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Why The F35 And F22 ‘Stealth’- Programs Are TOTAL FAILS

From Steven
July 12, 2017

The F-35B was designed by the Brits in large part. It had so many design problems and flaws it would never be mass produced or reliable and would cost 2 times what the F-35A now cost. It is largely a case of US tax payers subsidizing the Royal Air Force of the UK. Too bad some can’t be honest that this program is a monumental and unmitigated disaster. This is particularly true the VTOL (Vertical Takeoff Landing) version of the aircraft.

Leaving the HW, aside, it will take until about 2020, when the software bugs are finally worked out enough to consider the F-35A to be “fully functional”. The Pentagram has apparently scrubbed all the YouTube videos exposing the F-22 PIG and is also in the process of trying to hide the F-35. Why do we have to pay for these “evil” *ssholes in DC? We are sick of this elite oligarchic-control over weapons and munitions corporations with their Satan-worshiping and killing for drugs, oil and their central bank paper-printing monopolistic control.

The F-35: In a Nation in Decline, Graft Rules the Skies

The evil clowns in the US Congress want to restart the F-22 line. It’s not feasible for a the small number of additional aircraft. The cost for the 287 F22 Raptors that were manufactured was between $350 to $400 million.

It is a ‘fragile’ aircraft, with some inherent design limitations that make it largely incapable of close air combat. It was designed as a weapon to penetrate say China or Russia’s airspace, take out their radar-ABM and enable stealth bombers to drop nuclear weapons, or so the public is sold. It was never designed to fight in aerial combat, it was designed to penetrate, fire, then flee as fast as it can so it does not have to engage in air-to-air combat. A weird concept that assumes that the Russians and Chinese would sit on their asses for 30 years and not have developed effective ABM and radar systems for interdicting F-22 and F-35 aircraft.

F22 Raptor Exposed – Why the F22 Was Cancelled

The good news….the F-18 and F-15 and F-16s are still top notch fighters that can be upgraded and produced at a fraction of the cost or we could let Russia produce better jets at 1/10th the cost.

The bad news…even when highly-handicapping an F-16, the F-35 still loses in head-to-head combat. I’m sure you saw this. The single engine was never powerful enough for the weight, and it severely limits its payload capability.

Leaked: New F-35 fighter jet beaten by F-16 from 1970s

The designer of the F-16 tells it like it is about the F-35:


The Russians and Chinese never took the F-35 seriously, thinking the aircraft would be canceled. They’ve upgraded the radars over their respective airspace to take the F-35 and F-22 aircraft out should they attempt to penetrate once they realized the US politicians would push production of this dog.

Commentary: Do Russian Radar Developments Challenge Stealth?

Russia Constructs a Network of Unique Early Warning Radars

China Maintains Claims of Quantum Radar Development

In addition to very advanced, networked, highly-distributed VLF systems, and the Quantum radar for air-to-air detection, people don’t know that submarines, planes, etc, leave very DISTINCT DISTURBANCE patterns in both the air and underwater that are easily detected from space.

What most also don’t know is that both the US and Russia (and soon, China) track every submarine under the sea and every ship on the surface and every plane in the sky globally from space. THINK ABOUT THAT.

The Chinese have developed a quantum crypto system so their satellites can securely relay this information to ground and then to the planes in the air. The US put up a secure system in the 90s to do this.

In addition, both the F-35 and F-22 have large thermal signatures and the Russians have the world’s leading system on FLIR , enabling yet another air-to-air detection mode. To call these ‘stealth’ is an obscenity.

And, of course, once an F-35 turns its radar on, or tries to jam or fire, it’s not ‘stealth’ anymore!

The USA defense establishment is in denial about what feckless jerks they are, and what complete failures the F-22 and F-35 are.

They will never fly or penetrate either Chinese or Russian airspace and in 10 years they won’t be able to overfly Iran, either…maybe sooner. The CEO of Lockheed belongs in prison.

Of course, who knows what the US UFO fleet, spotted often over London and probably based out of there in one of the dozen secret bases, can do? At least in the British press they don’t deny these flyover by UFOs.


Looks like the US military are finally getting worried about F-22 and F-35 stealth detection by Russian-Chinese VHF-UHF radars. People do reaoze the Pentagram does not like people to know it but the US civilian radar system tracks every stealth fighter. What the FAA’s system cannot do is generate weapons track IDs…but it’s hardly ‘stealth’ if the FAA tracks them.

Currently, the F-35 has to fly with several F-18 Growlers, with advanced radar jammers because the Russians Chinese advanced VHF-UHF phase arrays can track the F-35, over the horizon. So, if you’re an F-18 pilot you’re expendable, apparently, and have to rely on jamming the radars before you’re detected and shot down by an S400 (and soon S500).

To repeat, what you don’t hear a lot about is how submarines and jets are detected from space by wake turbulence patterns. In the case of submarines, there are also bioluminescence disturbance patterns…to say nothing of how jet contrails are trackable and stick out like a sore thumb optically.

Jets leave a wake disturbance about 4 miles long and there are significant changes in the optical quality of disturbed air (refraction index changes). These systems are getting to be so good, that ‘radar’ or FLIR are pretty much just used to lock on the targets anymore.

F-35 Aerial Demonstration Debut at 2017 Paris Air Show

F 16 Vs F 35 Dogfight, Shocking Result


Forget the J-20, F-22 and F-35, this is a real Super Maneuverable Fighter


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