Gadget Bent – Shake Hands With The Devil by Field McConnell – Chapter Four

Gadget Bent

 Shake Hands With The Devil

by Field McConnell

Chapter Four

Lady M had stated that she felt she had a duty to humankind, that is, the global commoners or the least of these brothers of mine, see Matthew 25:38-40. She talked of being sent to BBC on a 2 year assignment from Hollywood and how she and her BBC counterpart had already been advised the 2 year exchange tours would be lengthened to four years. Her experience in California involved some relationship to Tracor, BAE and a specific F4 Phantom, N424FS. When summarizing her comments regarding shared opinions of BBC and the studio in Hollywood a series of explosions caused her briefing to be cut short.

A quick response force of 4 Abel Danger professionals responded to the flash blindness grenades with a much more powerful show of force, dare I say potency. Whoever had tried to disrupt the meeting at Goff’s Manor house was now trapped inside a RING OF FIRE that was encircling the restaurant as thirty-six one hundred gallon drums of napalm had been triggered by Agent Tillman when he left the restaurant to pursue the light weights trying to distract the 13 member package briefing with Lady M. Agent McDime had suggested Lady M give a short briefing on what the BBC was currently working on that might have a relationship to the recent murder of Colonel James E. Sabow USMC as ordered by GHWB, Jeb Bush, Gay Commandant Gray, Assistant Commandant Davis, BGen Wayne T. Adams and Colonel Porky Underwood and as she alluded to a pair of F4Ds being used by BAE and Tracor at Mojave, tails 965 and 973 from Fargo and Fresno, respectively, all hell had broken loose.

Perhaps some party or parties in UK did not want those two aircraft registered as civilian aircraft N424FS and N426FS, in that order, which, according to the FAA, had been registered just shortly before Colonel Sabow was murdered at MCAS El Toro, California, on 22 January, 1991 by an assassin team which, more than likely, was known to Colonel George R. Griggs USMC who had some very strange habits as well as a 1962 Annapolis graduate who shall remain nameless but was very proud of his Trawler harbored at San Diego, PATRICIA 610, to lead the Abel Danger Intel group into determining who in the UK was working to destroy the United States.

Lady M was intrigued because she was doing an exchange tour between BBC and Hollywood and she found the precept of illegally modified, droned airliners, to likely be a crime in the USA although she was well aware of Cascade Air in British Columbia. Agent REEFBOY and his team of NVG defenders had collapsed into a defensive perimeter around the front of the Goff Manor and its car park at the same time that Tillman, NOTSO, Barry M. Hall and Soleman had deployed to their assigned defensive positions which resulted in both an NVG and an IR shooter in each of the four defensive fighting holes with another set of 4 agents midway up trees where they would not be visible to any advancing ground forces.

Safeties were off, trigger fingers itchy, and eye movements rapid as the 12 defenders awaited an “engage” or “all clear” message. A low flying Hercules passed over at what appeared to be 500 feet AGL and a single rucksack with a streaming drag chute descended into the car park, landing between a Lotus Elan in BRG and Lady M’s Red Rover 600. Chips and After Burner were doing ‘rock-scissors-paper’ to see who should retrieve the sky pack when the ‘all clear’ was announced by Hammer MacCheese who had gotten the IR and NVG flyover scans from the USMC KC130R call sign COWBOY 71. Hammer MacCheese dispatched Agent Burn to grab the sky pack and the 8 defenders returned to the table to rejoin Chips, DICE, After Burner and Lady M. Tillman was assigned to climb the tree by the rubbish dumpster and brief TREE ONE on new mission SMEAC C-2.

A round of lagers with one OJG arrived at the table just before Tillman joined the party of 12 and Lady M prepared to resume her briefing including why she felt compelled to expose the private creation of military drone aircraft for the purpose of undermining USA foreign policy in favor of the Shadow Government in Washington made more ‘in your face’ with the 1979 creation of the United States Senior Executive Service by Kristine Marcy, a pre-med flunk-out whose tuition at Georgetown was paid by Christian Patriots who smelled a rat in Carl M Marcy, recently deceased. Kristine had been under the orders of Jimmy Carter who hid out during WWII in the warm and secure bowels of Bancroft Hall at the U S Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland at the same time fellow treason artist Alexander Haig, whose relationship to the loss of Swissair 111 is murky, but related to airborne gaming and gambling, was hiding out at West Point in New York State. Half a generation later John M. Poindexter, Bruce McCandless, John McCain and Robert McFarlane would be hatched in the same incubator, as it were.

Lady M had been assured the 6 doppelgangers for Chips, DICE, Barry M. Hall, Reefboy, VP and After Burner were at a table closer to the main entrance to guard against unwelcome persons who may be employed by MI6, CSIS, CIA or the unknown branch from Deepcut not far from Bob Potter’s Jurassic Park where old cougars would troll for young lovers to help them relive their ill spent youth and perhaps shower them with Cowper’s fluid, and more.

Tillman, NOTSO, Barry M. Hall and Soleman returned from their assigned defensive positions while in the private dining area at the rear of Goff Manor House a phone call from Room 420 at the Arora International gave the ‘all clear’ to Agent VP who gave a hand gesture to Chips indicating it was time to introduce Lady M for a third time.

Agent Chips adjusted himself, cleared his throat and began in quiet measured tone as he dressed right, or as the Brits are want to say, dressed to the right. He thought back to his whereabouts on 2 September, 1974, when simultaneously Ed Heath’s paedo-buggering yacht was being destroyed in a storm off Selsey Bill whilst at the White Hart Pub in Frimley, the parents of Agent DICE were celebrating their 20th anniversary while looking forward to the 9th birthday party of their youngest daughter not aware of the position she would one day hold in international journalism whilst assigned to Abel Danger‘s Global Headquarters in Plum City, Wisconsin.

Agent Chips had been deployed to NAS Midway Island as part of an international force in Operation PONY EXPRESS 1974 where he was a co-pilot of a KC130F, Mike Clark USNA ’69 was AC of a VAQ Sky Warrior and an old guy named Don was AC of a C118 from Patrick AFB near Cape Canaveral, Florida. As his bits and pieces settled to the right, he began.

“Thanks to all of you for sharing your time this evening and I am sorry that we have been delayed somewhat by the attempt to intimidate us into disbanding. Having said that, both Agents DICE and After Burner have assured me that Lady M should be given much trust and attention as she recounts what she is about to regarding a project currently under development at BBC creative offices in BBC Tyne Broadcasting Centre, Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 1RN. Without further delay, Lady M, the floor is yours and please give us your thoughts on Project Bravo Hotel.”

“Thank you Agent Chips, and thank you to each and every one, especially Agents After Burner and DICE who have so graciously shared my story with Abel Danger and the Marine Corps Intelligence assets in Colorado and Quantico. Most of you know that After Burner’s x-husband left the Royal Navy and now has relationships both with Rolls Royce in Coventry and BBC in Newcastle. I have been a FWB to her former husband and it is he who first suggested I participate in Project Bravo Hotel.

The Project was created on 22 January, 1991 on the day that the war in the Middle East kicked off as well as that date being the day on which Colonel James E. Sabow, USMC, was brutally murdered to protect GHWB and his drug empire from being highlighted relating to Narco Trafficking at MCAS El Toro where Agent Chips and Colonel, then Captain, Sabow appeared in a USMC Recruiting Pamphlet in 1974. Sociable!”

“I was assigned Bravo Hotel earlier last month and initially I thought the idea was far-fetched. We at BBC are working with Stephen G, Colin B, Miles M, Alfred G, Terry B and Frank DP and four others on developing episodes for our characters Ed, Ros and Beckett. We have teams assigned to three scripts at present: The Hive, Assassins, and All Under Control. I am on Team 3 and in the conduct of my duties I was sent to Mojave in California last month. This gets a bit confusing, but BAE Systems bought out Tracor Aerospace and I was sent to LINE BLDG 58B MOJAVE, CA, 93501-1666 so that I could be present for the Registration Date of 29 January, 1991.

I was actually at MCAS Camp Pendleton on the morning of 22 January and a Marine Corps acquaintance shared with me the

Flight Log and logbook entries for a HML-367 Scarface Huey flight that went to MCAS El Toro the morning of 22 January. My Marine Corps associate did not make a rendezvous later that day at the Sandpiper Bar at 1183 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 so I called (949) 494-4694 from Goodies in San Clemente and found that he had not shown up at any of the three contingent debrief locations. He was never seen alive again. “Sociable!”

Chips finished of his pint of John Courage and signaled the wait staff for another round as Lady M continued.

“Following the coverage of Colonel Sabow’s murder in the Orange County Register I was recalled to Newcastle and for whatever reason I was given a first class ticket on Northwest Airlines LAX-MSP-LGW departing Los Angeles on a DC10-40 connecting to a DC10-30 at Minneapolis for the journey forward to Gatwick. As it turns out the cockpit crew included two former Marines, Captain Bob Perry and First Officer Field McConnell. Once at Gatwick I had three days off before returning to work at Newcastle where I had renewed interest in Project Bravo Hotel. While back in the saddle at Newcastle I participated in the script developments for all 40 episodes of BBC TV show BUGS but my initial script was ALL UNDER CONTROL.

After working in the comfort of my own flat I would discuss the plots with After Burner’s X and he would assure me that the idea of remote control of airliners was nothing new as he was aware of the Airbus UAPs deployed in 1989 and in fact knew of Operation APHRODITE in 1943 and 1944 flown out of RAF Fersfield (originally known as RAF Winfarthing) as well as Operation ANVIL which was roughly the equivalent of APHRODITE. After Burner’s X was also in the loop of the Rolls Royce engines being equipped with self-contained generators to power data downlinks to keep Rolls Royce aware of the operating parameters, and physical location in aerospace, of all their operating engines. I believe there is a relationship between droned airliners and self-generating position locators aboard Rolls Royce engines. Sociable!”.

The sociable drink was occurring just as the juke box in the bar was playing a song from Linda Ronstadt’s zenith; Long Way Around. Chips thought of how God, Himself, was taking Chips the long way around in pursuing his mission of exposing evil, for which he had been created and to which he took an oath on 14 February, 1967 before his oaths to the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force of 28 June 1967, 9 June 1971 and 5 July 1977. He swallowed hard as Lady M stood to continue her briefing.

“As we conclude my initial briefing this evening I look forward to an interesting mission before us as we work with intel agents globally monitoring the evil being deployed by the Vatican, the Crown Agents and the United States Senior Executive Service which is just ‘white wash’ for the Shadow Government in the United States and each of the Five Eye countries.

I am well aware of how the Bush Crime family is planning to duplicate itself as the Clinton Crime family and now it appears clear to me that if the Global Malevolence is to be continued going forward it will be based on the speech that GHWB delivered on 20 January, 1989 in his inaugural as he replaced himself as president. Poppy was the de facto president from the time the CIA used a cylindrical bullet to warn Ronald Reagan that he would be wise to be quiet and sing Kum-by-yah to whatever Poppy would execute as the real CEO of the corporation of the United States. As Poppy began what was really his third term, he revealed the plan going forward:

I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding. We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies. I will go to the people and the programs that are the brighter points of light, and I will ask every member of my government to become involved. The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in.

“So now in February, 1991, we find ourselves mired in an international effort to take minerals, oil, drugs, young people and wealth from innocent countries blessed by God with rich resources. The greedy of the world, nominally the Bushes, Clinton, Blairs, Thatchers, et. al., who will stop at nothing to transfer assets into their accounts. I don’t need to remind anyone at this table what occurred at Pelindaba in 1989 or how the Blatchford and Cameron families were involved with the Great Chicago Fire of 8-11 October, 1871, the very year that the Organic Act of 1871 created the Corporation of the United States which is a legal fiction.

“Thank you for the warm welcome to Abel Danger and I hope that if ever for whatever reasons Abel Danger produces official belt buckles you might extend to me the courtesy of being Buckle #811 in honor of my grandfather who crewed aircraft 811 at RAF Fersfield in 1944. He was aware of the radio transmission from RAF Menwith that ended the life of Joe Kennedy Jr on 20 August, 1944. I look forward to working alongside each of you and have just one request, please always refer to me as Lady M to protect my young children from any embarrassment or persecution. Sociable!.”

Lady M took her seat and After Burner stood up to speak next as Chips looked at his $10 Walmart and saw that he had only 33 minutes to make the rendezvous at Room 420 at the Arora International Hotel in Crawley. He turned to his left to see Agent DICE placing her Clipper Soldering Gun in ‘silent vibrate’ mode which caused him to think how much he’d like to cause any vibrator she may have to be permanently retired in favor of the old fashioned method. His mind wandered back to 2 September, 1974 and the wreck of the MORNING CLOUD and the 20th anniversary observance at the White Hart Pub in Frimley which he would have attended had he not been with Mike Clark, USNA ’69, on Midway Island during Pony Express 1974.

Chips thought about the Diamond State Depository in Delaware and wondered if any West Point Graduate from Delaware would ever be murdered to silence an issue that may arise from the current war in the Mid East; perhaps regarding phosgene and MITRE. Chips’ mind then jumped to Kroll and ITCS as he was aware that Agent TILLMAN and his closest ally, ROOSTER COGBURN were tracking Israeli Corporations in positions from where they might be able to attack America in the post-Poppy world.

Chips was relieved to recall that Poppy would not be gone until 20 January, 1993, so Abel Danger could be alert to any of his misdeeds going forward as POTUS 41. His mind was brought back into the here and now as Agent DICE became erect and ambulated towards the loo.

For security purposes he scanned her caboose and saw no evidence of VPLs which caused him to consider that she may be going commando.

After Burner waved to DICE as she began he closing remarks.

“It has been a very enjoyable first meeting with Lady M and we know that going forward we have much work to do. Foinstance, we have been told by a contact in Sugarland, Texas that we should watch for Saddam to be bushwhacked in Kuwait after the Dinar has been trashed. We have been told that if the BCF can net $200B or more in the Dinar Reset they will not be satisfied but may, in fact, be emboldened to try and make a cool trillion by brokering Kroll, ITCS, MITRE and a certain person with dual citizenship who may have a relationship to the German term “Homeland”.

“If, in fact, it turns out that billions or trillions are netted by certain families in the resets of Kuwaiti and Iraqi currencies, we at Abel Danger will be in the “cat bird seat” to bring down the global cabal intent on killing innocence, innocents, and reducing the world population to 500 million as promoted by Big Pharma and big bullshitters who work in opposition to God Himself. How evil, but even more so, how foolish, have they not read Proverbs 1:7 and Hebrews 10:26-27? As we now adjourn to our respective debriefs, God speed and sociable!”.

Chips applauded, along with the others at the table, as After Burner concluded and DICE rejoined from the loo where she had passed a handwritten note out the back window where Agent Soleman took receipt and radioed the message written, in red, to Tillman, NOTSO and others in the defensive positions. Hammer MacCheese witnessed the communication and set the extraction vehicle in motion from where it had been parked by the Crawley railroad station across the tracks from the Arora.

As DICE brushed past Chips enroute to give a free hug to After Burner she dropped a cocktail napkin by the jug of beer in front of Agent Chips. Chips turned it over and saw only “R420 cock tail, 12 minutes” and an outline of lips in PAINT THE TOWN RED lipstick. He crumpled the napkin and checked his right jacket pocket, then smiled, as he withdrew 2 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters.

Hugs and handshakes were shared around the table as Agent NOTSO came in from the cold to announce that extraction was set for the next 5 minutes. VP, Reefboy, Barry M. Hall, DICE and After Burner headed to the front door while Agent Chips escorted Lady M to her Red Rover via the kitchen exit to the car park to the left of Goff Manor. Stepping into the darkness and fog, Chips noticed 2209 on his $10 Walmart, opened the right forward door of the Rover Sedan and got a glimpse of Pastel Honeycomb as Lady M settled into the driver’s seat. She blew him a kiss from inside the closed window and backed out of the parking space where upon she was to drive to the Exhibition Pub in Over, Cambridgeshire according to the briefing guide.

Chips was focused on Pastel Honeycomb as a 1989 Harley- Davidson FXSTS springer soft tail arrived to take him to the Arora where he was to meet with McDime at Morgan’s Pub at 2215. He took his place behind Agent NOTSO who looked sinister behind his yellow, low glare, glass and leather NVGs. As the Harley hit 3rd gear and 49mph Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun took a Flash Immediate from Agent McDime.

“Chips, abort Morgan’s, R420, 2219, acknowledge”. Chips acknowledged and let NOTSO know they had a 4 minute ‘slip’ so NOTSO throttled back and lit a stogie. As the Harley quieted and slowed to 31 mph to arrive with very little time to spare for Chips to meet LP at the lift if the hotel was deemed to be free of the men from Deepcut and Menwith. Chips reached inside the breast pocket of his signature blue blazer and located his miniature of Absolut. And he smiled. His smile was replaced by his urgent withdrawal of his Clipper Squirt Gun as a FLASH FESTUS message vibrated him back into the here and now. He expanded the text window and read:

Hi Field, Last year we welcomed Daring Diver to the ‘Sett’, and it proved so popular in bottle, we are releasing it as a seasonal cask beer! This bold amber beer, is brewed with Slovenian Celeia hops and makes the perfect accompaniment to Pork & Herb Bangers. Badger Daring Diver is in Hall & Woodhouse pubs now, so catch it while you can! Dan Thompson.

Chips smiled as he considered the true message that Agent DICE was passing him posing as Dan Thompson of Goff Manor. Chips noticed DICE had gone to the effort to include The Goffs Manor, OLD HORSHAM ROAD , SOUTHGATE CRAWLEY, West Sussex, RH11 8PE as well as Tel: 01293 540 982 and Email: just in case the men from Deepcut, Menwith or Schlumberger may be eavesdropping on his secure Clipper communications.

He focused to the menu item “Pork & HerB Bangers” and knew according to Abel Danger protocol 27x that the capital B should be disregarded in HerB. And he smiled as the Harley arrived at the front door of Reception at the Arora. He tapped NOTSO on the right shoulder twice and dismounted. Agent LP left her position at the Lobby Lift to take her place behind NOTSO and as she passed Agent Chips she handed him a cocktail napkin from Morgan’s Pub.

Chips avoided eye contact as the hand-off was consummated and went to the open lift that LP had caused to descend to the Lobby Level. In the lift was a pair of Sherpas and a service dog named Bart. The lift door closed. Chips understood that they were Gurkhas from Gibraltar Barracks at Minley Station, were his mates and as they stood ready at the ready, and the lift ascended, Chips read the message from LP:

“RSME reports Arora secure, 2219 R420, knock twice, twice, for DICE”. Chips was aware that the Gurkha to his left had read the message but in keeping with iron clad discipline the bodyguard neither smiled nor got a stiffy which may have caused him some discomfort in the crowded Lift car although nowhere near as crowded as either the lift in the movie THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER or the lift in 1963’s runaway classic CHARADE.

The lift stopped on the 3rd floor and the Gurkha to his left exited. The lift next went to the 5th floor where the Gurkha to his right exited leaving Chips alone with the service dog Bart, no relation to any SEAL service dog that might someday be killed by elements of the Shadow Government of the US who might arrange the death of a SEAL TEAM.

The lift then descended to the 4th floor and just as the door opened Bart turned to Chips and snarled, then Bart stepped out of the lift and looked to the left and right where he saw his Gurkha handlers which allowed him to make a quiet noise for Chips to interpret. Chips was confident it was dog speak for all clear and as Chips stepped into the well-lit hallway he saw the two Gurkhas deployed to opposite ends of the hallway on the 4th Floor.

Bart led Chips to the door to Room 420 where a Jack Link’s beef jerky strip had been positioned at the bottom of the door. When Bart put his nose down to retrieve the jerky, he took a cautious sniff and his tail wagged allowing Chips and the two Gurkhas to understand that the dog, Bart, smelled no explosives from the room as the pressurized air-conditioned air was ejected out of the bottom of the door jam.

Recalling Abel Danger protocol 27x and the Clipper regarding 2219, he slipped an empty Butterfinger wrapper under the door, waited for it to be withdrawn and then knocked twice, twice. The door opened and no one was visible to the hallway as Agent DICE was behind the door wearing a suit that would be appropriate for September 4th. Chips went into the center of the room and noticed that there were two queen beds one of which was covered with luggage, computer gear and two costumes, one each male and female. The room went dark as Agent DICE pushed play on her ghetto blaster and a track titled F4 was in queue while Agent DICE whispered to Agent Chips “Bet you don’t remember this song from 1959” as she slithered between the drawn sheets that 91 had been turned down by Agents FUBIS and FIIGMO of the 3 RSME Regiment during their security sweep of Room 420. As the song from 1959 began, Agent Chips harked back to June 29, 1967 when Midshipman 2/c George Kuck had put the plebes of the 3rd Company to bed with the sad news that Jayne Mansfield had died that day in Slidell, Louisiana, a town where Agent Chips would later see duty with Abel Danger Global Private Intel.

Agent DICE pulled on Chips’ left hand causing him to collapse onto the queen bed alongside his fellow Agent who would years later be a key player in both Operation HOT KITCHEN and Operation LEMON SQUEEZE. Chips could tell from certain physical manifestations that Agent DICE was not thinking of briefing him on the events planned for the following morning when Agents NOTSO and Soleman would be leading the team to secure locations known only to Hammer MacCheese, the two Gurkhas and God, Himself relating to the upcoming BUSHwhacking of Saddam Hussein.

Chips found his hands exploring forbidden places, with a tip of the hat to Conway Twitty, as he rolled to his left to face Agent DICE who was aflame with anticipation, who could blame her.

“DICE, the song that you have on continual play was first recorded by April Stevens in 1959 and later recorded as TEACH ME TIGER ’65 when a track was added at the front end where it sounds like a Volkswagen is involved in a collision although the seductress suggests her car has simply run out of gas. A timid voice sounding like Agent Hamish responded “Oh no” to which April Stevens purred “Oh yes” with the rest left to the imagination of the listener.

Chips was accepting his reward for the proper answer in a way that was most pleasing to him and hopefully her also while outside in the hallway both Gurkhas were alerted to an UNKNOWN RIDER by the dog named Bart who was pawing at the carpet with his left front paw. The Gurkhas noticed the time; 2253, and put their weapons OFF SAFE, selecting cyclic and three round bursts. As Bart started a low, slow growl, the hotel lights flickered 3 times before the Arora International went dark.

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