George Webb Sweigert’s Mossad Links

Source: Tracy Beanz

What the heck happened with George Webb today?!

Defango outs George Webb and Jason Goodman???

George Webb on the Run in Seth Rich Investigation

George Is Cornered in His Brooklyn Hotel Room

And speaking of which…

Breaking!!! Is Jared Kushner Being Investigated For Spying For Israel, and Is He A Mossad Asset?

Lest we be remiss, some remedial reading….

Victor Ostrovsky: (1) How Mossad Got America to Bomb Libya & Fight Iraq (2) Mossad murdered Robert Maxwell

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  • DNC dead….Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thornton, John Ashe, Michael Ratner,
    Gaven McFayden, Dr Bob Ashton, John Jones, QC, Beranton Whisenant and two MS-13 hit men, Rafael Aguilar and Carmelo Calixto. Realizing there was no way to shoot their way out of this trap, the Mo-sadist turned, hoping to cast themselves as ‘good’ guys.

    When the plotters and demolition teams of 9/11 are exposed, the hypothesis of a
    few good Mo-sadists might be believable.

  • you abel danger might as well be mossad too reading from your christian bible YOU ARE MOSSAD TOO mossad runs evengelical groups…

  • This information is going to get out – there is no way that this is not going to happen – ‘there will be consequences’!!! Indeed!!!

  • Correction: Seth Rich is PRESUMED to be dead.

  • Check your sources. Defango is ex-DNC and Connected to strong AI.

  • uild Your Own Conspiracy Theory

    April 18, 2012  by Daniel Bier

    As I recently learned, it is a bad idea to joke about conspiracies. They are serious business to some people. But if you are interested in inventing your own conspiracy theory for fun or profit, there is a time-tested formula:
    1.Pick bad thing X that happened (it doesn’t matter what or when).
    2.Postulate a conspiracy was behind it* (it doesn’t matter who or why). This is all you need to get going, but there are a few techniques you can use to fill in the blanks about what really happened during X.

    Ahh, now I see–George Bush did it.

    3.Cherry pick factoids, take details out of context, mine quotes from public figures, elevate obscure minor incidents to center stage, juxtapose unrelated events, obsess over coincidence, point to suspicious lack of evidence that (if it existed) would support your theory, and always, always have pictures with big red arrows pointing to nothing in particular.
    The general rule is: stitch together everything that vaguely supports your theory or calls into question the mainstream explanation, and ignore or deny everything that does not fit.

    4.In later stages, once your campaign to uncover the truth is well-developed, create a really poorly-produced internet “documentary,” set it to scary music, and have your college roommate narrate it.
    5.Denounce skeptics and scientists who debunk your claims as tools of the conspiracy, and make it clear that anyone who doubts your theory is a Moreaun human-sheep hybrid creature afflicted with narcolepsy. Tell them they need to, “Wake UP, SHEEPLE!”
    6.Compile a list of a tiny number of “experts” that support some of your claims, and use it to lend a veneer of scientific credibility to your theory. Wherever possible, use misattributed, unsourced, and quotes taken out of context from experts who do not support your theory to imply they do.
    7.Create lists of “unanswered questions” that, regardless of how well-answered, will always remain “unanswered