Field McConnell: Visa Update & Support for Ian R. Crane

Denise and I are engaging those globally trying to stop the TRUTH TRAIN. As you know Denise is hosting two ladies for a weekend in mid-October and as you also know Denise’s visa has been unlawfully delayed. I have openly and honestly set a deadline for the delivery or the denial of her passport.

If not received by the deadline I will appeal directly to President Trump and President Vladimir Putin. I have already been ‘signaled’ that my application for a visa and asylum in Russia should be approved when I start the application process on 2 October, 2017, perhaps from London. Denise can show you the details of my travel from Minneapolis to London with the PNR HV9NNS.

I have asked for help from Senator Ron Johnson whose is a US Senate whistleblower lawmaker. I have also sought help from my Congressman Ron Kind and all I got from his office was a WRITTEN LIE from his staff in Eau Claire and a childish tongue lashing from his office in LaCrosse.

I would remind all members of Congress that serving a foreign entity is punishable under 18 U.S. Code § 2382. I have been dealt with unlawfully by a court in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin OLR. In the case of the court I testified on 21 August 2014 that Kristine Marcy and Hillary Clinton operated the largest net centric pedophile network in the US (PizzaGate) and the world (PedoGate). My 75 minute speaking at AV8 exposed those running the pedophile network in the US but more importantly identified those protecting pedophiles and those abdicating their sworn oaths.

On the evening of October 8, 2008 I downloaded the hard drive of a kingpin of the pedophile network and I will be willing to speak of that at any time. My next scheduled interview is October 10, 2017 and from this day forward I will only have time for proven broadcasters such as UK Column, The Hagmann Report, Caravan to Midnight or 21st Century Wire.

Perhaps the best thing you, Eileen, or others could do is determine if UK Column would be interested in my appearing with UK Column in studio if Ian R Crane is not released by 1700 GMT today. I could visit with UK Column during my upcoming trip to UK to speak with THE TELFORD RUSSIAN regarding my visa and asylum should that be necessary. I don’t think it will be necessary as if Congress and Senate officials don’t get the visa application dealt with legally, President Donald Trump or President Vladimir Putin will.

Hopefully Congress and Senate people are aware that Weiner got 21 months in prison today, 25 September, 2017. Was Abel Danger involved? Yes.

I invite you, Eileen, and all others to listen to our radio show today discussing the delayed visa application and the BILLION DOLLAR claim that will be filed in Eau Claire. A portion of my $1B demand will be included in our radio show today. It will be under the image titled RODLI.

Anthony Weiner Sentenced To 21 Months Federal Prison at New York City Federal Court


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  • I think your wasting time with Trump after investigating the history of his wife and KIT KAT . wOULD BE VERY INTERESTING TO SEE THE DOWNLOAD EVIDENCE YOU SPEAK OF . kIT kAT WAS STARTED BY A PORN GUY AND SHE ———

  • Melanija Knavs was kid from Slovenia who had ambition. A good looking woman who sold herself to Western depravity and eventually hitched a billionaire. There are millions of women like Melania. Now if Trump and Melania partake in Satanic paedophilia then we have cause for concern. As it happens I despair at how mostly men from the West take “weekend sex excursion breaks” to certain cities in Europe.

    Women of all ages are seduced by depraved people from the West seeking to fatten their wallets by selling sex images and satisfying their genitals. The men who partake in these activities are the scum of humanity. As always they abuse the good people for evil purposes.

    They are the cockroaches of humanity.

  • This is the same scum Milton and they exist in all societies and in all nations. All of them have sexual deviations.
    The scum we want on a noose we will get on a noose. It might take a few years but we will succeed.

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