“Has Abel Danger tracked Salisbury poison to Serco Porton Down?”

Source: The Telegraph

Police officer hospitalised as Scotland Yard reveals nerve agent was used in Russian spy case

March 7, 2018 • by Martin Evans

A police officer remains seriously ill in intensive care after being poisoned by a nerve agent when he came to the aid of a Russian spy targeted in Salisbury.

The unnamed officer was one of the first on the scene on Sunday when double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, were attacked by would-be assassins in shopping arcade in the city centre.

He was initially treated in hospital as a precaution and then discharged, but his condition soon deteriorated and he was readmitted on Tuesday and taken into intensive care.

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  • No CCTV yet there are millions of them over there . One can only conclude knowing how corrupt theUK pedo protector gang is that he would be no1 suspect as the carrier and attacker , Scot Yard covered up every crime the CAI has 7/7 911 pedogate , and never solve any high profile murders , the whole west is crooked to the core and the Brit Royals are rotten to the core with greed .

  • In constant prayer. I just know and trust your work. Thank you

  • Prayer to crush the head of the snake. And expose the royals with undeniable proof. Dear lord let the proof pour out

  • Funny how Porton Down (UK’s Bio Labs) is only 7 miles from Salisbury…hmmm, I wonder