From Chattel Slavery To Capitalism

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February 18, 2019 • by Anthony Migchels

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A cliché, and yet so pertinent. So many people think that the struggle against the New World Order is about preventing becoming their slaves.

But we ARE their slaves!

The essence of Slavery is that someone else controls the value of our production.

Under Capitalism, people depending on a wage (the 90/99%), typically consume only about 10% of the value of their own production. The entire System is geared to sucking up our production with unearned income: Usury, Landlordism, Speculation, high prices of Monopoly.

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In Capitalism, this was achieved by first driving the common people off their ancestral lands by systematically destroying the abundant money systems of the medieval era by forcing Gold Standards everywhere.

This caused a deflation that first savaged the country side.

In this way, the People lost their means of independence, and were forced to work for others for a living, in the cities. Instead of being independent farmers and craftsmen, they were demoted to wage slavery.

By giving him a wage, immediately a large chunk of the value of the worker’s production is taken by the shareholder. The value of the worker’s production is always much higher than his wage.

With Multinationals, profits and shareholder dividends are typically higher than cost for labor. Meaning that more than half of the workers’ production is taken by the owners of the company.

The reason that they get away with this, is because Capital is kept artificially scarce, both through Cartels and through the artificial scarcity of money. In this way, Labor is oppressed, forcing them into low wages and humiliating conditions.

The worker receives his wage, and the remaining value of his production is next sucked up with scientific precision.

A wage slave making $2000 per month has a budget something like this:

$300 for the State
$700 for the Landlord
$100 for Energy
$200 for ‘health care’
$150 for Transportation
$50 for Telecom
Total: $1500

What remains, $500, about a quarter, is to eat and try live a life. A fraction of what 40 hours work produced, at least $4000 worth.

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