Fight clubs taking place inside New Zealand prison managed by Serco

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Prisoner claims he was forced to take part in fight clubs at Mt Eden

by Shane Cowlishaw

July 22, 2016

Allegations of organised fight clubs within Mt Eden Corrections Facility was one of the reasons operator Serco lost the contract.

Further details of organised fight clubs within Mt Eden Prison have been revealed by a man who claims to have been forced to participate.

The allegations of fight clubs and contraband issues emerged after recordings of incidents at Mt Eden Corrections Facility were posted online last year.

The Department of Corrections took over control of the prison from private operator Serco following the allegations and other claims of prisoner mistreatment.

Serco and Department of Corrections bosses fronted a press conference at the Mt Eden prison in April.

The new information was revealed in an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal of a decision to decline refugee status to a Somalian man.

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