Gilets Jaunes: Take your Money out of the Bank NOW!

Source: Real Currencies

by Anthony Migchels on January 11, 2019

In an interesting development, the Yellow Vests of France are calling for a run on the Bank: January 12th, they are planning to pick up their savings.

I’m reposting this 2012 article, because it seems relevant, Henry also posted at his site, and as a bonus, here’s a long chat I did with my old friend Wayne Walton. We talk about the Gilets Jaunes Bankrun, and just about everything concerning the monetary, the stuff you won’t even hear in the Alternative Media:

– Bankrun
– ‘Time value of Money’
– Usury as the core issue with our money
– Christ in the Truth Movement
– Gold and Bitcoin, the Liberty Movement, their defense of Austerity and Deflation
– Intricacies of interest-free currency design
– De Florijn
– The true nature of Capitalism

The Credit Crunch is not some natural phenomenon but an all out assault by the Money Power. What is worse: even without the crunch we are paying trillions per year in interest for absolutely nothing.
The solution is simple: quit their banks.

Please go to Real Currencies to read the entire article.


Monetary Reform

Yellow Vests Plan a Bank Run. Will it Work?

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