Hawkins – Serco’s Con Air Expert Firefighter Patents – CalPERS Cat-Bond Carbon Deaths – McVicar Bridge of Fraud™

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David “Sherlock” Hawkins is investigating Nicholas (Nick) Soames and Tracey McVicar as possible de-facto custodians of the patents which describe expert-system algorithms and Entrust PKI devices or methods including Jerome Lemelson’s “Prisoner [Con Air] tracking and warning system and corresponding methods 2000-04-25 US6054928A Grant” and which could be used by Serco, the USPTO’s outsourcer for Pre-Grant Publication (PGPubs) Classification Services, and its shareholders such as CalPERS or the Teachers (TIAA) pension funds to sponsor a fraudulent catastrophe (cat) bond in California—$200 million Cal Phoenix Re Ltd. (Series 2018-1) transaction—where witting prisoners and unwitting firefighters …

• Trigger spot-fixed body count for deaths most likely caused by the utility companies’ negligent, reckless, wilful or fraudulent use of patented devices such as Texas A&M University System’s Expert system for detecting high impedance faults 1996-08-27 US5550751A Grant;

• Inject fake news or media plays through the federal bridge certification authority (FBCA) and QinetiQ North America Inc.’s Social engineering protection appliance US9123027B2 to dupe the ‘sheeple’ into believing the California fires are due to catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) caused by man-made emissions of CO2—an odourless, transparent fertiliser trace gas which causes an almost immeasurably-small delay to global cooling!

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