France reopens MH370 investigation amid claims of Malaysian cover-up

Source: nzherald

8 Aug, 2018 • By Marnie O’Neill

France has reopened its investigation into the fate of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 after Malaysia’s long-awaited “final report” failed to provide an explanation for the aircraft’s disappearance.

French newspaper Le Parisien reports that investigators are keen to verify data from Inmarsat — the British operator of a global satellite network — which tracked the aircraft’s pings to the southern Indian Ocean off Western Australia, where it is believed to have crashed.

In response, relatives of those on board MH370 issued a statement urging the Malaysian government to release all data, including military radar data, for review and analysis by independent experts.

French authorities claim their investigation into the barnacle-encrusted flaperon found on La Reunion in 2015 was hampered by an absence of satellite data from Boeing. Photo / Twitter

Malaysia’s 449-page report into MH370’s disappearance, released on June 30, was universally condemned and sparked accusations by victims’ families of a cover-up at worst and incompetence at best.

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