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David “Sherlock” Hawkins is investigating Nicholas (Nick) Soames and Tracey McVicar as possible de-facto custodians of a Serco—formerly RCA GB 1929 and presently the USPTO’s agent for Pre-Grant Publication Classification Services—online patent thicket allegedly used by Serco shareholders, the SAFE-BioPharma Association, the Clinton Foundation and members of DOJ Pride to ….

• Protect and conceal an ongoing prisoner-based [Con Air] international trade in tainted blood;

• Offer vaccine investment opportunities for private equity group insiders such as McVicar’s CAI;

• Eliminate whistleblowers and/or generic drug competitors e.g. the late Barry Sherman;

• Extort donations or protection money from targeted businesses and governments;

• Manipulate the public by using or threatening to use biological or chemical weapons; and,

• Establish controlling LGBT elites in the DOJ (FBI, BOP, USMS, OJP etc) and its inter-agency partners at the Center for Medicare Services [HHS], HUD, and the Department of Labor.

Hawkins notes that the Serco patent thicket describes expert-system or AI algorithms and Entrust PKI devices or methods including Jerome Lemelson’s “Prisoner [Con Air] tracking and warning system and corresponding methods 2000-04-25 US6054928A Grant” which could be used by Clinton Foundation insiders to target victims with Con Air SWAT teams and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof 2012-10-04 .. US20120251502A1 Application Priority date 2008-10-24.

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