Fitzpatrick Documentarian Hints at “Big Things Happening in 2015”


Sharon Rondeau
November 12, 2014

12, 2014) — In a video released
on Tuesday, Lt. Col. Field McConnell (USAF-Ret.) discussed distinguished
veterans of the U.S. military; current military leadership; the death of former
football star and U.S. Army Ranger Pat
; CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who is currently
imprisoned in Tennessee, and his theory about who is running the military

13:48, McConnell announced that a British television show asked him to appear
on the show in person on March 1, 2015 to discuss an as-yet-undivulged topic.
McConnell is considered an aviation expert and was asked by the government of
Malaysia to travel there following the disappearance of Flight
 in late February, a request which McConnell honored.
parents were married on November 11, 1945, and both served in the military
during World War II.  McConnell’s father was an Air Force veteran who
returned from the war with nutritional deficiencies at half his former weight,
and his mother was a U.S. Army nurse who helped her husband recover.  Both
are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, which McConnell visits annually to
pay his respects.
July, McConnell has been working with documentarian William
(Wilky) R. Fain
, who is producing a
video of Fitzpatrick’s exposure of judicial corruption in eastern
Tennessee.  On August 19, Fitzpatrick was sentenced to three years in
prison after a jury convicted him of “aggravated perjury” and
“extortion” for having presented submissions to the McMinn County
grand jury alleging wrongdoing on the part of judges, prosecutors, court
clerks, law enforcers and the grand jury foreman.
October 22, McConnell announced that
a project on which he, Fain and others are working entitled “The Field
Report” saw significant “overnight developments” in procuring a
studio and other resources to produce the proposed series, which will focus on
veterans’ issues.
a five-year period, Fitzpatrick discovered that grand juries have become tools
of the government to implicate or retaliate against citizens who the government
wishes to incarcerate.  The grand jury which indicted Fitzpatrick was
compromised, but the government prosecuted the case with unusual speed without
any written evidence or a police report.  The Bill of Particulars provided
to Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, was vague and identified no specific
dates or alleged occurrences on which Fitzpatrick had committed crimes.
June 25, a jury convicted Fitzpatrick on two felonies even though the prime
witness, former grand jury foreman Jeffrey Cunningham, stated that Fitzpatrick
had not misrepresented any facts in his grand jury submissions.
had, however, prevented the grand jury from reviewing Fitzpatrick’s multiple
submissions made over several months.  In a video clip produced by Fain
from the August 19 sentencing, Irion states that Fitzpatrick’s convictions
represent the “chilling
” and retaliation of powerful political players in the
community.  Irion said that he is now “afraid” to take evidence
of criminality to a grand jury because of its retaliation against his client.
flew from his home in Wisconsin to attend Fitzpatrick’s
sentencing hearing and hosted a prayer breakfast and barbecue in Fitzpatrick’s
honor the day before.  In a lengthy soliloquy during the sentencing
hearing, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood asked rhetorically,
“Who cares if the grand jury foreman is serving illegally?”
the 16:00 mark, Fain called in by Skype to ask several questions about American
veterans. In July, Fain contacted The Post & Email with an offer to
produce a professional-level video about Fitzpatrick’s saga in the Tenth
Judicial District of Tennessee.
16:48, McConnell told Fain that he honors Pat Tillman by
having purchased a 1940 Studebaker which bears the license plate,
“Tillman’s Ghost.”
does not believe that Tillman was killed by “friendly fire” in April
2004 as the U.S. Army has reported.  Rather, he claimed that Tillman was
killed by “persons unknown” who “were serving known elements
inside of England.”
18:50, McConnell segued into the deaths of U.S. Navy SEALS and special
operators on Extortion 17 on August 6, 2011, which he believes was an
assassination “to cover up the falsehood of Obama having authorized the
capture and/or termination of Osama [bin Laden], which is a bunch of
hogwash.”  McConnell purchased another specialty automobile to
honor Aaron Carson Vaughn, one of the SEALS killed in the helicopter
crash.  “The deceased SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn, did not die serving
his country; he was murdered serving his country…There are some people out
there named Barry Soetoro, Martin Dempsey, Leon Panetta, Opie G 87, and then
Col. Thomas Rickard…I don’t know the parts each of those five people played
in the elimination of Extortion 17, but I know they were all in positions of
authority on the evening which was the 6th of August of 2011, where Aaron
Carson Vaughn was murderd by his own country’s government,” McConnell
parents, Karen and Billy, wrote a book titled “Betrayed.” The Vaughns have been guests on
the Fox
News Channel
 and have interviewed with CBS News
Following the beheading of American journalist James Foley, the Vaughns called on
Obama to resign.
39:51, David Hawkins asked McConnell how he came to be acquainted with Charles
(Chic) Burlingame, who piloted Flight 77, which reportedly hit the Pentagon on
September 11, 2001 as a result of an Islamic terrorist attack.
said that Burlingame attended the Naval Academy at Annapolis at the same time
he did in the same class, graduating in 1971.  As midshipmen, McConnell
said he saw Burlingame perform as a bugler in the Drum & Bugle
Corps.  Following graduation, Burlingame pursued a Navy career, while
McConnell went into the Marine Corps, which is a division of the Navy. 
Both men flew military aircraft throughout their respective careers.
his October 22 declaration, McConnell suggested that
as many as three studios might be available to produce “The Field
28:28, McConnell told the story of heroic Texan “Roy” P. Benavidez,
who served in the U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam and earned the Medal of
customarily refers to Barack Hussein Obama as “Barry Soetoro.” 
On Monday, Donald Trump asserted on
Fox & Friends that Obama’s original name was “Barry Soetoro.”
the end of the video, McConnell states that the four branches of the U.S.
military are controlled by a British concern, Serco.  Hawkins, who is Canadian, stated
at the one-hour mark that Serco maintains “surveillance” over the
administration of Obamacare, “combat training for the United States
Marines,” and that the Obama regime should be asked why it “signed
off” on a contract allowing Serco such authority.
is rallying veterans to the cause of exposing Obama, Serco and senior military
management who he believes were involved in Serco’s alleged rise to
power.  McConnell also said he believes that Obama “no longer”
commands the U.S. military and that he is “a foreign enemy.”
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