From Russia With Love: The William Browder Tourist Tax

Dear President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation:

Abel Danger researchers would like to propose to the Russian Federation, the Russia National Tourist Offices, and the Russian Federal Tax Offices, a tourist visa tax of a minimum of $100 per American tourist visiting Russia. We propose that this tourist tax, to be imposed on the roughly 250,000 Americans who visit Russia annually, be referred to as the William Browder Tourist Tax; alternately, as the “Yasha Browder” Tourist Tax.

With an annual number of approximately 250,000 American tourists visiting Russia every year, this tax would generate an estimated revenue of at least $25 million USD of additional yearly income for Russian tax authorities, that could be used to compensate for losses incurred due to William Browder’s tax evasion schemes while operating his Heritage Capital Management holding company in Russia.

The proposal for this William Browder Tourist Tax is based on the Russian treasury having being bilked out of an estimated $230 million when William Browder, along with Republic National Bank chief Edmond Safra (now deceased), was involved in pillaging Russia during the 1990s. Based on the estimated loss of tax revenue to the Russian treasury of $230 million, it will take roughly 9.2 years to recover this stolen tax revenue, based on a $100 tax per 250,000 visas issued to American tourists visiting Russia annually. The option to increase the amount of tax depending on the type of visa issued – including tourist visas, business visas, and student visas – could be evaluated.

Since neither the American, UK, or European authorities have decided to move against William Browder, this proposed tourist tax appears appropriate on many levels; the least of which is returning to the Russian treasury its owed tax revenue on William Browder’s Russian earnings. The Russian prosecutor’s office in Moscow has referred to William Browder as “Yasha Browder”; this would seem to be an appropriate name to use for the proposed tax on American tourist visas to Russia.

The relationship between Russia and the United States was purposefully destroyed for William Browder to not only steal billions, but then to have the temerity to steal $230 million in taxes on the stolen billions. Once the American people who are planning to visit Russia realize the scale of the theft William Browder and those behind him were responsible for, it is likely that American tourists to Russia will have no qualms about paying a compensatory tourist tax. It is anticipated that any resentment to paying this tourist tax will have the intended effect of putting increased pressure on American authorities to arrest William “Yasha” Browder and extradite him to Russia for criminal prosecution.

We trust that this proposal meets with your satisfaction and will be carefully considered by appropriate lawmakers.

Respectfully yours,
Abel Danger



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