in The Black Sea, so fear not..the USA’s military has work..they will not starve.

  • hmm… title for it’s book?…
    let’s see…
    Hillary Clinton: Memoirs of a Spastic Hag

  • R and R Time Cleanse the mind..