Here we go…Liberty University call for murdering Muslims – Three Years Later In Christchurch

Ed. note: Jerry Falwell Jr who is one of Israel’s strongest supporters in the US just had delivered to his doorstep with the events in New Zealand of what he was calling for in this clip three years ago. Why New Zealand? Because it was such an easy soft target. Falwell was talking at Liberty University in this clip. Do readers see how this is going to spiral out of control possibly leading to a massive war in the Middle East? In 2020, readers need to think seriously about the very real possibility of Mike Pence becoming president. Pence will put American Zio-Christianity in full attack mode for Israel. Well Donald Trump, it’s now or never

Go here to watch video clip of Jerry Falwell Jr playing right into Israel’s hands:


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If you are an American and have legitimate well thought out disagreements with US policy towards Israel, Kenneth Marcus who is Jewish, is President Trump’s Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights, who will be the enforcer of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018. This act isn’t designed to protect Jews, it is designed to protect Israel.

Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism: the Invidious Conflation

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How do these Zio-Christians in America reconcile with themselves and their religious beliefs when some of these same Jewish networks discussed in the essay linked below defile their Christian religion?


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