Gadget Bent – Shake Hands With The Devil by Field McConnell – Chapter Three

Gadget Bent

 Shake Hands With The Devil

by Field McConnell

Chapter Three

Way back in Chapter 1 the date was 27 February, 1991 and the chapter had ended with Agent Chips exposing the ongoing drug business that has kept the British Empire awash in cash, at least in the days before Abel Danger became capable of killing both the Octopus and the Vampire.

Exiting at 9th floor Chips led DICE by the hand, stopped at Room 911, scanned with his Clipper Squirt Gun, checked for Juicy Fruit and hair strands, put his key in the hole thinking of another project for later. Closing the door behind DICE he locked and bolted the door and noticed DICE turned down the king size bed. He was hoping to catch a glimpse but she cupped her ear and summonsed him to join her and whispered “stay dressed, they’re coming”. He joined her on her left side, closer the door. He reached under his pillow and drew his .357 as DICE positioned her 20 gauge coach gun, both chambers with turkey load, while they waited wondering what would come next, or who.

They both heard a key in the door, the door opened and the chain lock being extended to the max travel position. They heard two loud thuds and suddenly the lights in the Metropole flickered twice before the entire hotel went dark. Chips, ever the doting gentleman, checked her privates to ensure his co-agent had not been rendered androgynous such as the members of the Clinton and Bush Crime families as well as refuse such as Blair, Cameron, Heath and the balance of the UK Dolts who would years later murder Dr. David Kelly, Robin Cook and Christopher Shale to try and obfuscate the 1989 purloining of 6 nuke devices from Pelindaba, South Africa when the global elitists touting multiculturalism would have that discussion stop short of equal access to nuclear weapons. Interesting that the Brits and Israel couldn’t trust South Africa but they also had misplaced their trust in those Maggie Thatcher and her son entrusted the transfer to as three of the weapons were misappropriated and re-routed to Chicago which along with Montreal is a co-anus of North America.

Agent DICE turned on the tactical illuminator on her double barrel coach gun and illuminated the house phone so that Chips could see the red light was blinking indicating a message awaiting Chips, most likely, or Agent DICE, or both of them. Chips became erect and ambulated to the phone at the desk, seated himself and dialed 8 to retrieve the recorded message.

“Chips, hope you and DICE are OK, the goons from Porton Down are on the 9th floor and they intend to batter ram the door to 911 at 1911. NOTSO and I will have the equivalent of a Fulton Extractor outside your window at 1859, time now 1845, if you get this message please be ready with just one duffle each. The four of us are to redeploy to Crawley to await the package. Barry M. Hall.”

Chips looked at his $10 Walmart and saw the time was 1848 so he knew he had time for a quickie but resisted the temptation. DICE summonsed him to her side and whispered “Chips, it’s the right time of the night” which made him think of the Jennifer Warnes song from 1977 and his resignation from the Marine Corps as his intelligence network had arranged for him to fly ADC interceptor aircraft for the North Dakota Air National Guard.

Had Chips not left the Marine Corps and become an ‘air defender’ his future as an aviation whistleblower may never have occurred and he could have ended up as Colonel James Sabow USMC end up; a victim of the corrupted chain of command running the corporation of the united states as a slave colony to Mother England. It is believed the Aussies have a term POM but that is a question for Abel Danger Agents “down under” as there are a variety of explanations for the term POM most certainly meaning a Prisoner Of [her] Majesty as Australia was a penal colony for persons who had committed any of 19 Crimes in England.

Part of the reason for all this confusion is that there was for 140+ years there has been much doubt, much discussion and little agreement over the true origin of the expression, with various Oxford dictionaries, for example, continuing to say that there is no firm evidence for the pomegranate theory that would rationalize the term “pom” as meaning a fair skinned recent migrant from cloudy England having sunburn that might turn their ruddy face the color of a pomegranate when given a welcome to Oz sunburn. That origin was described by D H Lawrence in his Kangaroo of 1923, but, alas, we digress.

“DICE, there is nothing I’d rather do than tickle your tonsils however we are both to grab a duffle and be ready to be extracted at 1859. NOTSO and Barry are up on the roof and will get us up there and then via helo extract we will reposition to Crawley where we will meet ‘the package’. I will look out the window and see if they are rigged and ready, such as is my PTRC. What a pity to waste a stiffy. Ah, duty!”

Chips rolled over DICE, who appeared warm and willing, and became erect and ambulated to the window. Peering out into the inky darkness of an overcast night in wintertime Brighton he saw a rope had been draped past the window of his Room 911 and looking three floors below he saw Agent After Burner attaching DICE’s rucksack to the bronze clip on the rope. He checked his watch; 1853. He looked up to see a smiling Barry lowering a San Miguel Beer as a twin engine reciprocating engine powered aircraft flew over low, apparently trying to scud run the fog.

Chips could not be certain as he did not see the aircraft in question but it sounded like the type of airliner that in 1958 had killed a majority of those Busby Babes of Manchester United who though young, were very good at soccer or as those in UK might say, football. Don’t try selling that to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Chips grabbed the San Miguel, twisted off the cap, took a loading dose and looked again at his watch; 1857. He was summonsing DICE as the rucksack from the 6th floor had arrived with a handwritten note from After Burner: “Put on these Manchester United warm up suits, see you on the chopper, AB”.

Chips turned to see DICE wearing only her upper and lower IOCs as if she had a premonition we would be wearing matching outfits. In the rucksack also were two harnesses and the remainder of DICE’s luggage content. DICE and Chips put on their matching Manchester Limited warm-ups, helped each other into the harness and then DICE gave two tugs on the rope as Chips downed the remainder of his 12 ounce San Miguel barley pop. In response to DICE’s two tugs the rope lowered to where one clip was at window height and the other some three feet lower.

Agent Chips helped secure DICE’s torso harness to the upper clip and then gave NOTSO one tug. NOTSO cranked DICE up three feet so that at exactly 1859 Chips could secure his torso harness before giving NOTSO a thumbs up as he held both duffels in his right hand. NOTSO engaged the electric motor to lift his co-agents to the roof top as a PUMA AS332 stood off the south side of the Metropole.

Chips thought of the 1982 monster hit by the Alan Parsons Project and wondered if someday they would play an outdoor concert replete with a Eurocopter making a cameo appearance. He watched from below as DICE was stepping on to the roof and he lamented the fact that she was not wearing a skirt or dress.

Moments later he heard the sound of the electric winch that was elevating him to roof top level as Barry M. Hall was waving green wands at the PUMA directing the chopper to an area of the roof top clear of any antennas such as those that adorn most Marriott and Trump hotel rooftops. It is thought that the highest concentration of antennas per square foot exist on the roof of the Marriott Hotel in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, which once served as the Base Hospital for Ramey Air Force Base in the years 1939 to 1973.

For those with enquiring minds a Colonel Greider, MD, was the hospital commander from 1963 to 1968 and he had two lovely daughters not to be confused with Mrs. Brown who had a lovely daughter in England according to Peter Noone in his role as Herman of Herman’s Hermits a band second only to the Beatles in terms of pumping out the hits while a certain Abel Danger Agent was a member of the 72nd C4ISR Wing at Ramey Air Force Base during that interim.

Chips disconnected from the harness and rope assembly and as he joined DICE on the rooftop awaiting the arrival of the PUMA, he wondered if he and DICE would be considered guilty of some bull shit charges and deported to Australia if the helo extract and relocation to Crawley was not successful.

Chips pondered his legal future as he observed DICE from the stern aspect and Barry M. Hall stood in front of the PUMA with green wands crossed indicating for the HAC to hold his position while NOTSO helped DICE and then Chips into the passenger-cargo area before tossing two duffels and a rucksack in followed by two cases of San Miguel missing only one bottle. NOTSO climbed aboard, Barry gave the HAC a twirling signal with his right wand and then held up 3 fingers followed by a closed fist indicating that barring any subsequent signal from Barry, the HAC should lift off in 30 seconds.

Barry M. Hall was climbing in when the chopper lifted off early in response to an armed party arriving on the roof top. NOTSO and Chips grabbed Barry’s arms and secured him to the chopper while the HAC lifted up ever so slightly, turned towards the ocean and descended to wave top level to expedite their retreat from the Metropole.

As they settled at perhaps 6 feet MSL, a smattering of small arms rounds followed the chopper with no rounds striking their target or Barry who was keen to be drawn into the chopper knowing that there was 47 bottles of San Miguel inside the chopper and waitstaff service would probably be lacking on the skid of a chopper just 6 feet above the sea on a cold, dark and dank evening.

Once out of small arms range the HAC began a shallow right climbing turn into the overcast and set a course of 345 degrees magnetic, roughly direct to Crawley where the plan was to land either on the roof of the Arora International or the lawn of the Goff Manor House Pub where if done in a lights out manner no one would be able to interfere with the delivery of After Burner, Chips, DICE, NOTSO and Barry M. Hall. None of the 5 AD Agents in the chopper were aware of who the Hammer was but had been assured a Hammer would be with the package when the BRIGHTON 5 would arrive at the destination near Gatwick Airport.

The helo leveled off at 2500 feet MSL and made a direct course to the Crawley AoO, The fact that the helo was in cruise allowed NOTSO and Chips to drape a winch and harness out for Barry M. Hall to crawl into so the electric winch could lift hiS 308 pounds of graceful athleticism to floor level and then swing him into the passenger compartment of the chopper. Once inside the aircraft Barry M. Hall was thankful that After Burner was ready with a San Miguel beer bottle even if it was above the desired temperature of 42 degrees F. Chips never liked seeing a friend drinking alone so he accepted a San Miguel from DICE as After Burner passed one to NOTSO who was communicating with the advance party at Crawley regarding their current ETA of 1928 which was 2 minutes ahead of schedule.

NOTSO got an acknowledgment from MacCheese who signed as the Hammer for Operation LEMON SQUEEZE, an obvious bit of disinfo to confuse those who might oppose the current operation, Operation GADGET BENT, the title of which was in reference to the reality that the military leadership in the US and UK were both being corrupted in favor of civilian elements of both governments intent upon reducing the potency and war fighting capability of both countries forces.

GADGET BENT was also a term in military pilot talk indicating the radar of a participating aircraft was incapable of discriminating, finding or targeting and enemy asset or location. In this month of February, 1991 GADGET BENT also might allude to the fact that certain pedophile Nazi homosexuals had conspired to silence Colonel James Sabow USMC as he had inadvertently positioned himself to expose GHWB’s “oil and Kuwaiti Dinar reset” war which kicked off the very day Colonel Sabow was murdered according to certain experts including Gene Wheaton and Colonel Sabow’s PHANTOM WINGMAN.

NOTSO handed a Thales printout of the brief message to After Burner who, in turn, shared it with DICE, Chips and Barry M. Hall now on his third San Miguel. The four agents who read the message from the Crawley Hammer understood that assuming the 1928 ETA stood valid, they would be having drinks either at Goff Manor House or Morgan’s Lounge at the Arora depending on any other factions that might be hanging around those two watering holes thinking, wrongfully, that they could slow down the Abel Danger Truth Train. Fat chance or as Marines and SAS blokes might abbreviate, FFC.

Chips could feel the power reduced on the Super Puma so he knew that they must be beginning their initial descent into the Crawley AoO. He tapped Barry M. Hall on the left shoulder and held up a single digit, his left index finger, indicating he would like to share one more San Miguel before arrival at Crawley, regardless whether Goff Manor or Arora International. Barry M. complied and handed him a frosty San Miguel with the twist-off top removed.

The significance of that action was not wasted upon Chips who was being regaled with a view to the target area by Agent DICE who had been involved in lengthy briefings with Agent After Burner regarding their fathers Paddy Somers and Samuel Costello, formerly thought to be Samuel Freed before the revelation of certain classified plans of the UK MoD during the run up to the Soames-FADEC era where White’s Club betting on murders and assassinations would become so common that by 2003 Admiral John Poindexter would be taken out by his relationship to “death betting” although to be fair to the bespectacled dork named Poindexter he was simply betting on terrorists acts that were being sponsored by US CIA; a British branch in the US shadow government.

For those wishing to understand the Poindexter assassination perhaps a review of Robert Timberg’s woven tale of Annapolis graduates John TREASON McCain, Robert McFarlane, James Webb, Oliver North and John Poindexter might be in order. History may one day agree that the two most important works regarding the impact of the 5 Annapolis grads on the fabric of America in the 21st Century may be a pair of books written by Annapolis Marines.

Hoss and Stone, up in the flight deck, handed a single line message on a 4 by 6 salmon colored index card to the package of 5 in the back. “Goff Manor, 3 minutes, hover extract, LZ hot, lights out. Arora compromised. FESTUS channel 3”. Chips and the ladies reviewed the briefing before handing it to NOTSO and his younger 308 pound brother, Barry M. Hall, who in the late 80s had spent many a cheery moment at Spirits Bar in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also known as BEERTOWN and the subject of a song called ‘What Made Milwaukee Famous’ which was written by Lynn Anderson’s husband Glenn Sutton and recorded by a slew of artists beginning, in 1968, with Jerry Lee Lewis who along with Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich and Elvis prowled Sun Studio in Memphis while black acts were relegated to STAX Records in Soulsville, not far away in ‘another section’ of Memphis.

NOTSO grabbed another San Miguel as he checked his FESTUS radio ensuring it was on channel 3. Barry M. Hall had random thoughts of vertical leaps and 40 yard dash times but focused on his duties in providing grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillade FIELDS of fire should the “hot LZ” become too hot for comfort. He signaled After Burner to prepare her ITEM B in case they need to cause flash blindness among the opposing forces which may, or may not, be awaiting them.

Dispatch at MacDill had filed a flight plan terminating at the rooftop of the Arora International so all aboard the chopper were hoping the UK dolts took the bait and choked on it. Abel Danger was aware of the emerging threats of FADEC and BUAP but felt they had a good six months lead on the opposing forces in the United Kingdom who were intent on denying their own citizens the basic services and protections promised them by all policies going back to the Magna Carta; the effective Magna Carta not the first one, capeche?

Chips, DICE and After Burner saw the amber light illuminate above the opening to the flight deck and understood that they final approach was underway and that they should not interfere with Hoss and Stone in the right and left pilot seats respectively. After Burner was reading a short brief on Henry Kissinger’s 1974 plan to accomplish genocide using the food chain and she laughed at the slothful ineptitude of the round fat man who reminded her a lot of the “Dr Strangelove” character in the 1963 Stanley Kubrick movie that was delayed until 1964 due to the ill-timed assassination of JFK by a network including LBJ, GHWB and Clint Murchison, Sr. of Athens, Texas or a little piss-ant town 7 miles east of Athens where the Caplin Ranch was once the apple of Abel Danger‘s eye.

After Burner pointed at the red light that had been illuminated over the passageway to the flight deck. She chambered a round in her 40 caliber Glock as DICE put two rounds of ‘turkey load’ in her coach gun with the tactical illuminator. Chips and NOTSO placed 15 round mags in their Sig Sauer 9mm p-shooters as Barry M. Hall checked the 5 flash blindness grenades hanging from his bandoleer while polishing off his 4th San Miguel during the 27 minute flight from the Brighton Metropole where a confused hostess Maureen probably wondered what had become of the ‘package’ that was supposed to attend the 5pm-6pm airline hospitality hour where some bad actors involved in skullduggeries sponsored by Parton Down and Deepcut may have been deployed in a futile attempt to delay or derail the Abel Danger professionals.

The UK goons were hoping to keep a lid on the Brit input to the murder, on 22 January, 1991, of Colonel James Edward Sabow USMC who had as his PHANTOM WINGMAN an Abel Danger pro who shall remain nameless so Field McConnell, 583 099001 and USMC 0116513, 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin 54761 is not exposed to the dorks who clean up such details…when they can.

Those who authorized the murder of Colonel James Sabow USMC were not aware that when you fuck one Marine you become the target of all the other Marines. Ah, the significance of 23 May becomes evident, to those with keen vision.

The chopper was settling into a low hover above the back yard of Goff’s Manor House in Crawley when suddenly the entire sky lit up like London on Guy Fawkes day a scene from Apocalypse Now.

After Burner encouraged the ‘Package of 5’ to remain calm as she had read the Briefing Guide and she knew the source of the RING OF FIRE that encircled the Goff Manor House. Wide eyed Barry M. Hall reached for another San Miguel as Agent Chips was given a view to a kill.

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