Hawkins – Serco’s Con Air Sandbox Patent—Boeing’s Lion Air Wrongful Deaths—McVicar’s Angled Bridge of P.R.E.Y.™

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David “Sherlock” Hawkins is investigating Nicholas (Nick) Soames and Tracey McVicar as possible de-facto custodians of patented AI and Entrust PKI devices or methods including Jerome Lemelson’s “Prisoner [Con Air] tracking and warning system and corresponding methods 2000-04-25 US6054928A Grant” and the U.K. Secretary of State for Defence’s Computer system protection Priority date 2001-01-13 … used to maintain the integrity of platforms … by executing in a .. sandbox or secure virtual machine” which might have allowed Serco, the USPTO’s agent for Pre-Grant Publication Classification Services, Boeing’s preferred supplier of C4I services and the world’s largest non-state air traffic controller, to reward Con Air SWAT teams for wrongful deaths apparently triggered by Boeing aircraft being guided through fatal angle-of-attack (AOA) dives on the Federal Bridge Certification Authority network—a.k.a. Bridge of P.R.E.Y.™.

Hawkins believes that the associates of Nicholas Soames and Tracey McVicar have used Serco to ..

• Develop an AI/expert-systems virtual-machine and rewards network for Con Air SWAT teams to test and develop scripts for criminal missions before switching from simulation to live fire;

• Use Boeing Co’s Method and apparatus for executing web services through a high assurance guard (HAG) Priority date 2007-06-07 …. 2010-03-30 US7689699B2 Grant to stand down protection against ad hoc attacks on aircraft by a Malipod™ (see references) virtual machine;

• Impute fake data into Boeing Co.’s Aircraft non-normalized angle-of-attack (AOA) indicating system 2000-10-10 US6131055A Grant;

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