“Google, Twitter, Facebook, the US Senate, Cyberwarfare Companies, the Technocrats, Universities, and God Knows Who Else Are Attempting to Mitigate the Tiny Voices of Dissent and Crushing Spirituality”

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The Telltale Signs the Western Oligarchs Are Doomed

October 11, 2017 • by Phil Butler

Everyone hates sore losers, so why do the globalists and their puppet media still exist? Reading today’s headlines, listening to failed politicians sputtering and stuttering around the world, I’m constantly dismayed by the apathy and ignorance of the world’s populations. Isn’t it abundantly clear by now, Vladimir Putin and Russia hold the winning cards?

Before I go on, let’s get something straight. I am a patriotic American who loves his country and her people. Nobody on God’s Earth can prove otherwise. Now that this is settled, let me make something else abundantly clear. America has no positive future without the kinship and partnership of Russia. If the globalists elite who’ve admittedly set themselves up as the new world order (See leaders from Obama to Trump admitting same) remain on the present geo-policy course, then war or certain economic collapse will ensue. Many of the world’s leaders already know this and are making moves to side with Russia should the inevitable happen suddenly. But before I go on, let’s look at some sore loser media headlines.

The western world’s most famous “fake news” tabloid these days, Newsweek continues its unending tabloid Russophobia with “Putin’s Birthday: Protests Call for his Exit as he Hits Retirement Age Under Russian Law”. I’ll not get into how or why Newsweek became a media whore for the globalists, this Pew Research analysis of the magazine industry should explain this succinctly. The fact there is virtually no dissent aimed at Vladimir Putin inside Russia shows once again the Russian leader’s winning ways. I can almost hear the average Newsweek policy genius reader glowing with agreement, “Hey, that’s right, it’s illegal for Putin to be president anymore!” As if the universe will turn over, and America will elect Hillary Clinton and become truly great again of Putin is gone!

Next in the sequence of news delivered by Google, I guess the Washington Post and the New York Times bombardment this morning was not harsh enough for the NSA’s favorite tool, and AFP bit parroted by The Times of India was highlighted for me. “Russia is not Putin’s says Pussy Riots Alekhina” stands out as a total waste of digital news space. Once again, the mainstream and the elites running media in the west lost – this woman is a nobody, and nobody cares. Another desperation grab at attention, that’s all AFP is trying to do here. Enter what we know about CNN and admitted traffic sensationalism. The typical Times of India readr chimes in in broken English, “Oooh, who, who, dat pooseee riot is a riot man! Dey some crazeee beaches” Give the world a break AFP.

Over at CNN the news network most in need of viewers even let’s US President Donald Trump off the hook for a day to paint a picture of Russia’s Putin alongside North Korean’s Kim wringing their hands at America’s most recent tragedy, which Trump is supposed to be distracted by. “As Trump deals with tragedy, Putin and Kim regroup” is a fabrication, a propaganda tidbit meant for total idiots, and insult to intelligent life forms. The story attempts to cement together all America’s justifiable and unreasonable fears into one comfortable globalist narrative – everything is Putin’s fault, and anything that is not can be solved by bombing North Korea to hell. Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock ends up aiding and abetting evil tyrants Putin and Kim in this fairytale.

Finally, the grand mucky muck of news, financial “go to” Bloomberg proclaims, “As Putin Turns 65, His Power is Slowly Waning”. I had to take a moment or two to stop laughing at seeing the ultimate loser, nobody Russian blogger Alexei Navalny in the feature photograph of this major Bloomberg story. If this nincompoop western oligarch patsy is the best the Rothschilds and the American deep state can come up with to foil Vladimir Putin, they need to pack up and run for their lives. The typical big chested banker idiot reading Bloomberg chimes in, “Thank God Putin’s on the way out, maybe my energy stocks can finally split when Israel annexes the West Bank for good!” Yeah, American investors don’t give a damn about dead soldiers or babies. ROI is the name of the Wall Street game.

Please go to NEO to read the entire article.


Source: PressTV

US Deep State concocts bogus ‘Iranian threat’: Ex-top US official

October 13, 2017

David A. Stockman, the director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Ronald Reagan

The US Deep State is peddling a plethora of untruths to build a false narrative that Iran presents a national security threat to the United States, according to an American writer and former Republican politician.

David A. Stockman, the director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Ronald Reagan, made the remarks in an article, headlined Another Step Toward Fiscal Collapse — The Deep State’s Bogus ‘Iranian Threat’, published on Thursday.

Stockman, who also served as a US Representative from the state of Michigan (1977–1981), wrote that US President Donald Trump “is on the cusp of making” the financial crisis dramatically worse by decertifying the Iranian nuclear deal.

Trump will unveil on Friday Washington’s strategy with regard to the international nuclear agreement with Iran, the White House announced on Thursday.

Trump, who has described the Iran accord as “the worst deal ever,” has until October 15 to decide whether to certify that Iran is in compliance with the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The Republican president is expected to declare to Congress that retaining the 2015 nuclear deal is no longer in the US national interest. He has desperately sought a pretext to scrap or weaken the JCPOA and get rid of the limits it imposes on the US ability to pursue more hostile policies against Iran.

Please go to PressTV to read the entire article.


This is an interesting development in Russia. Russia is gearing up to take on American-Anglo oligarchs who are starting hybrid wars all over the place including in Syria and Ukraine, so Russian authorities have made the decision to accept foreigners into the Russian military to form a foreign legion. If you are a soldier of fortune or have experience fighting “bad guys”, here’s your opportunity.

Source: Tech News

Foreigners welcomed to serve in Russian Military

by Nambili Samuel • October 14, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin and General Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov Chief of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces: RF

Russian President Vladimir Putin has formulated a plan to legalize the military’s use of foreign volunteers and ultra-nationals in overseas operations, a new step in the country’s increasing engagement in wars abroad. A decree published Monday although was not immediately ratified by the Parliament to legitimate foreign nationals to serve in Russian Armed Force for military expeditions what the law calls counterterrorism and peacekeeping missions at anyplace where numbers of Russian service members are operating. In latest development we learned that state “Duma”, finally grant foreigners a right to serve in Russian military.

They will not take the military oath and will only sign a contract pledging themselves to abide by the Russian Constitution and to unconditionally fulfill their commanders’ orders,” RT.

“The timing of the change is quite telling,” said Alexey Khlebnikov, an analyst with the Russian International Affairs Council. “Russia’s only military operation abroad is in Syria, and only contractors [volunteers as opposed to conscripts] are serving there. This amendment provides regulation for the foreign nationals who participate in Russia’s Syria campaign to work as part of Russian military complex in the contrast of being as mercenaries. Several reports have also emerged over the past three years of Russian security contractors in Syria oftentimes to protect private facilities like oil and gas infrastructure or engage in “deniable” operations where the government has tried to distance itself from the fighting.

According to Khlebnikov, the decree might establish a basis for these kinds of operators to work with Russian military operations. “This new version of the decree might open the door for [them] to incorporate themselves into the Russian army,” he told Foreign Policy.

Foreign Legion! Putin Signs Decree Letting Foreign Citizens Fight for Russia As Contractors!

The hybrid force in Russian military will avoid some situation like one incident in 2013, where irregular units from a shadowy group (mercenaries) technically based in Hong Kong known as the Slavonic Corps deployed to Syria. And later after failed to receive the promised reinforcement and losing a number of members in a series of skirmishes, the corps left Syria and was immediately the belligerents were arrested upon returning to Russia for violating laws against mercenary service.

To read the entire article please go to Tech News.


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Its been 9 years since the European-based “deep state” murdered Jorg Haider as a way of destabilizing the right in Austria, and now a new generation of Austrians just brought nationalism back by popular backing with the highest support coming from younger Austrian voters. It is with great concern that Sabastian Kurz hopefully has a very good security detail protecting him.

Sebastian Kurz, most talented Austrian leader since WWII, will toughen immigration laws – analysts

Views on the Death/Assassination of Jorg Haider


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