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This Is What Might Happen If We Are Silent About Our Fundamental Rights to Free Speech

Source: Jewish Racism

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes | May 9, 2019

I suspect the Congress is going to try use the public outrage at the billionaire social media oligarchs to slip in legislation proscribing criticism of Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel. In the name of free speech, they are asking for the power to proscribe certain classes of speech, which have been defined by the Jewish lobby. They will sell this to conservatives as legislation protecting the rights of the Alex Joneses of the world. They will sell these laws to liberals as breaking the back of the monopolies.

We must contact our representatives in Congress and insist that no laws be passed which create privileged classes, or in any infringe upon our Constitutional rights to free speech. If they render social media platforms into utilities, we must carefully read the legislation and oppose any attempts to use the power of the State to impose sanctions on anyone violating rules which proscribe any form of free speech. They will attempt to create a police force and methods of imposing sanctions. This will be the “thought police”. In the name of ending the thought police of the billionaire social media oligarchs, they will create a State “thought police” force.

As Alex Jones always said, “problem, reaction, solution”. They created the problem by declaring Jones “dangerous”. The reaction was to oppose this suppression of free speech. The proposed solution will be for the State to takeover the policing of public discussion and free up Alex Jones, and those like him, while proscribing and slipping in punishments for criticizing Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel.

Such illegal legislation violates the First Amendment on its face, and is therefore void on its face. It is also irrational; in that it presumes that Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel can do no wrong and therefore there can be no legitimate basis for criticism against them–but that is a separate issue from the issue of basic freedom of speech. There is no need to justify free speech. No one can proscribe it whether they agree with it, or not; whether they find it legitimate, or not. It is the speaker’s choice what he or she wishes to say, and no one elses.

We have foolishly allowed some exceptions to the absolute right of free speech. The classic example is that it is illegal to scream out, “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no reason to believe a fire exists. But it is never illegal to scream out, “Fire!” when there are reasons to believe that a fire exists.

Therefore, it is irrational to ban certain classes of speech in order to shield special interest groups or sets of beliefs from criticism. It must never be illegal to warn the public about threats emanating from any group or set of beliefs. To argue otherwise is to irrationally and with no basis in fact claim that there can be no conflicting interests between groups in our society, and that certain protected classes and belief systems can never be considered dangerous or come to be scrutinized. It is to argue that theaters can never burn, and that enemies of privileged class are not enemies, despite the fact that someone believes that they are and wants to talk about the danger.

It is time to be vigilant and to be heard!

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By Rev. Ted Pike

PART ONE 4-30-19

Just before Christmas in 1971, as Canadian Federal legislators were leaving Parliament for home, the Canadian branch of the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL) swiftly mustered passage of its national hate crimes law. Since then the “Canadian Human Rights Act” and its Sec. 319 have proven to be an unstoppable fountain of persecution and intimidation of Canadian Christians and free thinkers. Sec. 319 makes it a “hate crime” for any Canadian to publicly criticize Homosexuality. No pastor is allowed to read publicly any Bible passage critical of sodomy and express agreement with it. If he does he can face thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison. If a Christian is arrested for such “intimidation” against Gays he now faces a virtually unwinnable case in hostile Provincial and Federal courts. In 2005 the average cost of defending oneself from a hate crimes charge in Canada was $175,000. Triple that today. To get a sense of how intense and ruthless is the government of Canada to eradicate criticism of sodomy and abortion, please take this link:​…/christian-activist-willing-to-go-to-jail-on-lgbt-hate-crime-charge-im-stand​​LifeSite | Life, Family & Culture News​. Bill Whatcot is one of many Christians and freedom loving Canadians whose lives have been shattered by persecution under Sec. 319. Enduring huge fines and even multiple imprisonments, a select few have refused to go silent.

Read the entire PDF file by Rev. Ted Pike at:


Source: The New York Times

It’s Time to Break Up Facebook

By Chris Hughes | May 9, 2019

The last time I saw Mark Zuckerberg was in the summer of 2017, several months before the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. We met at Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., office and drove to his house, in a quiet, leafy neighborhood. We spent an hour or two together while his toddler daughter cruised around. We talked politics mostly, a little about Facebook, a bit about our families. When the shadows grew long, I had to head out. I hugged his wife, Priscilla, and said goodbye to Mark.

Since then, Mark’s personal reputation and the reputation of Facebook have taken a nose-dive. The company’s mistakes — the sloppy privacy practices that dropped tens of millions of users’ data into a political consulting firm’s lap; the slow response to Russian agents, violent rhetoric and fake news; and the unbounded drive to capture ever more of our time and attention — dominate the headlines. It’s been 15 years since I co-founded Facebook at Harvard, and I haven’t worked at the company in a decade. But I feel a sense of anger and responsibility.

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