Former U.S. Navy pilot and retired Delta Airlines captain Field McConnell ready to testify about the remote commandeering of MH370 over the Ukraine

Source: The Millennium Report

Malaysian authorities arrest former premier Najib Razak – sources

July 5, 2018

© REUTERS/Edgar Su/File Photo FILE PHOTO: Malaysia’s former prime minister Najib Razak speaks to Reuters during an interview Malaysian authorities arrest former premier Najib Razak – sources REUTERS

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was arrested on Tuesday, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, following an investigation into how billions of dollars went missing from a state fund he founded almost a decade ago.

Authorities picked up Najib from his home after serving him a remand order, two sources close to the family said. One of the sources said Najib is expected to be charged in court on Wednesday after being remanded for one night.




MH370 – Aircraft 9M-MRO

MH370 was aircraft 9M-MRO and 9M-MRO had to be removed from Diego Garcia so it was operated empty to Amsterdam and then was operated as an empty drone from Amsterdam to its targeted destruction over Ukraine as I predicted on 29 March 2014. Although the “flight number” was MH17, the fuselage slash airframe was 9M-MRO and it had the 239 dead MH370 decomposing bodies and 40 freshly killed caucasians all of whom had their blood drained before 9M-MRO took off to be flown into contested airspace and downed which took care of the evidence of Rothschild’s MH370 event. Unfortunately, for Serco and US Shadow Government first responders captured film of decomposing bodies and of course bodies do not start decomposing falling from 35000 feet if they were alive at the top of the fall.

Who is most guilty? In my opinion Australia, Netherlands, Najib Razak and then Obama and Dieter Uchtdorf. To prove the maturity of this opinion google:

Obama + Dieter Uchtdorf + MH17 + FIELD MCCONNELL


What team are you on Najib Razak?

Malaysia’s former PM Najib Razak arrested


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