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Ed.’s note: Keep in mind Pelosi comes out of one of the four crime families who run the state of California. It is the Democratic Party who now want to make joining the NRA illegal. Armed and well trained state militias to put down internal rebellion and quell internal violence scares them. You know what is fun to watch? Trump trolling the shit out of people like Joe Biden (listen to Biden beginning at the 13:15 point).

Democrats Want To Make Joining The NRA Illegal

Increasing Talk of a “Civil War” In America

The Democratic Party debates were a communist freak show:

The Democratic Primary Is Now a Sideshow




October 15-16, 2019

Here we have Pelosi that has a spent bullet brass mixed in with orange beads, that she gives VERY CLEAR attention to during a live broadcast. The video this appeared in is HERE. She starts playing with the bracelt at the 3:40 mark and clearly points out the bullet at the 3:50 mark.

IMPORTANT: In another video taken on the same day, Biden makes it very clear the 17th is an important date. That’s when Trump appears in Dallas, where JFK was assassinated. Obviously this did not get missed by team Trump, and hopefully he’ll come out OK but it does not get any more obvious than this with Pelosi and regardless of what happens on the 27th, a warning that could not possibly be any more clear has been made. Probably an announcement rather than a warning, I think this has gone beyond warnings.

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October 16-17 2019 The date is not always updated, when it gets updated all depends on when I can get into the top part of the site to update it. Usually it is in “combat mode”.


I made sure this is confirmed before posting something so brazen

Nancy Pelosi wore an orange bullet bracelet to her announcement that they won’t be pursuing Trump’s impeachment and she made it an enormous point to play with it and point directly at the bullet portion of the bracelet. The bullet is a piece of spent brass. The bracelet has orange beads. You cannot make this stuff up, IT HAPPENED.

It is at 3:50 in THIS VIDEO and when you combine this with Biden focusing on the 17th in other videos, I’d say there’s a real problem here. Trump had BETTER WATCH OUT.

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