From Senator William Edgar Borah (June 29, 1865 – January 19, 1940) of Idaho To Serco In 2018

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Senator William Edgar Borah – Idaho

Persons of Vision and Courage

This comprehensive article is highlighting William Edgar Borah and the events and people surrounding him. – published January 26, 2018







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Senator William Edgar Borah – Idaho

by Virginia McClaughry


In a book about the British Security Coordination, a WWII intelligence organization with one purpose and one purpose only, to get control of America, there was a quote in it saying that the earliest origins of the term “freedom of the seas” (in a derogatory context towards England) was a “senator” – no name was given. The book said that this unnamed senator used it at an America First rally in 1940. This particular quote had only two results on Google on May 31, 2014 when I first started looking into it.

This was an intentional mis-portrayal by the author, to position a senator with the phrase and then position both with the front group British intelligence had a hand in creating, and thereby position all three as traitors to America, pro-nazi, and evil.

This was no accident.

It is one of the trickiest, dirtiest, and most underhanded things that I have ever come across. There was a senator who did use that phrase at an America First rally, but it was not his phrase, and he was not the Senator associated with it.

It was another man’s.

It was that man that the British and the Vatican so hated, so feared, that even in death they were still trying to defeat him. Still trying to make sure what he stood for was dragged through the mud. There are very few men that they do this with. One is Thomas Jefferson. Another is Andrew Jackson.

Who was this man?

William Edgar Borah, Senator from Idaho. He was the earliest source of the term “freedom of the seas” in a derogatory context towards England. He is why the Brits tried to position that as being an America First idea, and by another man.

Since history has seen fit to use Senator Borah as both (wrongly) an example of an “America First” committee member and as a straw-man to be disproved concerning his take on WWII – I thought he might just bear further investigation.

So I began to dig. And dig. And dig.

In fact, much of my work since May/June 2014, has came out of my desire to understand this man, the times he lived in and who he was up against.

Sometimes, in research you hit a ‘gold-mine’ – and that’s what Senator Borah was.

Surrounding him many pieces of information came into view, that, put together with other pieces, finally formed an interlocking and viewable puzzle segment. This ‘picture’ becomes very clear concerning the utter duplicity and even more base – the jealousy and school-boy mentality of generations of slavemasters towards those who both expose and defeat them in their grandiose rule-the-world plans.

It was a toss-up which way to go first with this man Borah, back in time to where he single-mindedly laid seige to (and won against) the British Slavemasters League of Nations plan, or to start forward at the end with the slavemasters second attempt at a League of Nations (with another accompanying War, of course).

In the end, I did both. This article is the culmination of researching in both directions in time, finally meeting the man in the middle of so many crossroads.

He has the honor of being our very first entry into our new The Unrepentant: Persons of Vision and Courage section. I think you will find that after you read this, he deserves it. This man and his friends were up against some of the worst odds, the worst array of evil ever assembled in the history of this society.

I’m not going to do much with his early years in his life, although much could be said of that too. I prefer to focus on the meaning of his life, the periods where he shows just what he was brought here to do.

I thank the universe that he was.

Please go to McClaughry’s Blog to read all the material on Senator William Edgar Borah.


hostis humani generis (“the enemy of the human race”)

…The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts its councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places its own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis

– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816 Jefferson Cyclopedia


SERCO, SES, Comments

By Anna Von Reitz • Saturday, May 19, 2018

Many of you are aware of the fact that SERCO, a giant British conglomerate, has been—-among other things—- acting as Paymaster for our military and the IMF has been paying Social Security pensioners. All our most crucial administrative functions have been out-sourced overseas.

Serco has also been providing communications and transportation systems (which they then control) worldwide, and otherwise placing itself in positions of key importance impacting the security of our country and many others as well. It is the physical, actual instrumentality of what has been called “the global control network”—- a vast interlocking trust directorate working through incorporated government and agency networks overseen in this country by a highly paid, largely faceless, and totally un-elected entity known as the “Senior Executive Service” — the SES.

Those who have followed the work of Field McConnell realize how our entire country has been compromised and endangered by reliance on SERCO and SES–and how this is now being corrected and monitored.

I am re-posting this recent article for everyone (below) and have just one wry, cautionary comment.

The writer makes the following statement– “I’ve come to understand that the kooky conspiracy theory about how the United States did not win the Revolutionary War for freedom from British control is true.” — he’s not the only one to be waking up to the deal-making that went down in the 1783 peace talks, but I want to point out that the proof of that “kooky conspiracy theory” has been on the books for over two hundred years…. and yes, the Territorial United States —not the actual United States — has always been under British control.


Shocking Global Control System Exposed

These are indeed very interesting times in which to be alive.

The first post that I ever made to this site about Serco was back in 2011 and I’ve been writing about the Global Information Grid and the Internet of Things for several years – more lately, due to the ongoing roll-out of the 5G network. I’ve also been writing about the Anglosphere and the 5 Eyes alliance for joint cooperation in signals intelligence between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. I’d never clearly connected all of these processes until now because I didn’t understand how Serco is the corporate glue that’s used to merge all of the above into one Big Data behemoth that is the backbone of the Global Information Grid and Internet of Things.

Through the work of the American Intelligence Media, I’ve come to understand that the kooky conspiracy theory about how the United States did not win the Revolutionary War for freedom from British control is true.

The way the UK controls the US is through Serco, which is self-described as a “provider of public services”. It’s headquartered in the village of Hook, Hampshire in England and reports nearly $4 trillion in yearly gross revenue but only $1.35 million in annual profit (that sounds totally above-board!) The way Serco is able to get endless amounts of massive US government contracts, such as the one to manage the disastrous Obamacare website. They do this through its operatives within the US technocracy who hire them; members of the shadowy Senior Executive Service (SES) union who occupy key positions in every department of the US Government.

The Sun did not set on the British Empire, it just went into hiding, into corporations like Serco, a company with clear intentions of controlling the whole world. Aside from its enormous presence in the UK, with the maintenance contract for the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System and as one of the three companies in charge of the UK’s nuclear arsenal, it manages numerous RAF bases and prisons, hospitals, departments of education and the UK’s version of DARPA. Serco also has a major presence operating airports and all forms of mass transit systems in British Commonwealth countries, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UAE.

Serco is “the biggest company that you’ve never heard of”. Prepare to have your mind blown with this interview by Douglas Gabriel of Michael McKibben on the latter’s fresh discoveries about this major arm of Anglosphere’s Deep State.

McKibben says, “We started looking at this 5G issue and the Walker patents, Serco and the Internet of Things and when we got all of those things on the board…it [was] like the Transformers movie. Everything started locking into place. You started hearing all these clicking sounds, click, click, click and we realized what Serco is there to do: Serco is there to manage this Walker patent implementation all over the planet and then to be able to dial up the 5G [frequencies] and its effects, which will include killing people – and then, also deal with the aftermath…

[They] deal with immigration, with healthcare, with prisons with pathology, FEMA Region 9…[an area] impacted by drought where they actually predicted there was going to be a mass migration out of California. We said to ourselves, “Oh my gosh”. Serco was organized to manage not just the [population] reduction, the eugenics of various countries [but] then to [clean up] the aftermath.”

Running Time: 51 mins



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