Hawkins Malipod™—Serco’s Cal Fire Con Air Patents—CIA’s Nanowave Swampholders—CAI McVicar’s Bridge of Pride™

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David “Sherlock” Hawkins is using his Malipod™ (see ref.) virtual patent-profiling machine to analyze crime sites associated with the California fires where houses burned but trees stayed green and thereby help U.S. President Donald Trump locate and drain $100+ trillion of aggregated funds out of a “swamp” originally assembled by Serco‘s investment banker N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd for shareholders including custodian banks and the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA via its Funds” to engage in dead-pool betting on the 47th floor of WTC1 on 9/11 where Con Air SWAT teams allegedly spot fixed the weight of carbon saved by killing nearly 3,000 people located with Apple Inc.’s “Graphical user interface providing consistent behavior for the dragging and dropping of content objects [targets?] Priority date 1995-08-07 …. 2003-03-18 US6535230B1 Grant“and, 18 years later, by triggering a $200 million cat bond (Cal Phoenix Re Ltd. (Series 2018-1) transaction) with high-power microwave energy directed into more than 6,500 California homes allegedly destroyed by fire with Nanowave Technologies Inc.’s “Waveguide combiner apparatus and method US Provisional Application No. 61/826,699 filed on May 23, 2013″.

Malipod™ patent profiling indicates that Nicholas (Nick) Soames, former U.K. Minister of Defence, Joanne Isham, the CIA’s former Deputy Director of National Imagery and Mapping Agency during the 9-11 war games, and Tracey McVicar, managing partner of the Vancouver branch of the CAI Private Equity Group, serve as ad-hoc custodians of the various patented AI/expert-system algorithms needed by swampholders in Serco—the world’s largest non-government air traffic controller—and DOJ Pride operators of pedophile-tagging and prisoner-transport (Con Air) networks, to neutralize the carbon footprints of targets at drag-and-drop crime sites apparently selected by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to reduce the perceived but spurious risks of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW).

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