Greg Felton: America is now fully controlled by Zionists says Canadian researcher

Listen carefully to the lecture above by Canadian researcher Greg Felton. After listening to this lecture on how America is now “fully controlled by Zionists” based on Felton’s book The Host and the Parasite, be sure to view the short clip below with George Webb. Think critically and honestly about what you are going to view below comparing it to the lecture above given by Greg Felton, and then start asking yourselves some very serious questions.

Day 224.3. Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

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  • George Webb has been on the trail for 200 plus days and I have been following. I find he has uncovered some very interestng events. Greg Felton is very thorough and follows the history over a longer time frame whereas George has followed a much shorter timeline with the same success. Both men have revealed the loss of the republic. I am wondering how to restore it and how does one dismantle the Patriot Act legally?

  • “British Media Caught Staging Politically Correct Propaganda” at

    Filmed at a south Texas recruitment event….”Actual eyewitnesses do not provide the required narratives, so FEMA hires/trains crisis actors”

    A year later, this ‘crisis actor’ who lives in Florida was filmed on local, live TV at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing. Later he was interviewed as witness to Sandy Hook hoax.

    It’s all theater…. Demonic Warlord theater….