Field’s Big Woody – A Few AD Google Terms – NYT’s (New York Times is 6 Years Behind Abel Danger) Exposure of the Uranium Swindle – Tracking Almaty and Astana – 5.5 Foot Woody Girth – Abel Danger’s Full Spectrum Domination of Google

Abel Danger Intelligence Update: Big Woody (power woody)

Abel Danger tracking in Almaty and Astana in Feb-08 to Aug-09. The BIG WOODY is 5.5 feet across and 15 feet in circumference.

Google term: power woody + pastel + ioc + chips

Google term: uranium swindle + pastel + ioc + chips + hamish

Took the New York Times six years to catch up on this story.

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

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