Genie (Nephilim) Energy – President Trump Hands Over the Golan Heights to Israel – “Arabs Are a Cancer” – Trump Is a “New Esther”

Ed. note: This definitely is a good one. It’s now apparent Israel runs the White House. Still fixated on that “clean up” man, Mueller?

“Bomb the oil, take the oil, bomb the oil, just take it.” — Donald Trump (2016)

Source: TruNews

Nephilim Energy: Trump Administration Helping Israel Release Its Genie

by TruNews | March 22, 2019

Today on TRUNEWS we detail how President Trump’s endorsement of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights may be part of bigger plot, in coordination with an oil and gas company named Genie Energy, to make Israel the next great global superpower. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey. Air date: 3/21/2019.



Ira Greenstein: Jared Kushner’s Criminal Deal With Israel Behind U.S. Involvement In Syria For Genie Energy’s Control of the Golan Heights

by Zanting | February 19, 2018

A major conflict of interest looms over the Rose Garden, whether it spells the end of the Trump administration, has yet to be determined.

The Trump administration along with Jared Kushner employed in the White House, a lawyer by the name of Ira Greenstein from Newark, New Jersey, who was by all accounts still acting as President and/or in the interest of his energy corporation when the U.S. bombed Syria.*

Genie Energy.

An energy corporation operating privately in Syrian territory — the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration are inherently subjugated by this paradigm of interests. When commencing with hostile military action against Syria, they did so while having a direct conflict of interest, primarily related to business ties with this corporation. This, along with seemingly ulterior political dealings with the Israeli government, has gone part and parcel to the destabilization of Syria. While benefiting Genie Energy, its backers and involved officials.

Officials such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This essentially represents extortion against Syria, as part of a behind-the-scenes deal between parties, with Greenstein’s boss, the founder of Genie Energy and top Netanyahu donor Howard Jonas having made billions through a telecommunications deal made possible under the watch of both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Kushner-directed White House Office of American Innovation (OAI) — for which to benefit said parties for their actions.

* The U.S. has since attacked Syria’s government a number of times, furthering the risk of nuclear war or a widened conflict in the Middle East. Ira Greenstein left the White House on March 30th, 2018 following earlier reporting by this author.

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More: Administration: Genie Energy’s Inherent Subjugation


Summary: IDT Corporation (originally stood for International Discount Telecommunications) is an American telecommunications company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. IDT was founded by entrepreneur Howard Jonas in August 1990. Jonas founded the company after opening a sales office in Israel, receiving large international phone bills and then discovering a way to lower them by re-originating calls in the United States. This might be how Israel was able to tap into telephone systems in the US.

Although not raised an Orthodox Jew, Jonas finances a number of Orthodox as well as other Jewish causes across the ideological spectrum. As to be expected Jonas has made major investments in Israel as well. It is estimated that 25 to 40 percent of the 5,000 employees at IDT are Orthodox Jews. Howard Jonas is the owner of IDT Corp./Genie Energy and is friends with Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner.

Genie Energy Ltd. (GNE) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for March 22, 2019

Primed for Breakout or Bust? A look at Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE: GNE)

The Syrian Girl is always good for an insight or two on Syria and Israel, but don’t get distracted from her comments.

An interesting observation (2011) about IDT’s involvement in energy in this interview with Howard Jonas. World is moving towards shale?

The Biggest Challenge Facing Shale Oil Could Be Overcoming Its Own Success

Genie Oil & Gas and Israeli Interests in Syria’s Energy

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Source: E&E News

Zinke met Israeli energy boss who called Arabs a ‘cancer’

by Zack Colman, E&E News reporter • Friday, February 9, 2018

Efraim “Effie” Eitam, a far-right energy executive in Israel and a former politician, met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in September. taraceratops/YouTube

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke met with a far-right former Israeli politician who heads an oil and gas company that experts say is violating international law and U.S. policy.

The Sept. 14, 2017, meeting between Zinke and Efraim “Effie” Eitam, a nationalist ex-Israeli member of its parliament, the Knesset, and known for anti-Arab sentiments, appeared on the Interior chief’s public calendar. Eitam leads Afek Oil and Gas, which has drilling operations in the Golan Heights, a disputed territory that the international community has explicitly said does not belong to Israel.

The meeting raises concerns about the appearance that the Trump administration is sanctioning unlawful energy exploration. It comes as President Trump’s pursuit of controversial immigration policies has stoked discontent abroad. Likewise, Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has ignited anger in neighboring Muslim nations.

“You have someone who is engaged in action that is illegal and by meeting with [Eitam] it seems to be giving some credibility to what they’re doing,” said John Quigley, an international law professor at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.

The meeting with Eitam raised questions for an administration that many believe is hostile to Muslims and antagonizes Israel’s Middle East neighbors.

Eitam said in an interview that Afek’s energy exploration didn’t come up in his meeting with Zinke, who is overseeing a major expansion of oil and gas development on public land. Eitam said “a common friend in Montana” facilitated the meeting and that the conversation was “all personal.” He declined to identify the mutual friend or disclose what he and Zinke discussed.

“It was a private meeting, it’s as simple as that,” Eitam said. “I cannot provide you any names now because people, I think, would not like me to get their names involved. There’s no story.”

Afek is a subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd., whose strategic advisory board includes former Vice President Dick Cheney and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, along with Lawrence Summers, who headed President Obama’s National Economic Council.Genie Energy CEO Howard Jonas is a prominent Republican donor who funds Orthodox Jewish causes

The ex-chairman of Genie Energy’s former parent company, IDT Corp., is Ira Greenstein, a family friend of Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner. Greenstein currently works in the White House.

Genie Energy did not respond to a request for comment.

Please go to E&E News to read the entire article


Israel will not only take the Golan Heights, but has been working to set up an independent state known as Kurdistan which will include Syrian territory in the north explaining why the US military will not be leaving Syria anytime soon. David Ben-Gurion and Eliahu Sassoon’s Periphery Doctrine for the region to prevent pan-Arabist goals designed to force Arab countries to make peace with Israel has probably been modified since 2011 when Syria was hit. Iran has been standing up to Israel’s plans for the region which is probably contributing to Israel’s constantly shifting strategy explaining Mike Pompeo claiming Donald Trump is the “new Esther” by “protecting Israel from Iran.” Incredible what pablum American Christian-Zionists will simply accept as the “gospel truth.”

Israel’s periphery strategy

Israel sees benefits in an independent Kurdistan

Zionist Networks Go After Bashar al Assad of Syria

Awhile back we did a post on Israel’s Benjamin Netenyahu making a visit to the country of Chad. At the time of the visit, the President of Chad Idriss Deby, presented Israel with a “laundry list of demands”, including significant arms sales, as a condition for renewing ties. Idriss’ wish was Israel’s command just like rubbing the lamp of a genie.

Israel Paving the Way for China’s Belt & Road Initiative – Over to Chad for Some Diplomacy Then Drop a Few Bombs On Damascus

The decades of fighting between rebels in the predominantly Christian south of Sudan and their northern Arab rivals in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum has caused the deaths of approximately 380,000 people reported by the New York Times in 2018. The country of Sudan is so poor that more than half of Sudan’s university professors have left the country in search of better positions while Israeli manufactured weapons and drones are being sold to Sudan. The question here is Israeli using their plans to split up all these countries in the region including Chad and Sudan?

Broke South Sudan spends millions on surveillance drones

Sudan’s university professors leave country to flee poverty

Sudan Denies Israeli Media Reports Netanyahu Prepares to Visit Khartoum

Four Horsemen of Oil – Sudan’s Oil Fields Stolen – Rothschild-Led Eight Banking Families – Sudan Cedes Its Border to the IMF/World Bank – ‘Idiocracy’


Israel and Jordan Heading for a Clash

Howard Jonas is friends with Rupert Murdoch and interestingly enough, the Christian-Zionist Pat Robertson:

Next Year In New York

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who is a Christian-Zionist has gone completely over the top. Is it any wonder he was selected to be the US Secretary of State. They must be laughing in the Israeli Knesset.

Pompeo: Perhaps Trump is, like Bible’s Esther, meant to save Jewish people from Iran

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