General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout – Chapter 21

Chips Links Pedophile Holmes to Libor Fast and Furious
Sam Cam’s Thomson Reuters Snuff-Film Script and the London Underground Bomb

In the last chapter, Chips had seen three red flashes on his Clipper Squirt Gun. He now knew ‘the ‘gator was dead’ and offenders number one and three – Thunder Thighs and the Squatter – needed to rationalize disarmament of America before 14 August, 2012. Agent Chips stuffs his junk after a Marine Corps shower. He hears the jet’s three engines, Canadian PWC 300s, roll back to idle as directed by weapon 5 of the Strangler’s Suite of illegal mods first promulgated by Abel Danger on 11 /12 / 2006. Agents 80W and Bean pour preflight cocktails. Switch Blade confirms with the Marine Osprey that the 6 man kill team is in the pressurized cargo bays. Chips places the salmon colored three by five cards, plural, in his breast pocket which reminded him of why he like debriefing Ginger Cookie so often. He notices her handwritten addendum. He fails to notice the brief title Lawsuit Against Intell Employees. Chips wonders when Rupert would recognize the Redhead for what she was and what she did. What an ingrate. Operation PANDERER Agent Blueberry Tart sends Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips “We have word from Denver that Holmes was an entrapped and extorted pedophile. We have this post ready to send as your jet reaches 52N/30W. “United States Marine Field McConnell has linked HSBC’s ‘equitable sharing’ of Libor profits with his sister’s use of the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund to procure guns found at a crime scene associated with the Fast and Furious contract hit of ATF whistleblower Brian Terry. I include picture of my sister and I working at rave next to the Special Forces Club. Agent Blueberry Tart.” Chips listens to a sax while delivering a similar word in time with the pounding drum. Ginger Cookie has her eyes closed. Once again Agent Chips’ proboscis which had been saved from melanoma by Ginger’s enormous fun bags helps to sniff things out. Agents Bean and Ginger Cookie attends to post coital Abel Danger protocols. They both see the AQWF-27T omni globe start its warm up BIT (built in test) Check. The image of Agent Hamish appears with an incoming supporting Clipper for all players in Operations PANDERER/Spade Flush. “Good evening players in Panderer and Spade Flush as well as guilty parties being given FAIR WARNING. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Thomson Reuters Foundation to Samantha Cameron’s extorted husband and his/her alleged development of a Carlton Communications snuff-film script – apparently financed by Reuter’s Libor-panel banks – for the London Underground bombing of July 7, 2005. I hope that it is not wasted upon anyone that 9/11, 7/7 and the Aurora Shootings were all exercises that went live. Standby now for the status update as your Falcon 7X is three minutes from………” Suddenly a bright blue flash enveloped the jet as everything went dark and the engines went silence as the airframe was heavily buffeted. A pair of friendly SU-47 jets do a cross turn level behind the Falcon to engage what Dwarf reports to be four British Tornadoes thus protecting their future Sukhoi Superjet Demonstration Pilot from the evil deeds of a nervous cabal centered in Chicago, paid for in City of London, and lied to from Vatican City. The two black switchblades engage the hapless victims of the Cameron-Sarhozy treason. Agent Bean, Ginger Cookie and 80W all gush “Switch, pile driver, side oiler, quickie authorized” to create quite a dilemma for Our Man Chips.

Attention Hillary-Holder-Soetoros-Marcy-(redacted): Fair Warning regards 14 August:


In our last chapter, Chips had seen three red flashes on his Clipper Squirt Gun indicating that ‘the gator was dead’ and he knew what that meant for the Romney Campaign, the LIBOR fraud ( which was wrapping it’s Octopi tentacles around some ‘no gender’ HSBC honchos) and Bombardier Aircrap which saw that the world’s biggest airline was ‘shitcanning’ the CRJ50s as well it should. He also knew the global cabal perps realized they were hacked and identified. He understood that offenders number one and three, Thunder Thighs and the Squatter, needed to rationalize disarmament of America before 14 August, 2012, or Hillary’s October Surprise would be ‘too little, too late’.

As he harked back to Operation Hunter’s Field where manly FIELD HUNTING attire was modeled, he saw his Clipper Squirt Gun flash four times in red as a FLASH CLIPPER came in from Courtly Stonewall who was monitoring the Denver-Atlanta axis of fissure . Unfortunately it came at the same time as a ‘switch’ call from Atomic Betty so Chips was obligated to please the lady and place the gentleman ‘in queue’.

“Chips, pile driving, jackhammer, bonecrushing auto straddle, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer, capeche?” As the lady reached over and selected C6, C30 he knew he had to pace himself to last the half hour remaining before the ‘ten minute call’ out of Andrews AFB near Clinton, I say again, Clinton, Maryland which is not home to the breastless fat drone launching misfit with a missing Weiner. As the Motor City madman reprised his hit from the summer of ’67 when Chips reported to Annapolis and Barry Soetoro was dreaming of identifying the donor of his male DNA and Romney was planning to take advantage of a Mormon missionary trip to Paris, where he would be ‘served’ by a houseboy named Pardo not to be confused with Barry Soetoro’s cross dressing Indonesian nanny named Turdi, to avoid service in Vietnam, Atomic Betty really got into her groove. She was not alone as our affable yet never flappable Agent Chips was also getting into her groove as suggested by Marvin Gaye’s lyric “If the music moves ya’ let me groove ya’, capeche?

Spade Flush mole Buck E. Badger Immediate Clipper to Umbrellaman, Global Hammer Courtly Stonewall and all players in Operation PANDERER and SPADE FLUSH, copy Agent 80W: US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has apparently survived an assassination attempt on her life in Israel. News site al-Alarm reports a possible shooting at a convoy of cattle cars carrying the bovine-esque Hillary Clinton by armed persons in a white Citroen, like the one Bain Vietnam draft dodger Romney crashed in Paris while avoiding service to America while being serviced by Pardo,, whilst she traveled to Jerusalem in a recent visit to Israel. The unconfirmed shooting may or may not have been a direct attack on Clinton herself or a random act of cowardly terrorism upon the motorcade as opposed to the uncowardly act of using drones to blow civilians to bits in Pakistan the use of which is endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself. The mainstream press have not as yet reported this supposed attempt on the wife to the former President of the United States. As America and Israel prepare for war with Iran and possibly Syria (which will probably drag in Russia and China on the Iranian/Syrian side), the security surrounding public figures and the public is at its highest level yet as has been demonstrated by the complete professionalism surrounding the security at the Olympic games where illegal immigrants and conscripted welfare recipients are allegedly working as private security guards for the games. Suggest that Global Hammer release the July 20th missive from Agent Chips within the hour if David Johnston’s OPP leaker doesn’t deliver and have it in the Ontario press before Monday, 23 July, 2012. Perhaps consider this first line: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Hillary Clinton’s alleged same-sex stalker Anna Chapman to a Cattlegate-Libor fund apparently used by Thomson Reuters’ insiders to finance the London Underground bombings of July 7, 2005. Romney Bain Obama Clinton Sidley Austin are a nice kettle of fish. Buck E. Badger, Cairo Academi

Agent Atomic Betty started to ‘clamp down’ indicating the ‘auto-straddle’ mission was nearing climax so to ensure he didn’t fire the first shot, Agent Chips pictured Thunder Thighs official cheesy photo and smiled to himself as he recalled that her official photos never showed her girthliness as she was always photographed from the waist up and if you are familiar with her accoutrements you might right suggest it show be ‘waste’ up as she is the opposite of a stuffed shirt. Abel Danger recruiting does not accept 32A applicants to become Dangerettes, capeche? He mentally reviewed a ‘fatso’ shot which he had to immediately dismiss as Atomic Betty fired off a rapid four blast burst. Ever the gentleman Agent Chips returned volley with a batch of Smoked Oysters that would ensure Chicken of the Sea would not be reducing capacity or laying off staff as long as he was involved in Global Security Issues. As Atomic Betty collapsed into a petite heap of quivering and well knockered Canadian woman, Chips noticed a Priority Clipper come into his Clipper Squirt Gun. He handed his fellow security probee four NAPAWASHs as he rolled over to concentrate on the Clipper and allow the lady some privacy for the ‘after action’ protocol.

Spade Flush Agent MacCheese Priority Clipper to all players in SPADE FLUSH, copy Agent 80W and Switchblade Cross: Upon arrival at KADW expect Ginger Cookie, Agents Bean, 80W and Switchblade Cross to augment the deployment package as well as a six man team from Little Creek.. It looks increasingly likely that venues will be shrunk due to proliferation of threat details for dockyards and 02 arena. GrapeS security conscripts are no showing realizing that they are designed to be ‘minimum wage fodder’. 8 nations now considering boycott. Switchblade Cross and Chips will be given Letter of Marque and Reprisal based on these facts: In 1775, the colonists of America declared their independence from Great Britain, and subsequently won their freedom by the American Revolution. Although they achieved political freedom, financial independence proved to be a more difficult matter. In 1791 Alexander Hamilton, at the behest of European bankers, formed the first Bank of the United States, a central bank with much the same powers as the Bank of England. The foreign influences behind this bank, more than a century later, were able to get the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, giving them at last the central bank of issue for the United States economy. Pentagon White Hats have found one loyal congressman and she has signed the letters of Marque and Reprisal for $51T which represents the entire US debt trebled due RICO. On arrival London Metro proceed to (redacted) to deliver the Letters to Crown representatives at the Special Forces Club. Agent Sierra Romeo has been alerted by Mensa Max of Phoenix Biltmore Field Office/460th EYE in the SKY.. Coded message to Chips, if you see a 1927 Humber parked by front of Special Forces Club, don’t open the rumble seat. Complete financial briefing attached here: In event of chicanery at Andrews, Baltimore Martin or Marine Quantico suitable alternates. MacCheese, Huntsville.

Agent Chips was stuffing his junk after a Marine Corps shower and he heard the jet’s three engines, PWC 300s built in Canada, roll back to idle as directed by FADEC which is weapon 5 of the Strangler’s Suite of illegal aircraft modifications first promulgated by Abel Danger on 11 December, 2006. Since that date ALPA Presidents, Security and Legal have been aware all glass cockpit airliners are effectively droned. He looked over to Atomic Betty who was having difficulty stowing her ample bounty into her Pastel Mint Green ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ so Agent Chips, ever the doting gentleman, approached her from behind to provide ‘lift and separate’ support allowing her to properly secure her fun bags. As she finished snapping the front load bearing clips, she gave him a quick unobserved TI check and found him at 98%, and increasing. Chips felt the deployment of the speed brakes and as Atomic Betty was fully clad now, he opened the CRF door and the recently serviced consensual heterosexuals went forward to say goodbye to Agent Fanny Galore and check status with Rooster Cogburn and Agent Pastel Orchid, his main squeeze. As Chips and Atomic Betty sat at the conference table with Rooster and Orchid, up front Agent Stone could sense the proximity of another aircraft and found it odd that the TCAS had not warned him of the intruders. Any student of ‘false flag aviation hits’ would be quick to recall that the fourth failure on Air France 447 was 34 43/06, a TCAS ‘fault’ where a TCAS ‘alert’ should have been as the offending Bombardier regional jet closed in for the ‘electronic kill’.

A quick IM to Agent Dwarf indicated that the plane in close proximity was a Russian ‘friendly’ flow by a pair of TU-95 ‘Bear pilots’. Rooster saw the result also and quickly briefed Chips as the landing gear was dropped just outside the marker for runway 01L at Andrews AFB.

As Orchid gave Chips a miniature 8 ounce CSM and Atomic Betty a Barrelita Cuba Libre, Rooster updated Agent Chips.

“Chips and Atomic Betty, Great Britain, while waning in political and military power, today exercises the world’s greatest, and most evil, financial power but it knows it is losing it’s grip due to sloppy work with LIBOR’s ‘sweet sixteen’ and the queers at HSBC. It is for this reason that London’s status as the financial center of the world in the time frame 12 September, 2001 until Hillary’s October Surprise is now threatened. England’s only industries worthy of mention are FIT; fear, insurance, terrorism. That is what occurred on 9/11; engineered terror creating fear yet enriching Wells Fargo et. al. with insurance. That is all converging, again, as the Olympics may get cancelled, certainly downsized due to poor ticket sales, patsied private security misfits, and legitimate safety concerns shared by Russia, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and the eighth nation that wishes not to be identified by Abel Danger until 14 August, 2012. For the last 27 miles a pair of Russian aircrew have been in fighting wing with this Falcon 7x to defend us as we passed over Clinton, Maryland. They have been comm-jamming, spoofing, laying chaff and provided an EMF shelter from the thirty mile radius. If you look out the port side, right down the leading edge, you may see them go bright and steady as we roll onto runway zero one left. The Russians appreciate our contributions to the Sukhoi Superjet and Bombardier CS100 CS300 trainwreck revelation shared with the Military Attaches of the Russian Embassy at Arlington Cemetery at 1222/28Jun12. China appears to be threatening Canada with the revelation of what went on when Muhammed al-Zaibek represented Canada in the meetings in February, 2001, and it relates to Andrew Saxtons, plural, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Radarsat , Stephen Harper and an ‘odd couple’ fingered by Glamourboy. Regarding Clinton, Maryland just south of Andrews, Agent 80W will be augmenting us for the trans-lant. Bottoms up!”

Rahim Jaffer sought secret info about Canadian satellite technology: court documents

“Ginger Cookie, Bean and Switchblade Cross, Global Hammer MacCheese is augmenting Operation SPADE FLUSH as we four join Chips and Atomic Betty aboard the Falcon 7X that is approaching us now. I have a standard ADBG to share aboard the flight but take a good look at this picture. We have a pair of 24 year old ‘Cornell Girls’ who may join Chips and his PWA when he meets Sierra Romeo at the Special Forces Club in London. The twins are intelligent and beautiful girls but you will never seem them both at once. And they both go by the same name, Agent Blueberry Tart, to induce their targets into thinking there is only one of them. Despite their intelligence and beauty, they favor older men especially those involved in global espionage or deep security probes. They are both in the picture you see before you although unless you know where to look you will only see the one in the red shift with white piping and a royal blue FCT under the shift. More aboard the Falcon. Let’s go.”

The Falcon 7X taxied up to a yellow fuel truck that had JP5 written on the side. The left engine was shutdown and the forward left door opened. Agent Fanny Galore walked to the front of the Falcon where an Agent Snowman collected her in a black sedan with Washington DC Diplomatic license plates. Agent Stone observed the plate number and ran it by a friend in intell work at the Drone squadron in Fargo which is not the unit that owns the domain name Keche Foundation is not the owner of that domain nor it’s parallel channel, .

The plates came back as assigned to an office at 2641 Tunlaw Road NW, Washington DC. Stone recalled that Kristine Marcy once lived at 4400 Tunlaw Road. He saw that the refueling was completed and turned to go to forward door to get the fuel slip.

The contract fueler was number 5 in line as Agents 80W, Bean, Ginger Cookie and Switchblade Cross climbed the stairs to settle into the cabin of the Falcon as the Snowman sped Agent Fanny Galore towards 1773 Generals Highway in Crownsville, Maryland to view security camera film of Gareth Williams and Field McConnell taken as they sat in booth #10 with two females from Fort Meade, 7240 Parkway Drive, Suite 260, Hanover, MD 21076 to be precise, during early summer of 2010. They had visited Field McConnell’s donated mascot goat, Bill XXXII, an Angora Buck who had led Navy Football to a 12-4 W/L record over Army and Air Force. Gareth had left a ‘time capsule’ if you will to be buried with Bill XXXII during the 2010 visit as the goat was getting old and his grave would be an excellent place to bury the details of the Bluffdale, Utah visit that addressed the Bountiful Bain Bonehead. It was the next year, 2011, that the ‘old goat’ went on to greener pastures, not to be confused with Hillary the Hag or same sex co-defendants.

Gareth and Agent Chips had discussed the history of the Naval Academy Dairy, the identities of Bills 28-32, Mascot Goats of Navy Football, the reason the mascot had #71 on it’s jersey, and other interesting topics including random words like drone and snatch. Stone mentioned to his father that the Scottish Dangerette had been collected by the Russian Embassy, as expected. As Stone and Chips exchanged a few words Ginger Cookie showed them a photo of the 24 year old twins. Father and son both experienced TI spikes to which the sage 62 year old thong slinger extraordinaire and emerging drone snatcher, see , suggested they both picture a childless couple who are having a nursery built in their love nest.

(c) Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete either of these offenses.

Punitive Articles of the UCMJ Article 120—Rape and carnal knowledge

Agent Chips, realizing that his TI was a paltry 89% and insufficient to complete the act according to UCMJ guidelines (c), thought back to a summer day in 2011 when he had been provided shade by Ginger Cookie to ensure he didn’t develop skin cancer on his proboscis. Agent Ginger Cookie had oft opined she preferred a shady nose to a runny nose and never objected when Agent Chips stuck his nose in her business in the interest of security of the United States and a revelation of the link between Hillary and Soetoro’s 27 July, 2012 NATO Gun deal and the arranged massacre of movie goers by a pawn of the NWO goons who probably didn’t realize that not only does Marine Intelligence have office space at Buckley ANGB but that Marine Cryptology does as well. Stunned perpetrators in Canada, City of London, Vatican City, Urumqui, China and (redacted) are learning that when one comes to the corner of Marine Intelligence and Marine Cyber Security one is very close to Plum City, Wisconsin not far from the VLF transmitter site at Clam Lake, Wisconsin where 10 Abel Danger Agents will be gathering to DEBRIEF Operation Spade Flush within 30 days of the removal of the Squatter and Thunder Thighs. That window of opportunity appears to be in time frame 14 August, 2012 to 14 October, 2012 and is assigned random Abel Danger Operation working name HILLARY’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, capeche?

Please take a tour of the Abel Danger Debrief facility while I continue to expose the Cabal.

As the Marines at Buckley continue to get FIELD reports from the Marine hacking the Mormon and the Muslim, it is being considered that the event on 20 July, 2012 was a drill to condition dumbed down citizens to think that large scale assaults may occur somewhere else in America. Recall that when Congressman Gabrielle Giffords was shot, by a lone gunman ala 22Nov63 ala 20Jul12, it is such that one wonders how many ‘lone gunman’ details CIA, SAS and Academi have available. Our Clam Lake, Boulder and Plum City Marines may be posting a THREAT WINDOW for Washington DC if it is determined that our cyber defense of the Pelindaba option for London Olympics were to move west to a random location where a lot of government records and poor black people live. Washington DC comes to mind. Then perhaps the seat of the Crown’s colonial government could follow the seat of controlled intelligence, CIA ( Crown In America ) out west to Denver prior to the erasing of the 49th parallel and subsequent renaming of North America East, capitol of Atlanta, and North America West, capitol of Denver which mirrors FEMME COMP Inc offices in Chantilly and Colorado Springs. Sidebar to forensics economists, Dangerettes and awake Americans. Did you know Femme Comp Inc’s third campus is at Fort Meade, Maryland? Now recall where the two females with Gareth and Field at the Rams Head Roadhouse worked. As Agent Chips mentally recalled Operation KNOCKERSHADE, both his turgidity and his self esteem were restored to full battle strength, a condition Agent Ginger Cookie had confirmed as she gave him a quick TI while herself starting to suds like a Maytag as the Dangerette born in July and the Abel Body born in October got that “same old feeling”.


Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

As Agents 80W and Bean poured preflight cocktails, Switch Blade confirmed with the Marine Osprey that the 6 man kill team was in the pressurized cargo bays as Ginger Cookie handed Chips a printed message indicating a proposed update briefing to take place with Courtly Stonewall in Plum City as soon as N007HT exited W386A airspace enroute to 52N30W. Chips placed the salmon colored three by five cards, plural, in his breast pocket which reminded him of why he like debriefing Ginger Cookie so often. He noticed her handwritten addendum, aft CRF ATO+18, so he was aware that they would be boning up on intel issues eighteen minutes after takeoff. He failed to notice the brief title Lawsuit Against Intell Employees as he was distracted by a photo Agent 80W had slipped him when she delivered a 32 ounce CSM with two stuffed Queens. Chips deduced that 80W was desiring to brief him on the upcoming meeting with Agent Sierra Romeo which would detail how the Murdoch empire had been penetrated, I say again, penetrated by the organization linked at and their observations relating to Turkmenistan, pipelines and Israeli businessmen with surnames beginning with M, capeche? Chips wondered to himself when Rupert would recognize the Redhead for what she was and what she did. What an ingrate.

The forward boarding door was closed and locked and Chips could hear the ignitors of the left PWC engine as FADEC added fuel to the autostart. He took a seat next to Ginger Cookie which was directly across the table from 80W and Bean. He noticed that he had not seen Atomic Betty since Fanny Galore had deplaned and then noticed a Pastel Mint Green handkerchief draped over the forward CRF door. His TI elevated 7% as his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong resisted with increasing tensile strength. As the Falcon 7X with the odd S-duct center engine taxied out for departure from Runway 01L, he pulled out the briefing notes on salmon colored index cards.

SPADE FLUSH Agent Margarita Ville addendum to upcoming Abel Danger Briefing: All players in Operation SPADE FLUSH be aware that the first of the 5 lawsuits has been settled. According to the Intelligencer news story published 22 July, 2012, a “$1.2m (million) dollar civil lawsuit filed against two editorial employees at the Intelligencer newspaper has been settled out of court. The suit was filed by Trenton man, Gerald Brummell, in January of 2011. The Statement of Claim alleged libel and invasion of privacy, among other things. The Claim revolved around news coverage of a trial Gerald Brummell had been involved in regarding property charges laid against him by the OPP. The details of the settlement cannot be revealed by either side, but Brummell has agreed that the settlement does NOT imply guilt, and a lawyer for Sun Media says the agreement does NOT imply liability. Both sides say they are happy with the settlement. Gerald Brummell still has a $100m (million) lawsuit against the Crown and more than 30 OPP officers before the courts.” Stand by for four follow on suits as David Johnston, Glamour Boy and Fantino try and cover some bloody and DNA rich tracks that led from Jessica Lloyd’s house to Russell Williams’ garage then to Russell’s neighbor Larry’s shop and this den of evil, Belleville United of OPP/FIS, where one or more of the 30 OPP persons may, or may not have beem assigned doing thinks like doctoring photos, delaying the ID of DNA, you know, typical political posturing in hopes of getting a fat job in a Ministry. Or losing DNA. Or protecting Mary Elizabeth Harriman or the contents of Russell Williams’ lap top, which was a treasure trove of pedophile images that rivaled the Pentagon’s. MV, Clam Lake.

Lawsuit against Intell employees settled

Pellerin-Fantino-Williams-Harriman DNA stash

Chips and the girls could sense the added thrust, I say again, thrust as the 3 engines pushing Falcon 7X N007HT launched the crew from Andrews AFB, destination RAF Northolt where in 2001 the Bin Lade Mideast Net Jet group had been patsied. An irregular ‘beat’, or vibration, occurred immediately after rotation, whereupon Ginger gave Chips a TI check and Pastel Battle Standards in Pastel Jade Green and Pastel Turquoise were made evident to Chips as if to say all three Agents were volunteering for inflight security debriefings. Chips reached for an 18 ounce tin of Smoked Oysters as a Clipper came into his Squirt Gun.

Operation PANDERER Comm Chief Courtly Stonewall Immediate JASPAR to players in SPADE FLUSH/PANDERER/Cross Country, copy Sierra Romeo: Chips et. al., I see from you ACARS that your ATO time was on schedule. As Saturday night gives way to Sunday Morning Coming Down be aware that two of the three countries pressured have caved. OPP is quivering at the $100M lawsuit that follows the $1.2M and have signaled a settlement. Louis Freeh’s ‘too little, too late’ action in attempt to lay all the blame at the feet of Paterno will result in his statute being removed and record sanctions against those who have played in the ill-named BEAVER STADIUM. Sandusky, Paterno and (redacted) are being thrown under the bus in hopes of keeping the investigation into pedophilia from fingering the current white house and the 1989 white house as well as the pedo-pipeline operated from Boy’s Town to DC and the Global network of 134 SOS-Children’s Villages and how they relate to Obamas’/Chicago and Romney BC-Bountiful-Texas Tuna Trail. Expect more scrutiny of Fast and Furious and the Keystone State Pedophile network that caused Santorum’s early exit in the same fashion that a simple google of [ McCain-Pawlenty-Treason-McConnell ] caused ‘little Timmy’ to fold his tent in August, 2011. Fair journies, Courtly. PS, both Studs at the ready.

As the nose landing gear door closed the vibration faded and both Agents Bean and 80W struck more lady like postures much to the dismay of Agent Chips who was not totally abandoned as Ginger continued her TI status check and applied a technique to enhance the results. The ‘Seat Belt’ sign went off whereupon Ginger Cookie mentioned to the other three “I’m tired” and made a bee line for the aft CRF after leaving Chips a handwritten “TO + 18, SYGADYL”. Chips’ forward unit engorged as Agent Switchblade Cross climbed up from the pressurized cargo bay to brief Chips.

“Chips, the team is ready for any mayhem we might encounter. Assuming we get to RAF Northolt the team will standby. If we have to divert or land short they will have defensive perimeter set within 15 seconds of ‘parking break set’. The intel SEAL had an update from Little Creek indicating some FEMME COMP and Old Gallows Queers were starting to talk. HSBC is being fed to the wolves in a vain attempt to protect Wells Fargo and the two Bain and Sidley candidates. Upon arrival at Northolt, one of the Cornell Twins will be posing as a waitress at the Special Forces Club. She will be wearing a bustier the same color as you purple limo. She will not speak to you unless you initiate but if she places a BLOODY MARY on the table of any party you will know that that is where our friends from GHCQ and Merseyside are sitting. Umbrellaman has authorized FULL VOLUME/NO SQUELCH and Pentagon White Hats concur with the August 14 time frame. We will get an update at 52N/30W or before if conditions change. Global Hammer MacCheese has dialed up Full Combat Thongs for all players. Questions?” Switchblade handed Chips a SMEAC with ST6 on the plastic cover.

“Negative” responded the laconic and turgid Agent Chips as he was given a second glimpse of Pastel Jade Green he reviewed the 5 paragraph mission order. Pastel Orchid appeared from the forward galley with a quart of Jack Daniels and a dirty glass. She placed it in front of Switchblade Cross who was a rare individual who became vastly more productive when ingesting copious dosage units of liquid courage.

“Chips, one more thing” added Switchblade Cross as his first gulp of bourbon warmed his vocal chords “the intel guys in Little Creek indicated that our no squelch cyber warfare staffed entirely by practicing heterosexuals is turning the tide. Now at HSBC not only is Senator Levin suggesting to the ‘bagmen’ including Bagley that they fire some perverters of justice, see also perverts, but that the recent behavior of HSBC is based on a pattern existing back to 1908 when the British Banking Association conspired to force a Federal Reserve and was willing to sink a big ship to silence those who opposed the Federal Reserve. As the male bankers at HSBC ‘turn out the dogs’ perhaps the dogs of war, i.e. Devil Dogs, i.e. Marines, will continue to expose Hillary-Soetoro-Roberts-Marcy and (redacted) as the architects of post Constitution America, a plan which will fail as new gallows are planned for Old Gallows Road. Would you like a full briefing on how this group incited the Russo-Jap war, the sinking of the Titanic and the putting at risk the Louisatania which killed 139 Americans which allowed US to enter WWI and lose a million or so more. Before you answer see the video WHO LET THE DOGS OUT and please note at 3:09 the spelling of EWE?”

“Switchblade, not at this time. I just got a Clipper from the Cornell Twins and I must respond. Please ensure that Hamish has the briefing. He is on secondment to Dunsblane ensuring Mrs. Clegg has Roger Hayes released before the Abel Danger deadline set to ensure he was ‘out’ before the ‘Dunstable Deadline’ but will be joining me at the Special Forces club. By the time we land at Northolt we will have determined if David has nuts or if Mrs. Clegg has his nuts”.

by: Agent Chips

As Chips finished speaking Atomic Betty emerged from the forward CRF and told Chips that she also had an incoming from the Cornell Twins. Chips and Atomic Betty sat and reviewed the message while Agent Bean repaired to the forward CRF and draped a Pastel Jade Green kerchief of the door handle, then closed and left unlocked the door.

Mitt Romney: Panderer-in-chief

Operation PANDERER Agent Blueberry Tart Immediate JASPAR to Agents Chips, Hamish, Sierra Romeo, Bean, 80W and Ginger Cookie, copy Atomic Betty: We have word in now from Denver that indicates that Holmes was an entrapped and extorted pedophile who had studied where the focus of the program is was on training outstanding neuroscientists and academicians who will make significant contributions to neurobiology according to his university. When I say Denver, think Buckley Marines. The doctoral program usually takes five or more years and we have this post ready to send as your jet reaches 52N/30W. “United States Marine Field McConnell has linked HSBC’s ‘equitable sharing’ of Libor profits with his sister Kristine Marcy’s, alleged use of the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund to procure guns found at a crime scene associated with the Fast and Furiouscontract hit of ATF whistleblower Brian Terry.” In the post shall we reveal the communications between Abel Danger and the parents of Brian Terry. Kent and Josephine Terry’s accusation regarding to Obama Administration is accurate in claiming they are not getting the full truth. The full truth would immediately remove Hillary-Marcy-Holder-Obama and POI-five. We are also aware that the parents of Holmes confirm he worked as a cabin counselor to underprivileged children at a summer camp in Los Angeles in 2008. In a statement, Camp Max Straus confirmed Holmes had worked there for eight weeks. The camp provided no other detail about Holmes but said such counselors are generally responsible for the care and guidance of roughly 10 children who are willing to drop their pants. Neighbours and former classmates in California said although Holmes was whip-smart, he was a loner who said little and was easily forgotten — until this week when he was patsied as the lone gunman, see also Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh and John Wilkes Booth. Mary Muscari, a criminology professor at Regis University in Denver who studies mass killings, said she was not surprised Holmes was studying neuroscience and mental disorders.” I have included the picture of my sister and I working at a rave next to the Special Forces Club. Agent Blueberry Tart.

Chips had just consumed the message when he felt the FADEC roll back the 3 PWC engines. He noticed lightning flashes and he thought back to Air France 447, an incident where an offending Bombardier RJ caused a TCAS Fault as the number 4 straw in a pile that eventually broke the camels back. He thought of how Agent Bean’s signature climax moan always reminded him of Maria Muldaur’s comment “and you won’t need a camel when I take you for a ride”. He dialed his own Clipper and it rang right away, providing him an exit strategy such as we don’t have for Afghanistan.

“Switchblade, I have just be summonsed to a FLASH BRIEFING in the forward CRF. Can you please advise to cockpit, I say again, COCK pit as well as the aft CRF? I will be back before the update at 52N/30W.”

Switchblade Cross gave Chips a tin of Smoked Oysters, a 3 tab gel cap of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and a knowing sideways grin, as per Abel Danger pre engagement protocols. Chips ambulated in an erect fashion to the forward CRF where he took the kerchief in Pastel Jade Green with him as her entered the room, closed and latched the door and laid the kerchief on top of a match FCT and 44D bustier, both in Pastel Jade Green. Warm and knowing hands removed his lower items as Agent Chips remove his Aloha shirt while downing the oysters and EOPs in one gulp. Agent Bean sampled his TI and found it sufficient but not of tungsten proportion so she hand Chips her Clipper Medical Bag with a message displayed while she went south to provide a viscous solution.

“Agent Bean, if you are debriefed by Agent Chips please ensure he sees this FYEO message regarding a perfect tri-fecta, or more, we anticipate will be achieved this weekend, 20-22 July. The Cabal is caving. We believe that HSBC males will finger HSBC dogs, we believe the Crown Court will proffer a settlement in the Trenton, Ontario lawsuit, we believe that Manchester Court will be forced by Miriam Clegg to honor the Abel Danger demand that Roger Hayes be released prior to 21 July or an Abel Danger principal would speak at Dunstable we also believe they will rationalize the early release as routine procedure on weekends. In addition to these three surrenders by the Crown we anticipate that the IMF will start to crumble and the FBI and Attorney general will be expose for their May 17th warning regarding a threater attack copied on the blueprints of Oswald-McVeigh-Giffords as Holder-Obama-Roberts-Marcy-(redacted) see the writing on the wall. Notice the week prior a senior citizen with a concealed carry handgun allowed no victims at the Palms Internet Café in Ocala, Florida. These just in from the Buckley Boys:

HOLDUP AT PALMS INTERNET CAFE – A patron shoots two robbers at Palms Internet Cafe on July 13, 2012.


UK Column Live – 23rd July 2012 – Interview With Roger Hayes

FBI Issued warning of Terrorist Shooting attack on Crowded THEATRES back in May 2012- Then attempted to remove it

According to Courtly Stonewall’s twin at Buckley, FBI Issued warning of Terrorist Shooting attack on Crowded THEATRES back on 17 May 2012 then attempted to remove it after FBI Agents Donald Schetleben and Stephen Ivens’s shared intel exposed the false flag theater plan prompting Marcy and Holder, who jointly control USDOJ, to try and remove, conceal and suppress the May 17th notice after the botched Aurora ‘stageplay’ of a lone gunman. The PDF file is all over Facebook and getting coverage. What ever happened to Stephen Ivens? He has been completely forgotten and has probably been killed silencing him while Donald S. is held on trumped up pedophilia charges. Louis Freeh knows that the Paterno results will not satisfy those wishing to expose both Obamas, plural, and the Mormon known as Mittens as it relates to Bountiful Pedophile activity in SOS-CV ‘outlets including The Chicago Mattress factory and Bountiful BC or is it Bountiful, Utah. The dominoes are falling. Expect ‘blowback’ from the ‘dogs’ as the HSBC ‘Brit Boys’ finger them good.”

Chips had just finished reading when he heard climb power applied by FADEC and Agent Bean came off the all day sucker project and started kissing her way back up north. As their lips met, and their items touched, Chips smelled two confusing scents as it appeared a third body was now in the mix. He opened one eye and determined that a Pastel Ginger Snap IOC was now on top of his Pastel Manly Mocha FCT, he reached for additional Smoked Oysters. Having his hands full and the air refueling probe, as it were, in the basket, he found another way to please Ginger Cookie as she placed her WMPOM JASPAR PDA next to his face. To keep his pleasure under control he started to picture a female sheep, a Black Miniature Southdown. Of course a female sheep is a EWE. Ginger Cookie selected C6 C +30 to limit Agent Bean’s playtime to 30 minutes as the 1979 killer hit from the Babys set a faster pace than Agent Bean would have desired if national security wasn’t in the balance. Chips felt Bean understood and considered that maybe he was wrong not knowing how their love would go.

Chips heard Agent Bean whisper in his good ear “Bone crushing, pile driver, quickie authorized” whereupon Agent Chips honored the lady both in speed and power, a delicate balancing act as Bean autodilated down to ‘full engagement circumferance’. Chips found the pleasure so immense he needed to think of the DHS liar whose last failed performance was in Arizona. As the two female singers helped John Waite finish off the song in under four minutes, he finished off Bean four seconds after she fired the first shot.

To allow Agent Ginger Cookie equal time, Chips reclined which encourage Ginger Cookie to prepare the instrument as he was watched a short video of two movie goers who were thankful not to become victims of Holder/Hillary/Marcy’s LAST GASP.

Colorado theater shootings: Survivors tell stories of terror

Chips felt Ginger Cookie come off the target and as the video was completed, he attended to her righteous desires as he once again found his fellow agent to be in a condition that allowed the AstroGlide seal to remain unbroken. Ginger Cookie murmured “It’s just like heaven, being here with you, you’re like an angel, too good to be true” as her heart skipped a beat while she was not standing on her own two feet. Agent Bean was quick to bring her melons to bear as she mashed them into Agent Chips’ broad back mounting, not to be confused with BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN, a part of the UN’s strategy to queer up a dumbed down America. Fact chance you PFers.

Chips was listening to the sax while delivering a similar word in time with the pounding drum. Ginger Cookie had her eyes closed and was thinking of a grown up version of LITTLE DRUMMER BOY as the drumstick achieved its purpose, over and over as a Skene’s gland conceived in 1952 and delivered in 1953 prepared to do its base function, code word clover. Chips could sense that Ginger Cookie was contracting into her prelaunch configuration as ‘top-knocker’ Bean, bottom knocker Ginger Cookie and very happy man in the middle here an Abel Danger knocker at the door. Once again Agent Chips proboscis which had been saved from melanoma by Ginger’s enormous fun bags helped sniff things out.

“It’s 80W, I can sense the faint trace of Shiner Bock wafting under the door”.

Agent Bean looked through the peephole as Agent Chips dealt with one also, moments later a Pastel Turquoise IOC was hoisted on the bed side lamp as a third nation was heard from.

Romney-Bain Linked to Organized Crime in UK

“Chips, Ginger and Bean. This just in from Belfast Brian in UK. Miriam Clegg has produced in both our conditions. Roger Hayes was released prior to our line in the sand and she has turned loose the British media on Bain/Romney as Spanish bonds exceed 7.5% which indicated Spain and Italy will join Greece, Ireland and Iceland in telling the IMF “AMF”, the A is for Adios and being a lady I cannot tell you what MF stands for but I assure you a Marine could and it is plural; for instance Adios My Friends, though it is much stronger. Further, in addition to Veterans Today and Prison Planet posting our intel, the UK Column Live News Show is planning on a pair of Abel Danger principles to appear live on 10 August or earlier if Hillary and Holder screw up any more such as the Aurora street theatre inside a theater not to be confused with ant-eater which is a man whose in not a helmet not to be confused with Helmut Kohl, Stone Kohl or the German French financial axis coming unglued as I speak. If you girls would move over and let rover take over I would authorize him a five minute quickie as we await the 52N/30W status update with a preamble by Agent Hamish who is now standing by to brief us as soon as Agent Chips blows oats, pardon my direct expression.”

Agents Bean and Ginger Cookie attended to post coital Abel Danger protocols while they both saw the AQWF-27T omni globe start its warm up BIT (built in test) Checks as the image of Agent Hamish was about to brief Wells Fargo, British Bankers Association, the Obama Campaign and SEC regarding the 1982 and 1984 creations that will results in further British Bank settlements and should signal the end of the Romney campaign. As 80W had authorized a ‘power quicky’ she and Chips both finished their business as simultaneously the face of Hamish and an incoming supporting Clipper from Stonewall and MacCheese at Global arrived at all players in Operations PANDERER/Spade Flush.

“Good evening players in Panderer and Spade Flush as well as guilty parties being given FAIR WARNING. Five minutes ago Abel Danger Global released a post including this lead paragraph . “Plum City – ( – July 23, 2012. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Thomson Reuters Foundation to Samantha Cameron’s extorted husband and his/her alleged development of a Carlton Communications snuff-film script – apparently financed by Reuter’s Libor-panel banks – for the London Underground bombing of July 7, 2005.” In the full message posted at 0000 GMT at Abel you will read this paragraph also. Ladies and gentlemen note that these protocols of 1982 preceeded the Bain agreement of 1984 linker to Marcy and Holder. This paragraph is key. “Peter Power on ITV News: 7/7 Vision at 20:20 A short while after his appearance on BBC Radio, at 20:20 on 7/7, Peter Power gave a television interview to ITV news which revealed a little more about the nature of the operation as well as hinting at the sort of organisations for whom the operation might have been organised: POWER: Today we were running an exercise for a company [allegedly scripted by Sam Cam’s husband for Thomson Reuters Libor panel banks and their sub-contractor at Carlton / ITV] – bearing in mind I’m now in the private sector – and we sat everybody down, in the city – 1,000 people involved in the whole organisation – but the crisis team. And the most peculiar thing was, we based our scenario on the simultaneous attacks on an underground and mainline station. So we had to suddenly switch an exercise from ‘fictional’ to ‘real’. And one of the first things is, get that bureau number, when you have a list of people missing, tell them. And it took a long time INTERVIEWER: Just to get this right, you were actually working today on an exercise that envisioned virtually this scenario?” I hope that it is not wasted upon anyone that 9/11, 7/7 and the Aurora Shootings were all exercises that went live. Standby now for the status update as your Falcon 7X is three minutes from………”

Suddenly a bright blue flash enveloped the jet as everything went dark and the engines went silence as the airframe was heavily buffeted. As Stone Kohl ensured thrust while trying to re-establish electrical power, a pair of friendly SU-47 jets did a cross turn level behind the Falcon to engage what Dwarf reported to be four British Tornadoes thus protecting their future Sukhoi Superjet Demonstration Pilot from the evil deeds of a nervous cabal centered in Chicago, paid for in City of London, and lied to from Vatican City.

As the two black switchblades engaged the hapless victims of the Cameron-Sarhozy treason, Agent Bean, Ginger Cookie and 80W all gushed “Switch, pile driver, side oiler, quickie authorized” which created quite a dilemma for Our Man Chips.

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