Hillary Clinton Arrested, Dead or Just Stumbling?

Did she faint or does the above video look like an arrest (pay attention to Hillary’s back and hands)?

For ninety minutes after this took place, the media was forced to cease all recordings at the 9-11 ceremony and were also prevented from leaving to follow the Clinton motorcade — both very unusual developments. Later, the Clinton campaign said that Hillary was “overheated” but had been taken to her daughter’s home on East 26th Street where she was “doing fine.”  Shortly after that, the campaign released a statement from Hillary’s Doctor saying she had been “diagnosed with Pneumonia on Friday, was given antibiotics and told to rest.”  Strange how the story changed.

Presumably they’re going to have a tough time explaining her reappearance yesterday. Second coming or body double? But the image below was briefly up on the ABC News website. Hoax, hacking, contingency preparation or Joe Biden’s wishful thinking? Who knows.



Trey Gowdy Finally Threatens Hillary With ARREST 

WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports “Hillary Clinton’s DEATH”

WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports “Hillary Clinton’s DEATH” and her Body Double

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  • neither of those women are hillary, come on !! can’t anyone see?? that’s NOT hillary at 9/11, hair is completely wrong, hillary NEVER wears a purse, wrong body type..BOTH OF THEM !! then, there is the subtle for sure arrest, for the keen to see, but even the front line of alt media do not see either the arrest, nor that it is not the real hillary being arrested anymore than the next one that comes out from Chelsea’s..then there is the Bill interview with Charile Rose..i mean come on..HE’S ALL HAPPY (and recovered from AIDS)..whatever the hell is going on, Bill is not the one going to prison or getting disappeared…seems like Bill made a deal.