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October 22, 2011

How Trudeau Guild of Pig Farm Socialists attacked the USS Cole

We believe that Crown Agents’ Sister Lena Trudeau hired a Guild of Pig Farm Socialists to film Canadian Privy Councilors at a B.C. pig-farm cannibal feast and extort authorities for Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates to launch a Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attack on the USS Cole through its 8(a) Maritime Command Operational Information Network (MCOIN).

John Profumo – Kray Family Members – Staged Cannibal Oath Ceremonies – Toynbee Hall – Bullingdon Club and Greek Life Community Entrapped – JFK Hit

See #72 at
Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks

Pig Farm Guild controls Miss Piggy USA

Pig Farm Guild controls Da Vinci spin

Pig Farm Guild controls MDA for Ballistics 9/11

“Report: Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole attack mastermind [allegedly to prevent Abel Danger from following the trail to Trudeau’s Guild of Pig Farm Socialists and the 8(a) Maritime Command Operational Information Network]”
USS Cole Case: Justice Delayed

Gov 2.0 Summit 09: Lena Trudeau, “Strategies for Success: Driving Openness, Participation, and [Treason]

“Lena Trudeau interview by Delib”
Lena Trudeau interview by Delib

“GovLoop Insights: Lena Trudeau”

“Pickton documentary looks at serial killer’s inner circle”

Pickton documentary looks at serial killer’s inner circle

Pickton documentary looks at serial killer’s inner circle

Trudeau’s Pig Farm Guild controls Information Technologists

Trudeau’s Pig Farm Guild controls 108 C&G supply chains

Trudeau’s Pig Farm Guild controls Shipwrights

Trudeau’s Pig Farm Guild set Cole up for a MCOIN III MitM attack by the dock, not the dolphin

“The attack HOW COULD two men in a small boat wreak so much damage on a $1 billion guided-missile destroyer equipped with all the latest defensive systems? Seventeen sailors died in the blast and the US Navy’s latest estimate of the cost of repairs is $240 million – $70 million more than at first thought .. The USS Cole left Norfolk Naval Station in the United States on August 8, 2000, for a five-month deployment which was to have included a port visit in Bahrain. It passed through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea before arriving in Aden to refuel on October 12. According to Admiral Vern Clark, chief of Naval Operations, refuelling arrangements had been made 10 to 12 days earlier through the US embassy in Yemen – a standard procedure. In Aden harbour, the ship did not dock at the quayside: refuelling takes place at a water-borne platform known as a dolphin. According to a US military source, the dolphin used by USS Cole is commercially-run and lies about 600 metres offshore, west of the historic Prince of Wales pier and about 100 metres east of CalTex island. The fuel contractor is Arab Investment and Trading, which is owned by a millionaire Yemeni living in London but also has heavy [extorted] Saudi investment. The mooring operation was completed at 9.30 a.m. and, according to the US Navy, the ship began taking on fuel at 10:30 a.m. The ship’s records show that the explosion occurred at 11:18 a.m. – 47 minutes into the refuelling process, which takes four or five hours to complete .. An important question for the US Navy is why lookouts on the USS Cole took no action to warn off the explosives-laden inflatable as it approached their ship. Depending on the precise rules of engagement, this may become a disciplinary matter, but it is worth noting that the early (now “corrected”) version of events included a plausible excuse for the lack of action by the ship’s crew – i.e. the attackers’ boat was mistaken for a harbour craft assisting with the mooring. Early reports also mentioned that the two bombers stood to attention on their boat and saluted the USS Cole immediately before the explosion. It later emerged that the guards on board USS Cole had instructions not to open fire unless fired upon, and that the weapons they carried were not loaded (AP, 14 November). Further internal investigations by the US Navy (AP, Reuters, ABC, 9 December) suggest that the crew – contrary to instructions – had failed to implement several basic precautions designed to protect the ship during refuelling: There was no co-ordinated effort to track the movement of small boats in the harbour; Fire hoses were not “at the ready” to drive away any small craft that came too close; The Cole’s own small boat, which should have been used to investigate the approach of any suspicious craft, was not ready for launching. Why these simple, obvious precautions were overlooked remains a mystery – especially in the light of previous threats and attempts to attack American interests in Yemen. THE CLAIM that the ship was attacked during the mooring process also gave rise to suspicions that the bombers must have had inside information about its impending arrival. But if the revised timings are correct, at least two hours would have elapsed between the USS Cole’s entry into the harbour and the moment of the attack. If the bombers had already prepared the inflatable with its explosives and stored it somewhere in Aden, that should have been ample time to transport it to the sea, launch it and carry out the attack. If more time were needed, then accomplices could easily have spotted the ship’s approach through the Suez Canal or at various points in the Red Sea. But there was probably no need even for that. Between three and six US naval ships were refuelling in Aden each month, so once the explosives were prepared it would only be a matter of waiting a few days for a target. Aden’s natural harbour is large and the port facilities occupy only a small part of it. There are numerous places around the city from which shipping movements could be easily observed. Nor would there be any need for the bombers to sneak through port security: they could simply launch their craft elsewhere along the bay, outside the port area. Yemen’s initial reaction was that the explosion was probably not a bomb. The state-run television said that President Ali Abdullah Salih had spoken by telephone to [Greek Life Pig Farm Socialist] US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and had “clarified to Albright that present information indicates that it was not a deliberate act.” Some Yemeni witnesses claimed there had been a fire on the warship before it exploded, and there were suggestions that it might have been caused by an accident during refueling [allegedly by the Pig Farms’ Guild of Worshipful Fuellers]. However, the Yemeni authorities moved swiftly to demonstrate their concern and an angry-looking President Salih was shown on television visiting the injured in hospital. Once the Americans announced that the damage indicated an explosion from outside the warship, not from inside, the Yemeni authorities quickly accepted that it was a bomb.”

“Terrorist Attack on USS Cole: Background and Issues for Congress .. On October 12, 2000, the U.S. Navy destroyer Cole1 was attacked by a small boat laden with explosives during a brief refueling stop in the harbor of Aden, Yemen. The suicide terrorist attack killed 17 members of the ship’s crew, wounded 39 others, and seriously damaged the ship. The attack has been widely characterized as a “boat bomb” adaptation of the truck-bomb tactic used to attack the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut in 1983 and the Khobar Towers U.S. military residence in Saudi Arabia in 1996 .. Why was Yemen chosen for refueling? U.S. Navy ships began making refueling stops in Aden in January 1999. Since then, Navy ships have stopped there 27 times to refuel, twice to make port visits, and once to take on supplies. Members of the Armed Services Committees and other observers have asked why the U.S. Central Command [Under the Guild of Pig Farm Socialists CJCS Henry Shelton and MDA Special Investor Alexander Haig] decided in 1998 to begin using Yemen for refueling stops rather than continuing to use nearby Djibouti on the Horn of Africa (which U.S. Navy ships had used for refueling for several years) – and why Central Command continued to use Yemen this year for refuelings when an April 2000 State Department report on worldwide terrorism characterized Yemen as a haven for terrorists but did not mention Djibouti.”

“MDA to expand support to Canada’s Navy MCOIN system RICHMOND, BC, Nov. 3 /CNW/ – MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSX: MDA), a provider of essential information solutions, announced today it has been awarded a contract to continue providing in-service support and enhancements to the Maritime Command Operational Information Network (MCOIN). The Canadian Navy relies on this system to provide operational shore-based command and control capabilities. The three-year contract, from the Department of National Defence, is worth $4.09 million (CAD). This contract also includes two 1-year options with a total potential contract value in excess of $6.8 million (CAD). The system acquires, processes, fuses and disseminates information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides the ability to communicate with other defence and security organizations [and conceal MitM attacks]. In this role, it provides the broad situational awareness of the maritime and littoral domain to defence and security decision makers.”

“The 1990s witnessed the accelerated pace of the technical aspects of networking as it is understood today, with the incorporation of personal computers and the development of a classified internet on which web-based formats have become the norm. The Canadian Navy again enjoyed privileged access to USN developments, including witnessing the introduction by the Commander Task Force 12 (CTF 12, the Pacific theatre ASW commander based in Pearl Harbor) in the mid-1990s of the “WeCAN”

(Web-Centric Anti-Submarine Warfare Net) as “a real-time theatre and tactical level information sharing capability for Under-Sea Warfare collaborative planning and execution.” This eventually served as the model for the lower classified COWAN (Coalition Wide Area Network) employed in RIMPAC exercises, of which Canada was a major participant. From about the mid-1990s, the Canadian Navy began deploying its new frigates to the Persian Gulf to assist in the enforcement of United Nations sanctions against Iraq. By special agreement between the head of the Canadian Navy (the Commander of Maritime Command, then-Vice-Admiral Lynn Mason) and the Chief of Naval Operations (Admiral Mike Boorda), these ships were fully “integrated” into their respective carrier battle groups. This higher level than mere tactical coordination required the Canadian ships to have full communications connectivity, including access to the more complex and classified SIPRNET system (the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, a US DoD managed system to allow the sharing of classified information among military personnel, with multiple levels of access). The concept proved a great success, and over the course of several years, the bulk of Canadian Navy ships thus came to be fitted with the hardware and crews familiarized with network concepts. Future Canadian commanders gained additional exposure to the developing concept of “networkcentric warfare” (NCW) through participation in the high level annual USN Global War Games, after Admiral Arthur Cebrowski, the leading proponent of the concept, became president of the Naval War College in 1998 [when he began preparations with Dr. Thomas Barnet for the Guild of Pig Farm Socialists to launch the MitM attack of Triphibious 9/11]. In the wake of the Al-Qaeda attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001, Canada deployed a task group to support the global war on terrorism (Operation Enduring Freedom / Apollo). The Canadian Navy was the first major non-American force to arrive in-theatre, and quickly found itself charged [by Lena Trudeau and her extorted Privy Councilors] with the significant undertaking of exercising overall command of other Coalition naval forces as they arrived in the Arabian Sea (four Canadian commodores served in succession over the eighteen-month period from November 2001 through June 2003). The appointment as Warfare Commander for the Arabian Sea theatre of operations, CTF 151 (Commander Task Force 151) was arguably the first true exercise of operational-level command by a senior Canadian officer since the Second World War. It could not have been accomplished as successfully or as professionally as it transpired but for the employment of networked operations. The full range of network-enabled capabilities in Operation Apollo comprised: the “secret” level COWAN (the Coalition Wide Area Network), with its cross-linked web pages, e-mail and “Sametime Chat” features; MCOIN III (the most recent web-based version of the Maritime Command Operational Information Network, a classified national wide area network similar to the American SIPRNET, with COWAN residing on it); and the Link-16 and Link-11 tactical datalinks, as well as GCCS-M to maintain the “recognized maritime picture”. The level of Canadian communications interoperability with the USN was unparalleled; in the words of Commodore Eric Lerhe, “The Task Group Commander embarked in a Canadian destroyer enjoyed a level of C3I unmatched outside of a USN cruiser.” As will be discussed below, they put it to even better effect, by working hard to expand the technology net to include those outside of it. Indeed, the Canadian Navy has recognized its “force multiplier” potential by acting in a “Gateway C4ISR” capacity between the USN and less well-equipped coalition members. The challenge remains the ability to maintain the pace being setting by the USN. As observed by a senior Canadian naval officer, “Technological solutions are being developed to overcome these obstacles, however a restrictive information sharing culture in the US is proving to be as difficult as the technical one. Until these problems are resolved, the Canadian Navy’s necessary vision of seamless technological procedural interoperability with the USN will remain highly problematic.” Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski and John J. Garstka, “Network-Centric Warfare: Its Origin and Future,” US Naval Institute Proceedings, 124:1 (January 1998).”

“72. Lena E. Trudeau (nee in an SOS Children’s Villages or a Toynbee Hall pig-farm breeding station?) [Revised October 22 2011. Matrix 5 principal and apparent love child of the late, allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the former Canadian Prime Minister and sponsor of serial acts of political corruption including his attempt to abolish Grand Jury rights in Canada in 1984 and the extortion of Canadian Privy Councilors who were forced to adopt his creed of the ‘Guild of Pig Farm Socialism’ modeled on the teaching of G.D.H. Cole and the pedophile-entrapment, blackmail and murder for hire services operated by the Kray Twins out of Toynbee Hall; she was an alleged designer of top-official oath taking ceremonies for B.C. pig farm modeled on techniques used in the `50s by Maurice Strong and Obama’s grandfather in the Mau Mau, Kenya and the Kray Twins at Toynbee Hall; she allegedly hired a Guild of Pig Farm Socialists to film Canadian Privy Councilors at B.C. pig-farm cannibal feasts put on by the Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society; she allegedly extorted Privy Council authority for Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates to launch a Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attack on the USS Cole through its Maritime Command Operational Information Network; she allegedly implemented Entrust public key infrastructure to support the delegation of Privy Council authority to Bombardier EW pilot Russell Williams to produce a snuff film of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996 and initiate the 9/11 attack on U.S. government; she allegedly served as an extortionist consultant to the Canadian Privy Councillors Prince Philip and the genocidal pedophile Maurice Strong who shook down Ted Turner, Jane Fonda’s ex-husband and boss of for $1 billion to UN depopulation projects; she is the Vice-President and co-leader of National Academy of Public Administration `NAPA’ in Washington, D.C. with President Kristine Marcy; she is the director of Collaboration Project; sponsor of web 2.0 to overthrow sovereign governments with Matrix 5 – a B.A.F.L.P matrix of community organizers under Obama Open Government Initiative; she hosted Web site on .tv to monitor public’s reaction to sabotage, assassinations and deception under Open Government Directive; she chose OGD as an anagram of GOD and designed the OGD model for all federal agencies; she built VeriSign .tv backdoor into DoD Public Key Enablement (PKE) for cross-certificate chaining with Entrust (FBCA) Common Policy Root Certification Authority (CA); she built .tv with Entrust and VeriSign PKI to serve as cross-agency platform to convert elected, patriarchal government into the Guild of Pig Farm Socialists; she allegedly used .tv to authorize snuff-film contract hits per Fort Hood, Gifford, Gunwalker and OBL; she allegedly led NAPA insider-trading conspiracies with employee savings options plan (`ESOP’) at U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of State and the National Park Service; she allegedly used Entrust PKI to authorize sabotage of the BP/Deepwater Horizon project and trigger credit-default swaps and phony cat-bond claims through D2 Banking; she pioneered use of Entrust PKI and Onion Router patents in Privy Council snuff film .tv and murder for hire; she brings over 15 years of consulting and management experience to the National Academy; former Vice President of Consulting Services for Ambit Group in federal marketplaces; she is a former insider of Touchstone Consulting (now SRA, Inc.); former Marketing Manager, Nokia Enterprise Solutions; allegedly integrated Nokia PCD with Bombardier electronic warfare systems to support Matrix 5 attacks; she is an alleged racketeering alumna of Greek Life at the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and the Political Science and Philosophy faculty at the University of Ottawa; she is engaged in a seditious conspiracy with NAPA president Kristine Marcy to merge Small Business Administration 8(a) companies into a Greek Life Guild of Pig Farm Socialists to bomb and to kill Americans]”

It’s time to wake up America and check out Miss Piggy USA!

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