Ed. note: Admittedly, this post will take effort to get through, so if readers aren’t up to the intellectual task that is required of us, then simply go to the last YouTube music clip, hit “play”, then consider what a dystopian future will be like after even a cursory glance at the information contained in this post. In the current climate of political chaos, fear and mayhem in America, if a person even discusses how three buildings got knocked down in New York, this is grounds enough for the accusation of being Anti-Semitic. This is how cynical and self-destructive America has become where all honest intellectual open debate has been shut down. If you live in fear you are not “living.”

Who is in control of France?

FRANCE – French Jews Will Have to Choose Only One Citizenship – Marine Le Pen

Ed. note: Bringing the discourse up to date on our circumstances in America, including Don the real estate guy, where in New York the value of the real estate is worth more than the entire manufacturing infrastructure of America. Look carefully at the hand the President of the United States is shaking then look carefully at Bolsonaro’s background in Brazil.

Shaking the hand of a man who has death squads, corrupt police and militias keeping him in power under the facade of a well run public relations campaign in Brazil.

Source: Rerevisionist Articles

Trump and Hitler. Trump and Venezuela.

by Rae West • 16 February 2019

On Trump. Watching Trump over the last few years convinced me that Jews, worldwide, had sufficient power to orchestrate both world wars of the 20th century. After all, they controlled the entire USA and its media, after the Federal Reserve Act. And they controlled the British and French Empires. And they controlled German banks and shipping, rails, ores. The controlled Japan and China. After the 1917 coup they controlled the Russian Empire, which they pretended was ‘socialist’. Control over propaganda in all these areas was almost complete, and designed to look genuinely local. The wars, in my view, were planned to kill ‘the best of the goyim’ and to take over assets, by taking them in exchange for weapons, and exploiting disasters by ‘fire sale’ purchases.

This seems almost incredible to people brought up in controlled nationalist areas, where each large language group had almost unchallengeable opinions imposed by radio, newspapers, books, teachers, films, and, later, TV. But, as the idea spreads, it will pick up support as puzzling fragments of history are fitted into this new worldview. Trump’s apparent changes of mind and policy, and his strange appointments, and failure to prosecute and investigate outrageous frauds, transposed to the 1930s, show that Hitler in particular can be reinterpreted as just a part of world-wide Jewry. My readings into all this, so far, are in my piece How Master Race [i.e. Jews] Won WW2.

On Trump generally, below are two optimistic pieces (Apr-Sept 2017, and Dec 2015). Obviously, now, Trump is just another Jew, peppering his speeches with bit and pieces, probably taken from non-Jews, but in reality following current policies assembled from secret ‘Jewish’ sources. As I say, they helped convince me that Hitler—speeches, promises, writings and the rest of it—was working with Jews all the time.

I found a good selection of ‘Related Articles’ on Trump after the NewObserverOnline article US-Mexico border crisis … 134,000 criminal alien crimes. Note there’s a time delay. The article titles are:-

  1. Trump “Cheering Muslims” [at 9/11] Actually Jews
  2. Trump’s DACA Amnesty Will Mean Instant Nonwhite Majority of Under-18s”Dreamer” Deal Collapses in Senate: Has Trump Played Them All?
  3. Neocon Warmonger Trump Signs “Monstrous” Spending Bill that “Would make Obama Blush”
  4. Trump Wall: New Mexico Wall Replacement Project Begins
  5. Right Wing Jewish Lobby Puts $30M into GOP to Keep Trump on Pro-Israel Track
  6. Russian “Hacking”: Indictment Admits it Had No Effect on US Election Outcome/a>
  7. Trump Moots Using US Army to Build Wall if Congress Doesn’t Cooperate
  8. Illegal Alien Birth Payouts cost US Taxpayers More Than Trump Wall
  9. Trump and the Jews: A Simple Explanation [‘Orthodox Jews’ vs Others]

On Venezuela. One of the entertaining things about the web is the way all the Jewish media can be seen to act in unison. In the days of printed media, readers might, if they looked, find that all their controlled media swung the same way, but, apart from headlines, it needed a lot of effort to find e.g. they all wanted Stalin to invade Poland. Now, with a few clicks you can notice Jews all want to continue lying about the Holohoax, and invade white countries, and the rest of it. Let’s look at Venezuela and oil.

Jews always pretend their interest is the same as that of their temporary host. It’s absolutely essential to distinguish America from (((America))), if you wish to understand the world. What Jews hope from Venezuela is control of oil—in the interest of Jews, not Americans. All the costs of conquest and occupation are to be carried by Americans, probably spread over many years by borrowing from Jews. [AD note: this is fundamental to our present circumstances to grasp the significance of this] (Almost no Jew troops have been used in any of their schemes). Americans may or may not get oil from these Jews; oil may be used as a weapon against other countries, or to shift currency exchanges, or to support Jewish puppets and allies. This is what happened in the Middle East: the British set up fake Arab monarchies, with Jewish ‘monarchs’ or ‘presidents’ or ‘sheikhs’ or whatever. This is why Jews don’t protest that Arabs get money from oil. As in South Africa, the British Army provided military control, thugs, and wars, supporting Jewish control of African assets, in effect from the Federal Reserve.

It’s difficult to guess what genuine American control of oil would mean; almost everything has been perverted by Jews. But it could mean control in the US interest, without allowing Jews to parasitise it, for their own profit, and to pay mercenary armies, Israel-based frauds, and other Jew schemes around the world.

Control of raw materials is a fascinating topic, which of course has been subject to torrents of Jewish lies. I have never, literally never, seen a serious analysis of the details, anywhere. Nations with coal mines, ores, ship canals have not usually had civil wars; which shows it’s at least possible for large assets to be relatively unmilitarised. [AD note: Venezuela]

It’s common to distort values, and this is a typical Jewish trick. Africa is said to be rich; so was Germany after the Great War, where the costs of mining and refining and shipping were ignored. Oil of course needs extraction, purification, refineries, pipelines, ports, ships, barrels etc. European countries make more money from taxes on oil than the than oil producers make. Note that Jews made more money from gold than their hosts, because of the multiplier effect on loans.

I’m not fully allowing for strategic materials; but I hope I’m making the point that Jews have their own motives for getting control.

Another example of the split of Jewish interests from hosts is the opium wars, where Jews forced opium onto the Chinese, with western, essentially mercenary, thugs. All the profits were taken by Jews. The question is: would it have been worthwhile for the British as a whole to force opium onto China? It’s impossible to try the experiment; but the amount extorted from the Chinese population seems unlikely to have yielded much for the British.

The Sackler family and Purdue Pharma offer a modern analogy, but with Jews putting their version of opium in Americans. Would it be worthwhile for Americans themselves to do this?

I hope readers can generalise this reassessment to, for example, wars to get Vietnamese land and paper money under Jewish control. This was a victory for Jews, not for Americans, though of course junk historians will not say so.


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Our dystopian future being created for us when we should be creating our own future.


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