Harvard: Deep State and Inter Generational Wealth – Harvard Isn’t a University, It Is a Corporate Money-Making Machine

Ed.’s note: The deep state is really all about pools of inter generational capital that work through many different complex mechanisms that have been built up over centuries. A core representation of the deep state would be the Harvard Corporation Company which is a private corporation. Another would be foundations like the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation. As is discussed in the video clip below, “after the Revolutionary War when the courts affirmed the corporate charters for the universities that was a huge mistake”, and we will see why.

The Harvard Corporation Company has a self-perpetuating board of governors and believe it or not, all of its investment profits are tax exempt. The reason Harvard Corporation Company profits are tax exempt, is because they take an amount which is significantly less than what they would have to pay in taxes, and use it to fund Harvard providing them with a continuous supply of intellectual capital including justification for all the policies they want government to carry out in their behalf. Harvard then cycles these graduates through the system to return to them favorable government policies that benefit Harvard to perpetuate the deep state. The Harvard Management Company has a massive $39 billion financial base built up in its endowment arsenal and is tax free. Find out where $305 million of this endowment was spent in California towards the end of this post.

Harvard Management Company

In 1958, Rene A. Wormser wrote his book Foundations: Their Power and Influence, and in his book he outlined how this financial model being used by the Harvard Management Company and previously mentioned foundations, is the centuries old Templar model. If readers want to understand better how these foundations are financially structured and the power they wield for the deep state, this book is probably one of the best sources. The concept of foundations goes way back into history being nearly as old as the idea of private property itself. The earliest foundations were structured for the benefit of the public. Today, foundations are strictly for private corporate interests, or the deep state. The Harvard Management Company is based on the Roman model used by the Catholic Church, so are foundations. Wormser was general council for the Reece Commission formed in 1953 and headed by Congressman B. Carroll Reece (R., Tenn.).

The DODD REPORT to the Reece Committee on Foundations

Foundations: Their Power and Influence

About “Foundations: Their Power and Influence” by Rene A. Wormser (update: May 23, 2015)

The Reece Committee Hearings Exposed America’s Major Tax-Exempt Foundations as Moving Toward a One-World State

In 2006, the Preventative Defense Project was introduced?  One part of the project was run at Harvard by William Perry leading (also Ashton Carter) leading a rethink of the United States “defense”.  The other part of the project was was run at Stanford.  The project divided up the technology.  It is likely Stanford took the lead on the hardware and software part of it – and Harvard took on the redesign of government systems and the marketing part of it.  While at Harvard, it was Ashton Carter who urged George Bush when he was president to threaten to bomb North Korea.


Preventive Defense: A New Security Strategy for America

Harvard Management Company no doubt made a lot of money because they knew what business segments to invest in and which ones to bet against on the stock market. A lot comes out of Harvard, it was Percy Sutton who financially backed Barack Obama at Harvard. Harvard was the central hub for the redesign of the US government during the Clinton-Gore Reinvention of Government.  Look at the value of their endowment fund today: $39 billion. Harvard made an absolute fortune destroying the US government.  Basically, investments in looting government. Harvard has been the main conduit for a lot of programs and strategies for global systems convergence. Harvard isn’t in business to educate, they are in business as a corporation to generate massive profits for the deep state. Will government investigators step in and force Harvard Endowment Corporation to pay taxes? That is hardly likely to happen for two reasons: government investigators have no influence; Harvard claims it doesn’t know how to file tax returns.

With Endowment Tax on the Horizon, Harvard Still Doesn’t Know How to File Its Returns

Here is an example of what is going on at Harvard when George W. Bush (graduate of Harvard) and partners received more than $2 million of Harken Energy stock in exchange for a failing oil well operation. The operation lost $400,000 during the previous six months of operation. After Bush joined Harken Energy, he received the largest stock position and a seat on its board and was acquired by Harvard Management Company. The Harken Energy board provided Bush with $600,000 worth of the company’s publicly traded stock, plus a seat on the board plus a consultancy that paid him up to $120,000 a year. When Harken Energy ran short of cash, Jackson Stephens was contacted who arranged for a $25 million stock purchase by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). How is that for a “Harvard education?”

According to Global Research, Harvard University established a “modern version of the Catholic Church’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a list of prohibited online publications which are tagged as ‘fake’ and ‘false’, broadly following the politically tainted ‘List’ of censored independent and alternative media.” The Catholic Church’s Index was a list of books “deemed heretical, anti-clerical or lascivious.” Ever wonder where “fake news” and “fake knowledge” came from often attached to alternative news sites? It came out of Harvard, so all public discourse could be strictly controlled. Harvard has essentially set up a “website burning” operation for heretics who are with good reason opposed to the tyranny of a private commercial system owned by inter generational extremely wealthy oligarchs. It’ the same damn thing the Vatican did with its Index only today it is digital.

“Fake Scholarship” and the Future of America’s University

Please take the time to listen to this important discussion between Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell on how all these financial mechanisms work for the deep state including through Harvard.

In 2017, Harvard announced they were going to take their in house staff and essentially fire them. What this means is the institutional knowledge – those 230 employees – at Harvard of what happened during the financial coup was dispersed. They pulled off a financial takeover and now it was time to get rid of the people involved. Harvard got rid of these people who assisted but they themselves might not have been completely knowledgeable about their own participation as to the reasons why. A lot of the work done was outsourced to prevent competent people from realizing what was going on. Harvard was behind re-engineering government through their graduates, the less people see what was going on the better. There is practically no disclosure of the operations of Harvard’s endowment. The following January 26, 2017 article is indicative of this:

Source: The Harvard Crimson

Harvard Management Company to Lay Off Half Its Staff

Harvard Management Company will lay off approximately half of its 230-person staff by the end of the calendar year in the genesis of a five-year overhaul of the world’s largest university endowment.

By Brandon J. Dixon, Crimson Staff Writer

Harvard Management Company is housed in the Boston Federal Reserve building. Photo: Zorigoo Tugsbayar

UPDATED: January 26, 2017

Harvard Management Company will lay off approximately half of its 230-person staff by the end of the calendar year in the genesis of a five-year overhaul of the world’s largest university endowment.

In a message to Harvard affiliates Wednesday, N.P Narvekar—HMC’s newly-installed CEO—outlined his plan to revitalize the University’s underperforming investment arm, announcing that the company would move to eliminate its internally-managed hedge fund teams by the end of fiscal year 2017, among other reforms.

“We can no longer justify the organizational complexity and resources necessary to support the investing activities of these portfolios,” Narvekar wrote. “Therefore, we have made some important but very difficult decisions.”

Narvekar’s announcement comes as HMC attempts to improve its investment performance—which has lagged behind that of its peers in the last few years—and represents a monumental shift in the way the University invests its 35.7 billion endowment.

The University has historically employed a unique “hybrid” investment model, in which HMC retains a large internal staff in addition to hiring outside money managers. But in a stark shift, Narvekar has moved to abandon HMC’s investment model and instead mirror investment practices in place at many other universities.

Please go to to read the entire article.


Source: Russia Insider

Leaked Special Forces Manual Reveals How US Wields Financial Power

Are you a self-determining country? Prepare to get sanctioned.

by A Political Junkie • Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

Back in December 2008, WikiLeaks released a relatively little-noted document “US Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare“.  This 248-page, nine chapter publication was the September 2008 revision of the U.S. Army Field Manual 3-05.130, the keystone doctrine for Army special operations forces operations in unconventional warfare.  

This document defines unconventional warfare as:

“Operations conducted by, with or through irregular forces against a variety of state and no-state opponents.”

These operations are conducted:

“…in support of a resistance movement, an insurgency, and ongoing or pending conventional military operations”

Such operations have the following common conceptual core:

“…working by, with, or through irregular surrogates in a clandestine and/or covert manner against opposing actors.”

Joint Chiefs’ Chairman Joseph Dunford will choke off your trade if you mess with America’s Neo-Delian League

In Chapter 2, the document outlines the instruments of United States national power which help the United States to achieve its national strategic objectives.  These instruments of national power include diplomacy, information, intelligence, economic, financial, law enforcement and military. For the purposes of this posting, let’s focus on one of these instruments as follows, the Financial Instrument of National Power .  Here’s how the document describes this instrument:

“The financial instrument of national power promotes the conditions for prosperity and stability in the United States and encourages prosperity and stability in the rest of the world. The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) is the primary federal agency responsible for the economic and financial prosperity and security of the United States and as such is responsible for a wide range of activities, including advising the President on economic and financial issues, promoting the President’s growth agenda, and enhancing corporate governance in financial institutions. In the international arena, the Treasury works with other federal agencies, the governments of other nations, and the international financial institutions to encourage economic growth; raise standards of living; and predict and prevent, to the extent possible, economic and financial crises.”

Please go to Viable Opposition to read the entire article.


After reading the above article posted by Russia Insider from Viable Opposition, go to the following article and read what is going on related to a probably US military intervention in Venezuela. The US is not going to back down or give up until it has accessed Venezuela’s resources.

NEWSFLASH: US Is Fomenting Revolution in Venezuela Because It Wants the Oil

Secret societies are prevalent on US universities including at Harvard:

Secret Societies

Harvard is also behind funding and researching geoengineering including injecting into the atmosphere all kinds of different particles including calcium carbonate to test the interaction in the stratosphere.

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Program

The Keith Group – Solar Engineering

And how many people know the Harvard Endowment Company’s $39 billion is being used to buy up California vineyards and water rights. So far it looks like Harvard has purchased around $305 million worth of vineyards in California with the water rights probably of significantly more value.

Harvard’s $39B Endowment Is Reportedly Buying Up California’s Vineyards—and Their Water Rights

Harvard/Gates Buying up Farms/Water – Food Theft Rising in Grand Solar Minimum

Are you an Asian-American student applicant to Harvard? You might have hard time getting into Harvard. What about a Harvard student with disabilities?


Harvard Law officials accused of stealing money meant for students with disabilities

Harvard officials allegedly stole $110,000 meant for students with disabilities

Harvard Commencement – The Green Marshall Plan

From Ivy League Policy Rackets to Treason to Crimes Against Humanity – The Game of Insider Policy – Ultimate Insider Trading – “Criss-Cross, Double Cross”

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