Field McConnell & David Hawkins w/August Dunning: Transcript—17 April 2009 Hour 2

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Hawkins/McConnell/Dunning Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News—April 17, 2009—Part 2 (Hour 2)

Field McConnell: If we’re going to talk about China I’ll continue to throw in the microphone to August, but China seems to play a very big part of this going back even to President GHW Bush and the other guy…

Rayelan Allan: Right:

Field: …he’s spent some time in China and I’m sure August will cover that. Also, General Shalaskavelli which was a huge embarrassment to everyone in the military, he was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Clinton, and Clinton of course hated the military and if you don’t believe me, you can read a book called Dereliction of Duty where on of the Air Force pilots that carried the brick for the president and it talks about his treasonous behavior. But China has a very tight connection to nine-eleven although and apparently they didn’t want to be seen at the forefront which is what you will see when you go looking around. French speaking Canada first up in Quebec and Gaetano and Montreal. You see the French-speaking Canadians you see the French, and if you look with a microscope or if you just keep looking with your own vision you’ll reach China and maybe August would like to share some news about China with your listeners?

General Shalikashvili and President Bill Clinton

Rayelan: Yes, August, let’s follow up on this China thread.

August Dunning: Well, I think there’s several threads, you had the Department of – Food and Drug Administration with very few inspectors, we’ve had over a thousand different events where poisonous toxic contaminated foods coming into our food supply, toys, our children, you know, supply. All sorts of things from China and they’re only inspecting one out of a thousand cargo containers. Okay, so there’s stuff coming in that we’re being exposed to all the time from China. Is it ignorance, is it just no control over there, or is it an operation, a subversion and a military operation just seeing what they can do.

Rayelan: Mhm.

August: One of the things that was interesting to me was the pet scandal you know, they found melamine which is a plastic that gives a false signature of nitrogen that gives you a false signature of protein in food then it destroys kidney tissue. It turns out that Sadexo, a Chinese food manufacturing company which provides food for all fifty-five of our Marine bases and all…

David Hawkins: It’s French, Augie.

August: …it’s French rather, are supplied by Chinese products through this French company that supply the food supply for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fifty-five of our Marine bases around the country and all they would have to do is put a bad batch into all those food supplies and feed them to the soldiers and in forty-eight hours you have one and a half million people down with crenel failure.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

August: This is the kind of thing that really worries me. You know we’ve got ports from Port Angeles, Oakland, Long Beach, Ensenada in Mexico, Panama Canal all under the control of the Chinese. Only one in a thousand cargo containers are inspected. Any one of those containers or several could have nuclear devices, trucked to a city and held for nuclear ransom, I mean, there’s things going on here that are very disturbing, and because this is a real possibility, it’s a real possibility because Clinton, via General Shalikashvili went over there and just gave the Chinese all of our military information. Gave it to them.

Rayelan: Yeah, I…

David: If I could just interject. Over in China, a senior consultant for KPMG by the name of Kevin Rudd is now the Prime Minister of Australia, so you’ll find that Sidley Austin has got a big office in Beijing. So, the thing to understand is, the glue that binds these rolls of China or Australia, or United Kingdom, or France, against the United States, it requires a secure communications system which is under the control of senior women inside the Sidley Austin Law Firm. Because without the communications system, without the encryption for the delegated authority you cannot put together a sort of military maneuver which might involve injecting into the food chain some of the stuff that Augie described, and then make sure the people who are responsible for inspecting that goes sideways. So we need to always find the mens rea, the guilty mind behind it. We have a one-hundred and forty year tradition with Sidley Austin behind it, its got offices all over the world including London associated with the London underground bomb. In Beijing with the introduction of the virus. In the case of Sidley Austin and the AIDS and hepatitis C virus, that was coming out of the Arkansas prison system aided and abetted by the Clintons.

Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd


Rayelan: Yes, it’s really amazing.

August: Here’s what’s funny, and this is Hawks method that David has come up with. You look at the weapon first then you start looking at possibly the weapon is used and then you see patterns happening. What happened to the steel girders of those buildings after nine-eleven? Well, they went to India and China didn’t they? For immediate destruction and melted down quickly, quickly, there was in fact an edict to have those things melted quickly as soon as they were received them. It turns out if you back it up before nine-eleven, these are the same countries, India and China, that shipped the ammonium perchlorate to Saddam Hussein when he was embargoed by the UN.

Ammonium percholate – a propellant

Funny when there’s a UN embargo all these bad things happen. The UN allows the embargo – you know, gets thrown out but really what happen was *laugh* it allows these countries to do these dirty deeds while supposedly they have no oversight. Well there’s plenty of oversight, they’re just arranging it so they can do bad things. And of course we see this movement of nano-aluminum powder out of France into Iraq prior to nine-eleven.

And we have sixty-six tons of aluminum powder from the Iraq stores, from the you know, Iraq Survey Team. So we see people involved before nine-eleven, people that got the resources after nine-eleven, and people that are like melting down evidence after nine-eleven supposedly for the steal. Well, you know, this is curious to me and bothersome, but the real thing is this Maurice Strong character. You know the reason he’s in China is because he’d be prosecuted for his criminal activities during the oil for food program which may have been the program food for rocket propellant program because when you talk about these explosives, what they really are is rocket propellant.

Rayelan: Okay.

August: Thermate, super thermate, thermite, all these sort of things, they are very important because they can have different types of controlled combustions and different types of combustion velocities. For instance, thermate is a wonderful combustion because what it does is it does hydrodynamic shock, and what that means it shocks the molecular bonds between the atoms and the substance to just shatter it. So when those columns were shattered by thermate okay, what happen was the steal was just vaporized and the concrete was powderized, that’s where we get powderization, because the explosive detonation velocity is about twenty-thousand feet/ second. These are very short time frame explosions of extremely high energy because what they’re trying to do is thermodynamically shock things apart.

They learned this from nuclear weapons, that shock wall that comes off a nuclear bomb when it goes off. And in physics they’ve been able to design these into these things. And these things are easy to make, I mean, thermite is nano-aluminum powder and iron oxide and the results are aluminum oxide and molten iron which was found at the base of the world trade center. There’s no energy in the world that can have a collapsing building make liquid molten iron in their basements. And thermate is even easier because you have thermite and you mix two-hundred and six grams of thermite with eighty-seven grams of barium nitrate and six grams of sulfur and point nine grams of dextrin and you have thermate which is even hotter. So these things are easy to make, my God, you could make them in your garage.

Thermite mix

Rayelan: Wow.

August: And what’s even better is this: thermite has a viscoelastic polymer that you that is usually mixed with it to hold its shape which means you could make a desk out of this stuff, an office piece of furniture out of this stuff and bring it in you know, during these building power downs and evacuations prior to nine-eleven, hence furniture. Even if someone saw it they wouldn’t recognize it. Then on Saturday and Sunday before nine-eleven was popped off, you had these same white vans with guys in white outfits supposedly coming in supposedly to wire the buildings for computer lines up and down the elevators.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, and I am one, to see these things, *laugh* but it looks very similar to a situation where some group is loading explosives that are very stable until they’re hooked up. Then another group comes in and wires these explosives so they’re fairly unstable so you turn all the radio signals off, and they lost TV power, and the radios didn’t work for the firefighters that day. Remember?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Something to consider:

Pyroclastic explosion

Pyroclastic explosion

Pyroclastic explosion

Pyroclastic explosion

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rayelan: *laugh* That’s right.

David: And then you ship the three-hundred and forty-three firefighters into the building, you tell the people in the building to stay where they are, you vaporize them and then you file a claim in the Lloyd’s syndicates in London for reinsurance for a hundred-million dollars and then you split it with the insiders.

August: Didn’t they triple the coverage on those firefighters? And didn’t they double the insurance in all those buildings?

David: Yeah, and incidentally, the relatives of the people who were killed, they were called into the Sidley Austin office at seven-eight-seven seventh avenue whatever, and they were invited in to get an emergency payment. Well what they had to do was hand over the death certificate, Ray, and when they had enough death certificates, they took it upstairs to Axel reinsurance and then they claimed for three-hundred and forty-three dead firefighters, we think ten million dollars a pop, so they made three point three billion dollars and they paid out, I don’t know, let’s say four point three million dollars.

Rayelan: Oh boy.

August: Ray, just for the sake of argument, we don’t have it all right, we don’t have one-hundred percent of everything in line, we’ve got a damn good chunk of it, Ray.

Rayelan: Yeah, I can see that. I can already feel it, I mean, I think everybody in the world already knows the official explanation of nine-eleven is just nuts, plain nuts.

David: And do you know the story had been written before it happened so the NIST people and the MIT people injected the theory of the buildings coming down for whatever reason. But the description of that event had actually been written before nine-one-one because they clearly understood if they could get the encrypted story into the mainstream media before anyone else, then all subsequent theories could be dismissed as conspiracies.

August: Well here’s another interesting thing that I found out just recently, David. It turns out that two Chinese colonels have admitted to designing the nine-eleven disaster. Now of course, this is after they got all of the information on our military weapons systems and communications systems from Shalikashvili. So China is involved with the planning of this thing intimately. There’s a real, real thing there. And let’s talk – real quick back to detonation velocities. During the crash in Shanksville, a lot of people heard cracking and popping and interruptions of magnetic signals in television and radio right before that plane blew up. Now, when you emit huge electro-magnetic pulses like that you get those kinds of interruptions in normal broadcast structures. What’s really interesting is that when you produce the exact type of frequency in electro-magnetic pulse you can also, you can also create arcs between the plates. Like in this material called SMACSONIC and I think Field can tell you the dangers in that.

SMACSONIC ® (SMACTANE) – Viscoelastic Material

Field: Yes, SMACSONIC can be installed in aircraft insulation because it looks like regular insulation and it can be used as a thermal, a vibrational or a sound insulation, but also, if you hit it with a certain type of electro-magnetic energy or electronic trigger, you can cause the entire fuselage of the aircraft that’s surrounded by the insulation to reach fifty-eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit; literally instantaneously which blows the tail off the airplane like it did the seven fifty-seven at Shanksville. It turns what’s left of the aircraft into a missile that burns up and turns into plasma before any of the big parts hit the ground.

August: Assuming the SMACSONIC has been impregnated with super thermate *laugh* instead of the rubber insulator.

Field: Yes, and we gave this information to the FBI on February thirteenth of two-thousand and seven and here it is two years and two months later and our patience is wearing thin. But I think the FBI might be ready to move on all this. Let’s watch.

David: And incidentally, the triaxial configuration of the QRS eleven gyro chips, that was done under patents acquired from Hillary Clinton by the French contractor Thales which was the preferred weapons supplier to Saddam Hussein. And they make one other product, Ray, which is SMACSONIC, the insulation that can double up as incendiary. So Thales, the company that helped Saddam develop decoy and drone maneuvers in Iraq has got all the technologies for nine-one-one.

August: And the other thing is they say the terrorists were overwhelmed by the passengers and were brought down to the ground. Well, if that’s true why were there engine parts strewn across eight miles of landscape?

Rayelan: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

August: It blew up in the air.

Rayealn: Have any of you ever, ever questioned the phone calls that were made?

August: Oh sure, that’s an easy one. Cell phones have an initiation period between towers. When you’re driving in a car there’s plenty of time for that. When you’re traveling at four-hundred miles per hour, there’s not enough time to initiate contact to the tower to contact the tower. These were all, these were all false signatures that were injected into the day probably from the people that were offloaded off of these – out of the real airplane into the Lewis Research Center in Cleveland where a drone took off and went to target and they had these people with a gun up to their head going, “Hi mom, this is Bob Jenkins, do you recognize me mom?” Wait a minute, who says that, who says their last name to their mom?

Rayelan: Yeah, exactly.

August: You know, it’s like…

David: And incidentally, the True Pass System of encryption formed a partnership out of British Columbia with various CAIC Entrust and ATT, Augie. So those communications were taking place through an encrypted system to confuse the public and a representative lawyer of ATT in nineteen ninety-one in Washington, was one Michelle LaVaughan Robinson.


August: Who do we know with that as a first name?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And she also represented Union Carbide for the defense in the Bhopal pesticide bomb.

August: These people are being repaid for their work for the cadre, you know…

Rayelan: Now there’s that call from Barbara Ohlson to her husband Ted Ohlson. What do you make of that call? That one was strange, stranger than the rest.

August: Yeah, well who was he, where was he? When you look at the flight manifests from all those planes, it’s like these were all people from Raytheon, the Navy, there were a few weird people who accidentally got on that plane, but most, they thought they were participating in a war game. They thought they were part of that red team blue team war game going on that day. They had no idea…

David: They had digital identities with actors associated with digital identities. So you’re able to take a digital identity associated with a human being in Ottawa and inject the voice of the digital identity, which of course is the human…

Rayelan: You just said that…

David: …to follow the conversation.

Rayelan: You guys just said something that I have never heard of before. Are you saying all those people on the planes, or just some of the planes, were actually actors that were acting in this…

August: In a war game.

Rayelan: …in a war game.

August: If you look at the flight manifest all those people on the planes were all members of the Navy, the Air Force, Raytheon and these companies that design remote control aircraft. If you wanted to get rid of the people in the know how any of that stuff that would have happened you would have had them on those flights.

David: And so what they were doing, Ray, these were the people unwittingly on the blue team using the True Pass Communications System when suddenly the guys, probably the first lady, certification authority in Chicago, and possibly in Washington, they revoked the certificates. So the blue team went blind and deaf and dumb and they died in large numbers. And the red team then took over in what would have been a coup ‘de tat if that fourth plane had reached the Capitol building.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

August: During that time period that was a planned military stand down of US Forces handed over to the Canadians during that war game. All these things have happened in that morning during that stand down period where we gave our air defenses to the Canadians. It was not in our hands. We had already signed that off. And when Dick Cheney is sitting there in the basement in the war room going, you know, “I don’t want to change the flight paths.” Why would he? If they brought that plane down it would have crashed in Falls Church or Arlington where mothers were with their babies in the early morning.

Rayelan: Who would be running the United States right now if that flight ninety-three plane had taken out congress?

August: Nationalist Socialist Communists period like they are right now.

David: We could be more specific. There is an organization created by the terrorist leader Bernadine Dohrn, who was at Sidley Austin training the interns from nineteen eighty-four to nineteen eighty-eight. The last intern she was responsible for was called Michelle LaVaughan Robinson who handled interns from nineteen eighty-eight to nineteen ninety-one. So for seven years, the Sidley Austin law firm, the world’s most powerful hedge fund law practice, had seven years worth of interns to be corrupted. And shortly after ninety-one, they formed an organization called Women at Sidley, and you can google that, and the Women at Sidley appears to have been equipped with these True Pass encryption systems and created the possibility of what we might call ‘First Lady Certificate of Authority.’

The ability to delegate for example, the Mumbai attack of Thanksgiving Day of last year, a local commander to take care of for example, the counter-terrorist forces in Mumbai. Take them out with a targeted hit then disrupt communications to basically kill Jews, tourists – essentially make the Indian Government look stupid or incompetent. Exactly the same technique with Hurricane Katrina where the hurricane had passed eighty miles to the east, twenty-one hours before, and then at four simultaneous places the levies were blown using underwater explosives. Probably using the thermite that was used…

Rayelan: I’ve always said that.

David: …then thy flooded the town. They had a computer simulation called ‘Hurricane Pam’ run by AMEC about a week before. And the objective in the sense of the computer simulation was to determine what kinds of insurance hedging would take care of the death to the order of sixty-thousand if they could get a fifteen foot flood. Now Katrina didn’t perform according to standard. It went to the east. It had gone past; the storm was over so they had to blow the levies. They were hoping to get sixty-thousand dead because that would trigger the catastrophe insurance, or that had been put together by Sidley Austin and its first ladies. Now if you go to the web site for the Chicago Global Affairs, which used to be the Council on Foreign Relations and scroll down, there’s some fascinating characters.


There’s a guy called Lester Crown whose a director of General Dynamics which is the international military organization able to take care of hits like Mumbai. The treasurer, and I didn’t make this up, her name is Leah Zelwanga [not sure on name] and she has a hedge fund called Lizard. [not sure of name and spelling until confirmed] And if you keep going down you find *garbled* [not sure of name here], the managing director of Goldman Sachs and then a woman called Michelle Obama who describes herself as the first lady of the United States. So in Chicago you have all the structure in place to execute an encrypted attack on America domestically and on American allies abroad including the London underground and the Mumbai attack on Thanksgiving Day of last year. And then blame, well, I don’t know how long they can keep blaming Bush. It’s getting pretty hard as he fades into history, but basically…

Rayelan: They’re blaming…

David: …go ahead

Rayelan: They’re blaming him every single day for something. Did you say they released that classified document on what was allowed in the interrogation of the prisoners and, I mean, that’s classified. That’s going to put our people in danger, or totally nullify…

August: I think that Dick Cheney okay, is really the person you need to talk to not George Bush. He’s obviously just like any of these people in that position is just a mouth piece for the people that are running the game.

Rayelan: Right.

August: I think Cheney was the guy that really decided, do you know what, we’re not going to play by the rules, we’re going to find out what the hell happened, how we were blind sided and who is doing this stuff? So he assassination squads going into all these countries finding and knocking them off getting information. Against the law, against the laws of these governments, it’s well documented now, because he decided if these people aren’t going to play by the rules. Why are we…

David: You’re dead on Augie, you see, because George Bush, remember, he was sworn in on the twenty-sixth of January. So a few months later there as this huge attack. Now, in his mind, in his position – I don’t know if you have ever got any experience in dealing with any bureaucracies, his number one problem is, who are my enemies? He must have known, he’s a fighter pilot, he must have known that there were people on the inside who were able to do bypass maneuvers on the world’s most powerful air force.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: But the problem was, he couldn’t identify it. So I think he might have done something that might in the long run save the United States. He’s helped get a whole bunch of young American men and women into extremely dangerous areas to do quite a lot of clean up, but the number one issue to be solved after nine-one-one was not to take out Saddam Hussein, but to take out the Chicago-based intelligence services that enabled Saddam Hussein and his money to help execute the nine-one-one attack. Come to Chicago, come to British Columbia, come to Montreal, that’s where the enemy is.

Rayelan: And so do you think that Saddam Hussein was part of this Sidley Austin thing?

David: Absolutely. I’ve been – because he aided and abetted Maurice Strong to place thirteen billion dollars at one stage in cash in the BNT Paribas account in New York at the address where they handed out the checks to the firefighter’s survivors – relatives.

Field: I just want to let your listeners know that Saddam Hussein had a half brother by the name Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, I believe, was Saddam’s banker and also Saddam’s intellectual senior and there was a relationship where the money flowed through Switzerland in or out of Iraq, and in or out of the United States or Canada. But in this case out of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and after we got out of Iraq we found seven-hundred and forty-two million, subject to either of the other two gentlemen correcting me, seven-hundred and forty-two million in brand new Federal Reserve Notes printed in New York. And those reserve notes in the basement of Saddam’s house had been funneled in there with the help of Barzan al-Tikriti and Hillary Clinton. And when they decided that they wanted to hang somebody the rope was a little bit longer than it should have been. I’m not a physicist, the other two guys are, but they gave the guy a little bit more rope than he needed to strangulate him and he got his downward velocity and energy going to such a degree that his head popped off. And that’s a message from the Queen of Arkancide to anybody who wants to roll over on her, or isn’t a physician to roll over on her, that maybe she’ll take them off at the shoulders. And I’ll…

Saddam Hussein’s half brother, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti

Rayelan: Wow.

Field: She doesn’t scare all of us and I’ll turn it over to David.

David: Well, I think that’s right. So then we can go to that bank account in Switzerland, or Geneva, it’s actually known in the intelligence industry as ‘Satan’s bank.’ And it was funding , you know, dirty money through the system including UN oil for food through the proper name, I guess is Paliby Genea Associate Anoneem Parbisa. [not sure on name]  The chairman was a Montreal – or a Canadian by the name of Paul Demoray whose on the board of directors of the Total Oil Company which had amongst the directors a director of Thales which made the gyroscopes and the incendiary devices used on nine-one-one.

So, I know it’s a bit convoluted, but if you follow the main financial consulting company, which is KPMG Consulting, and it changed its name to Bearing Point at one point. It went bankrupt in February. Sitting behind KPMG Consulting that is moving this dirty money around in contract killing or murder for hire, which is a violation of RICO, is the Sidley Austin law firm. So you come back to Chicago and in Chicago you have a militant radical women’s group called Sidley Austin.

And someone like – it’s hard to imagine – but someone like, someone like Saddam Hussein is merely a male agent, right? Now, if you control his intelligence services, his encryption services, the weapons that supply him, and above all the debt that he’s used to buy the equipment you control Saddam. So he’s disposable, you know, you can remove his head from his neck and that doesn’t basically change the system. The important thing is to look at the legal structure that weaves or puts these webs together, and the encryption systems that are used to communicate amongst the seditious conspirators and basically attempt to merely succeed to overthrow the United States on nine-eleven.

August: You know, one of the things that David brought up was this event pin wheel idea. You can see it in some of our presentations. Is that if you follow the time wheel around events you can see how events lead to people. We did this with nine-eleven. We found Iraq was intimately involved. We found that Saddam Hussein gave a hundred-million dollars to the MOVIC weapons inspectors to monitor what was going on during Amalgam Virgo and a war game with the Canadians that was supposedly with Al Qaeda guys to hijack an unmanned remote controlled aircraft and fly it into resources a hundred days before Global Guardians which was an unmanned Al Qaeda hijacking of remote controlled airplanes into resources.

It looks like Saddam obviously funded what was going on in these war games to get information so that one-hundred days later the people could get into these integrated systems and secure systems to operate the war game for twenty hours with us completely out of control. We also see that Saddam Hussein was under an embargo. He wanted money. So we have these vultures out there like the OIF, the Organisation Internationale Francophonie which is a bunch of French speaking countries like Laos, and Cambodia and Vietnam and France and Canada French speaking. And you have these guys doing all this bad stuff.

So we have an opportunity where someone is vulnerable to have a presentation given to him. Do you know what we need, we need a bunch of propellants, rocket propellant. He might not have even know what he was building at the time. We also need to funnel some of this money to find out some information. Why don’t you give us a hundred-million dollars. The money came from Saddam. He might not have known what he was funding to get their favor. Same thing with Kim Yong Il. Kim Yong Il is in the same position where he suddenly throws out weapons inspectors from the UN and all of a sudden all these nuclear weapons and bombs are going off. Was the bomb that went off in North Korea [that was a very big boom] a failed large device, or a successful small scale nuclear suitcase bomb? I would posit Saddam Hussein was building stuff for this nine-eleven event and that Kim Yong Il was building suitcase through the OIF and that these are going to be used in events in the upcoming years. You see people of great mental illness and evil intent and vulnerability and these characters come in there and exploit their resources.

Kim Yong Il

And the people in both of these countries, Iraq and North Korea, are completely out of control, completely subjugated by these horrible, horrible men and living in abject poverty. That’s a really bad prescription and it’s probably going on in several places around the world right now most curiously in Africa with the Chinese now in Africa all over the place buying up precious metals and storing precious, precious metals and important strategic metals in preparation for what? Because when the country all of a sudden has sanctions against them if they have resources they don’t care about resources.

David: And if I could just hop in there? Notice the WACO killings and the day care center in the Murray Building. There’s an element here which we can track back to the psychology of a group, they call themselves lesbiennes radicals, or militant lesbians and the militant lesbians are actually fascinated by the idea of killing what they call ‘useless breeders’, that is women with children? And if you look at the killings, or the genocide in Kenya at the beginning of last year, women and children were being stuffed into churches and burned to the ground.

Rayelan: That’s right. That’s exactly what went on.

David: And if you look back on who was in communication with Odinga you have Barry Seotoro’s digital identity named Barack Hussein Obama using his Blackberry.

Rayelan: Yeah, and so that explains why the Blackberry.

David: Exactly. If you look at Palin up in Alaska after – when they wanted to send a signal to Sarah Palin. If you look at the Australian churches in Melbourne there’s pictures, they love to take out a Christian church you know, they’re basically triumphant. There’s this extraordinary fascination by killing women and children and if you go up the stack in the DOJ, the Department of Justice, you’ll find an extremely dangerous organization called DOJ Pride, which is lesbians, gays and bisexuals and transgendered. And I think gays, lesbians and transgendered, God bless them, they’re along for the ride and they do not understand that lesbians, or certain kinds of lesbians, they like to kill women and men.

Rayelan: Is that what the pig farm was all about?

David: Absolutely. There was a woman out there that we’re tracking down now, it’s in part of the story, and people, I urge them to go to Captain Sherlock and look at this book that is being written – and who knows who’s writing it, but it’s just this freedom – stream of consciousness, but it’s called Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squad. And there’s a woman – it’s about a week ago – she was jogging in a park and it looks like someone broke her neck from behind like a military unarmed combat instructor…

Wendy Lander-Beaudry (murder victim)

Rayelan: Oh boy.

David: …and it turns out she’s connected with the Olympic debts and a downtown women’s association.

Rayelan: The Olympic deaths from…

David: The Olympic debt. In BC, and I’m the leader of the Reform Party here and I’m running in this election on May the twelfth, this little province, we’ve got four million people in it. We’ve taken on between seven and ten billion dollars of debt to build these projects for a sixteen day sports fest next year. We’ll never be able to pay so what they’re doing is they say, “Alright, we understand you can’t pay the principle and interest so collect a carbon tax peasants and pay your debts out of carbon tax.”

Rayelan: Oh wonderful, wonderful.

David: And anyone who gets in the way is going to get whacked, so someone near them is going to get whacked soon. This woman who was whacked, her brother was on the Olympic Committee.

Rayelan: Oh great. David, tell us a little more how we can possibly help you. We’ve got a lot of listeners up in Canada and you’ll have to tell us where the *garbled* are and that can vote for you. This is rumor mill news radio on the micro effect broad casting network, and we will be back.


Rayelan: You’re listening to rumor mill news radio. My name is Rayelan Allan and I am talking with Field and David and August, ad we are talking about things you have never heard of. David, would you finish up on that pig story and can you kind of let people know what went on there before the bodies were buried on a pig farm?

David: Yeah, sure. In nineteen ninety-six in which is the south western part of British Columbia which is the western providence of Canada. In nineteen ninety-six there was set up a federally registered charity called the ‘Piggy Palace Good Times Society‘ and we believe the Piggy Palace Good Times Society directors and officers were actually linked up through this encryption system that was later called ‘True Pass’ and prior to that was a product developed by the Entrust Company out of British Columbia, a company called McDonald, Dettwiler and Associates. Now, what McDonald Dettwiler does, it equips military and government networks with secure communications systems and then builds software applications for what is known as guidance and control of missiles, planes and boats using gyroscopes for example, and ground moving target indicator through the RADARSAT satellite system which does I think, seventeen orbits a day.

And we believe was over New York on the morning of nine-eleven. And this generates through a synthetic aperture radar system, a very precise picture of targets for example, predator missiles. So you can see the combination of ability to guide weapons into a target very accurately with gyroscopes or coordinates with surveillance either from airborne radar or satellite synthetic aperture radar enable – basically you have the perfect killing machine. Now, the third product that’s vitally important for McDonald Dettwiler’s system is what they call ‘Mindbox Automated Loan Recovery.’ So, what they were doing is, they were taking prostitutes from the downtown east side, desperate women you know, some with AIDS and Hep C, arrest warrants as long as your arm. Many of them native completely detached of detached from their peer group an they were basically hookers on the downtown east side. I’ve worked all over the world, the slums of Lagas [not sure of word] have got more hope in them than the downtown east side which is just infested by organized crime. Anyway…

Rayelan: And is this where…

David: Sorry.

Rayelan: What province is it in?

David: This is British Columbia.

Rayelan: British Columbia.

David: Western province of Canada.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: It’s one of the providences where after Americans passed their RICO statutes all the slime, scum and came north into Ontario and Montreal and British Columbia and set up shop basically to take America apart. Anyway, these women were taken out to the pig farm and through the offices of the Piggy Palace Good Time Society, and as far as we can judge, they would buy insurance on them and then they would perform in strip shows including the horrific possibility that they were making snuff films of the killing of these women.

Rayelan: That’s what I suspect.

David: Now, many people, and I don’t want to apologize for my past, but when you are a young man or woman you might do things you wouldn’t do as you get older. But quite often there’s a fascination of danger. So, the Hell’s Angels were selling tickets, and it’s not at all obvious, the Hell’s Angels per say, fully understood what was going on out there, but according to the newspaper reports, there was an extremely dangerous woman who was orchestrating the events out there who didn’t appear in court. What they did is, they got the body disposal man, a guy called Willie Pickton, who was apparently chopping up the bodies and having pig roasts out there. So the people were actually going out there and eating their fellow human beings thinking it was pigs. It was a pig farm.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: Now the films we think, were being encrypted using this True Pass System and then sold internationally on *garbled* [this name is not audible] and making huge amounts of money, and then when the whole story came out the True Pass communications system was used to steer the police and the courts at the person who disposed of the bodies and away from this mysterious woman who seemed to be orchestrating the contract killing on behalf of the Piggy Palace Good Times Society.

So our interest in the story, and again, if people will go to captainsherlock dot com, they’ll find this amazing story where there’s this group of eccentrics, and I believe, Ray, you might be one of them, but anyway, there’s a guy called Chips who’s a real trouble maker and he’s assembling a group of trains and planes and cars and boats to come up to British Columbia and help out a guy called Hamish, who is a fictional character that’s loosely modeled on someone like me. And basically we want to solve these murders and bring them to justice and start cleaning up North America out of British Columbia.

Rayelan: Well, let me tell you, the fiction books that you are writing could easily become a film script and I’m hoping that we’ve got somebody in this listening audience one of these days and realizes that your book is just a block buster.

Field: Can I address that please?

Rayelan: Yes, go ahead.

Field: Yeah, this is Field. That’s taken care of. There is a movie that’s being produced to be released in two-thousand and eleven that is basically, and it is a major Hollywood production, and I can’t say a whole lot about it, but the person who told me about it told me not to speak before we put it into print so I can tell you, and that is, the story that you see in Captain Sherlock Solves nine-eleven is going to be the theme of a major motion picture. However, the more important of the DVDs perhaps, is the nine-eleven trilogy and that’s the one you should hope a screen writer picks up because with our fiction, which just to make it clear, there’s a big group working on this. We’re getting truthful stuff every single day, in fact, today Ray, this will make your head spin. But in the first chapter of our most recent book that went up less than seventy-two hours ago, I talk about a specific f4 d and the honest and specific crew chief of that airplane, his name is Jimmy Moore from Fargo, North Dakota. I had not seen Jimmy Moore since nineteen eighty-nine or ninety. I went to a bank today and there he was and the lady at the bank knows what I am up to in terms of Hawks Café and Rumor Mill News and all this stuff.

Happy Hooligans F4D Tail No. 67478

And so we fired up her computer and I showed Jimmy Moore where his name and his airplane were used as a central part of our most recent chapter. And the man is about fifty-five years-old and he was absolutely pleased as punch to see somebody doing something honest. And using not only him but his real live aircraft which is scattered all over the internet with my name on it. And I’m simply a face, I don’t know what part I play in this, but I do put together a lot of the fiction to support all of our facts. But the people supplying us facts including Jimmy, he mentioned a woman ho is going to appear in our book as our Armice Brooks. Armice Brooks [not sure of name until verified] was a tv show in the fifties, but there’s a lady who’s married, she’s out there in California, her husband I believe, owns the LA Times.

And she has just recently been nominated for some position of authority in the Department of Defense and I’ll let David fill in the blanks on that in a minute, but that should give you a snap shot of how the book is being written. The book – David said something about the stream of consciousness, but everything that we put into the book is based on something that happened in real life, not only the criminal elements that are trying to destroy America, over our dead bodies collectively, but also the fiction. Everything I write that’s fiction, for instance in chapter four you’re going two see two f4s, including Jimmy Moore’s, fly through the Cascade Aerospace hanger. This is a heads up to Cascade Aerospace, you better move your airplanes because we’re coming through. But everything that I right that appears to be fiction is based on facts. There’s nothing I write in fiction I have not done, or I have not seen done by others. And there’s a whole lot of God fearing faithful servants in America who may think they’re not important.

But everyone is equally important. Jimmy Moore was a crew chief and you know, he probably thought when they got rid of his airplane his life was over. Well, he’s going to be dusted off and I made a commitment to him today. I’ll be talking to the Revell, R-e-v-e-l-l, model company, and I’ll try to work out a deal where they put out a model of the f4 with the truthful number and the North Dakota Guard numbers on it. These things are not impossible, it just takes a little effort. No body knows how many people are working with us including David, myself, Nano, which is August Dunning, and yourself, and I don’t want to blow your cover but you know who you are in the book. And every person in the book is a real person that is some how touched the lives of myself, David, yourself, Nano, or Skymaster.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ray, let me just read the last two paragraphs of chapter one of the Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squads.

Rayelan: Go ahead.

David: So, and this shows that the fact is which is either proceeding the fictional or vice versa, “Not exactly, was her response prior to the third pull, What it does mean is that more people are going to die. Wendy’s murder links back to Fortress, Sidley and the Olympic Village. We’ve hacked Emerson and the CAI commanders who lined up the Radarsat surveillance beam on the park. We know that PKI gave Bell – not Larry – the master Olympic security contract and Emerson has local control over the Cisco embedded Talleywhackers and the tontine death squads. Someone tracked the jogger with a telephoto lens. Dettwiler’s GPS”, that’s Global Positioning Systems, “kept them in synch. The Ladner hit was run from a point last seen. We’ll start from there”

When we wrote that Ray, the next day I went on a trip to Victoria and a man came up to me and he sort of tied his shoelace or something, and I looked down and the hairs on the back of my neck went up because he was in a kind of semi-combat fatigue…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …with dark glasses. He had a telephoto lens. I started talking with him, he’s ex-CIA.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And then, the last line is, “While a thousand miles to the west, Rolling Thunder Rico and Marquis d’Cartier were driving a 1934 Ford V8 to Cascade Aerospace in Abbottsford, BC to do a little ‘cleaning up’. Now that photograph was provided to me by Field. I spoke to Rico Gambolini, whose a character up here, and I showed him this and he said, “Do you know what, David, that’s the first car I ever had.”

1934 Ford V8

Field: A thirty-four Ford and I didn’t know that when I selected that for the fiction.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Twenty-four hours after we completed and published this chapter, we meet a guy who is ex-CIA who told us a whole bunch of inside information about fraud and corruption in British Columbia, and Rico Gambolini who’s one of the stars and insiders of the story up here in British Columbia his car was the same as the nineteen thirty-four Ford v8.

Rayelan: That is amazing, truly amazing.

David: Who knows where fiction or fact begins or ends? It doesn’t really matter as far as I can see.

Rayelan: Well, how far are you? You’ve only got the first chapter up don’t you?

David: We can do a chapter every two days.

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