Защитники Донбасса Моя ладонь превратилась в кулак – Le génocide des blancs organisé par L’OTAN/UE, Bernard-Henri Lévy, et cie – White Genocide in Ukraine Organized by Bernard-Henri Lévy

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Israel’s French Emissary of Death – Bernard-Henri Lévy’s “Philosophy of Death” – Modern Day “Philosophy” According to “The Whore of Babylon”: Bomb Libya and Call it “Protecting Human Rights” – September, 2011: A Criminal Always Returns to the Scene of the Crime – Sail Away in the Burning Dumpsters of Flaming Shit – Initiator of the NATO War Against Libya: Zionist “Thinker” Bernard-Henri Lévy – BHL “Cultivates” King Sarko – I$I$: Profitable for French Weapons and Munitions Manufacturers

Bernard-Henri Levy: Why Putin is a danger to Europe

Bernard-Henri Levy: ​With Poroshenko — more than ever

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