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French Masters of Discourse

by Israel Shamir

On an American tank photographed on Iraqi soil, one can discern a motto: “Today Baghdad , Tomorrow Paris.” In the days of the Iraq war and Jacques Chirac’s objection to the US aggression, this feeling was common among the Yanks: they perceived France as their greatest enemy. “The worst they could do was to rename French Fries as Freedom Sticks,” laughed the wits. However, a few years later this slogan became true: after Baghdad was taken, Paris was also captured by the American forces. In order to install an American stooge in Baghdad, the Americans had to fight for a few weeks. The American stooge in the Palais de l’Élysée was installed without a single shot.

Though he looks like the Pink Panther, Sarkozy is a sinister figure in French history. France has been the only state in the world that managed to get rid of Yankee occupation; not any longer! President Sarkozy decided to undo the great achievement of Charles de Gaulle, who succeeded in removing American Occupation Army and placing the French armed forces under national control. Sarkozy returned the French army into the NATO fold. He sent French troops to Afghanistan to pour their blood on the Atlantic Submission altar. In a pompous speech, he promised “not to surrender Afghanistan ” [presumably, to Afghanis]. “There is a war going on here, a war against terrorism, against fanaticism, that we cannot and will not lose”. He actually repeated the words of Jacques Doriot who had sent French volunteers to fight for the Third Reich against Soviet Russia.

Welcome to Occupied France ? “Oh what nonsense! Life is not bad; cafés are open, theaters are full, the French are free to express themselves,” you’d say. But under German occupation, cafés were also full, and Les Halles bountiful. Recently, there was an exhibition of André Zucca’s photos “The Parisians under the Occupation”, which reminded us that life went on as usual even then. Maimonides wisely wrote that life will go as usual even after messiah’s coming: the sun will rise and set, girls will fall in love and boys will fight.

Without noticing, France – and Europe – passed from the era of democracy to the tyranny of totalitarian liberalism, based on three non-democratic, non-elected powers: that of the Banks, that of the Media, and that of the Judges, all propped up by America ’s troops and banks. This is a nameless and faceless tyranny: we do not elect the people who decide our fate; we do not even know who they are and what they want, but we feel their enormous power.

The essays in this book were written mainly in Israel/Palestine, and this location has made me acutely aware of a strange and somewhat unexpected feature of the new French tyranny: it is usually devoid of humanist feelings and extremely partial to the Jews. Palestinians could be starved to death, Lebanese bombed, Iranians nuked and Russians ostracised for doing a fraction of what the Jews do every day. A large number of Jews in prominent positions in all the three of these non-elected branches of power provides an explanation of this partiality.

French politicians feel it: whenever a Jew is hurt, all the French leaders speed to his bed, and thousands of well-meaning men and women march in solidarity. If a synagogue wall is defaced with graffiti, the president goes there to express his fury and sadness. It is better to deny the Creation and Crucifixion than to doubt the supreme importance of the Holocaust, this new elitist and antidemocratic religion of interventionism and of the superiority of the rich and powerful. Though this cult belies the proclaimed separation of Church and State, no new Voltaire has arisen to écrase the infamy, and if he were to, he’d find that the Republic has some new jails in place of the Bastille.

Indeed, only utter a critical word about the Jewish-run apartheid in Palestine , about its historical and ideological roots — They won’t send you to a camp, true, but they will fine you into oblivion.

My book on this subject, the Galilee Flowers was published in many languages and in many countries in Europe and elsewhere. It was also published in France under the title Autre Visage d’Israel. In France only, its first edition was burned by orders of the CRIF [Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (English: Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions), an umbrella organization of French Jewish organizations], and the second edition’s publisher was fined €15000.

I – a citizen of Israel – was sued by the CRIF for being disrespectful to Jews, and the French courts accepted the suit. Is there another community, is there another religion or group of people enjoying such protection? Mind you, these court rulings are not based on law, but only on its biased interpretation. When a Muslim-basher is being sued for being disrespectful to Islam, the courts indignantly reject such suits in the name of freedom of speech. So the courts have their absolute freedom of action: they may accept in order to protect dignity, or they may reject, in order to protect liberty. The judges are human: they know what is good for them. If they were they type who would ban attacks on Islam and permit criticism of Jewishness, probably they wouldn’t get appointed in the first place. Today, the Jews are in the position of the aristocracy in the Ancient Regime: they are above criticism, and can’t even be discussed.

Many people paid attention to the Jewish roots of Sarkozy. But this may mean little. If you want to observe true sycophancy and subservience to the Jews, you should listen to Fadela Amara, a Frenchwoman of Algerian origin who is minister for urban affairs. For her, Jewish suffering, Jewish rights, Jewish memory are important. Nothing else, not French sorrows, not even those of her own kin. She bays for the blood of potentially disloyal (to Jews!) officials. She “regrets” the misfortunes of the colonised Algerians or Africans, “but it can’t be compared” with the fate of the Jews. She hates Hamas, the elected government of Palestine , she hates the Iranian president; she supports anti-Islamic cartoons and films, and she feels herself at home in Israel . But like Sarkozy, she governs you.

Another one, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, was the NATO gauleiter in occupied Kosovo; under his benevolent rule thousands of Kosovars of the wrong ethnicity or faith were expelled from their homes or killed. Now he too has political power over you. A Zionist and a human rights activist, he supported all past “humanitarian” interventions – the bombing of Serbia, the invasion of Somali and Iraq — you name it. He ruled over NATO-conquered Kosovo, and allowed his pet Albanian gangs to burn churches and to expel the Serbs. Now he supports Bush’s plans to attack Iran and Israel ’s plans to strangulate Gaza.

Sarkozy and Kouchner could not have gotten into power unless the non-elected powers of media, banks and judiciary had conspired against your freedom, unless they put JB Levy and Finkelkraut into every TV box, unless they arrested and jailed people expressing other views, unless they had financed only certain projects. Restoration of democracy is necessary; and non-elected powers should be placed under control of the electorate.

What happens in France is of much concern to the world. France was a beacon of civilisation, a bastion of culture, and just the most pleasant country on earth. We billions of strangers would like you to keep up your glorious French traditions. Please do not become another clone of mass production!

Israel Adam Shamir


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