Full Military Action Deployed Against the Bundy’s


Prisons are for profit operations turning millions in profit. It is not about “justice”, it is about turning profits for the prison industry. Here is new proof that the Feds were potentially intending to conduct another Waco-type military assault. Bundy’s had no chance but for God and courageous American people. This is full militarized action against Americans, on American soil. Would your county sheriff have stopped this? It is apparent Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo had no intention of protecting the Bundy’s, their property and their lives against federal aggression that was unprovoked and extremely dangerous. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo had the power to do so but he forfeited those powers. Contact Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo and ask him why? Bundy asked for protection and the county sheriff fed him to the Feds and then lied about it in court.

Official Bundy Press Conference at LVMPD

Justice is Served for the Bundy’s (Full Interview)


If anyone doubts just how deep the level of federal corruption goes then this discussion needs to be carefully listened to. Does anyone actually think they can rely on the congress, the courts or the senate to bring this dangerous and systemic corruption under control?

#CodySnodgres Seeking Pardon #POTUS

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The Latest: Bundy says sheriff has land authority, not feds


Where in the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) statutes is the code that requires BLM agents to be armed like a military organization? How is it that the BLM over the years can now mobilize a full military assault unit like what was deployed at the Bundy Ranch? Go to Youtube and dig out clips of this BLM assault unit and listen to them talking about “taking out civilians” and mocking Americans who were there to protect the Bundy’s from another Waco-like attack. People should really ask themselves where the federal corporation vets these Americans from many with military backgrounds because there is no other employment available to them who would be perfectly willing to pull Americans into a potentially deadly gunfight with them. The BLM needs to be demilitarized.

43 U.S. Code § 1731 – Bureau of Land Management


Why did County Sheriff Joe Lombardo have no intention of protecting the Bundy’s, their property and their lives against federal corporate aggression?


Do you know what the constitution is and why it was written? It would be advised Americans begin educating themselves because this keeps coming up over and over again in these confrontations with federal corporations and their corporate militarized enforcers like those inside the BLM.

“Constitution” = a business contract = an equity contract = a commercial contract by Judge Anna von Reitz

How the US Corporation Changes Shells by Anna von Reitz

Are You Aware – This is crucial for Ammon Bundy

The REAL Scandal of the Hammond and Bundy Trials….



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