G4S Drill! And Fema BUSTED WORKING at Mandalay Bay And Still Working The Event For Publicity, HD


Source: Media Crisis Management

Media Crisis Management

Crisis Media Management training and drilling

Our media trainer specialisms include social media, high level strategic communications, in-house film-making and online news media. We include live roleplay from professional actors who undergo psychological training with our own in-house behavioural psychologist, Katy Baboulene. By maintaining an overview of the total training requirement, we are able to maximise the longevity of each delivery through seamlessly blending the learning across live, filmed and facilitated content.

The CrisisCast Simulator brings together scripted, simulated and real-world injects, using all our principal skills in immersive scenario training to create a high-octane digital communication event that rapidly embeds the right protocols for the successful social media outcomes from a complex incident.

Crisis Cast Client Page



In some of Ole Dammegard’s work at Light on Conspiracies: Revealing the Agenda, he discusses the company Crisis Cast.

Ole Dammegard | The Vegas Shooting: Inconsistencies & Strange Symbolism


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  • The world is DONALD J. TRUMP’s stage. Is he fired up? Will he drain the swamp or float a loan?

  • It shows that “they” keep on keeping on” with their NWO Globalshit Agenda….they seem to be working their agenda on overdrive and this due to “us” on their heels…..but more of the same another day….they are exposed by Trump…he promised to Drain The Swamp…that means he will EXPOSE them by removing their murky moldy dark water they have been hiding in…..they are being exposed…WE need to tell them and the world…..STAY STEAMED UP ALL…..keep the truth coming out…..they won’t be embarrassed but they MAY slow down because they see how ugly they are and being exposed for their evil personalities is devastating…..evil is HIGHLY insecure….evil will run and hide again…most likely in another murky moldy stagnant disease filled hole….good work as always in staying on top of this exposure…they don’t have a clue how enlightened and evolved we really are…humans are their enemy….

  • Unfortunately Ole deals with half truths and vague connections. I still wondering who he is really working for.