Field McConnell answers Senator Cruz after seeking Letter of Marque-Reprisal – Treason Against the United States – January 22, 1991 MURDER of USMC Colonel James Sabow – Google Terms Provided – United States Senior Executive Service – The Objective is to Not Destroy ISIL/ISIS

Senator Cruz, here are the direct answers to your questions:

1. If the objective were to destroy ISIL/ISIS……..

A. Expose United States Senior Executive Service and McCain who created it.

3. Are Rules of Engagement a concern?

A. Yes, that caused Extortion 17 to kill 38 men and a dog

google: Obama + panetta + Dempsey + G87/Opie + Colonel Thomas Rickard

7. How to reverse plummeting morale currently undermining military might?

A. Arrest those perpetrating Treasons against the United States some of them
involved in the Jan 22, 1991 MURDER of Colonel James Sabow USMC

google: cody + abizaid + petraeus + Dempsey + mcchrystal + kennsing + farrisee 
google: Obama + panetta + Dempsey + G87/Opie + Colonel Thomas Rickard 
google: Kristine Marcy + shadow government + u s senior executive service

Sen. Ted Cruz Questions General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., 
USMC at SASC Hearing

Further investigation and reopening Colonel James Sabow’s murder investigation requested:

Commodity Backing US$: Drugs – The “War on Drugs” Continues – USMC Cocaine Delivery Services via US Military Aircraft – The Fourth Reich Embedded Deeply in America’s Military – The New Semper Fi Code: Marine Colonel James Sabow Ambushed In His Backyard by IRT Team – Estimated Global Trade in Cocaine: US$88 Billion – Need Help Defending That Trade? – Call the Marines

Continued: Monopoly on Weapons (Munitions), Drugs and Sex Trade – United States Government/Military Contracting Out Transshipment of Drugs – Two Americans Lose Their Lives: James Sabow and Gary Webb – The Secret Team: Enforces The “National Security State” – America Imports 50% of World-Wide Cocaine Production – Interfere With This Operation and Meet a Certain Death

Continuation: Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Colonel James Sabow – Jockeying for Power Is a Ruthless Business – Oliver North Was a “Volatile and Dangerous Person” – GHWB’s “Perfect Circle” – John Hull’s Ranch in Costa Rica Ran Drugs and Weapons – Mobsters in Uniform – The Enterprise Takes Over – Dan Quayle Was GHWB’s “Impeachment Insurance” – Flying In and Out With the Right Transponder Numbers

Continuation: Colonel James Sabow’s Death on MCAS El Toro – Who Is Daniel Sheehan? – The Christic Institute – “The People’s Advocate” – Elite Embrace of Drugs, Money Laundering, and Pedophilia – “The Shadow Government” – “DO NOT Write/Contact Mrs. Sabow” – “We are attacking reputation of a dead Col.”

Continuation: World Renowned Pathologist’s Findings Reversed – Orange County Coroner Over Naval Pathologist? – Communiqué Dated Nine Hours Prior to James Sabow’s Death – Suicide Determined Without Knowledge of Crime Scene Evidence – IG Boil Plate Investigstation on El Toro – Marine Corps Officers In Criminal Conspiracy

So, who do you serve? Who do you patronize? Who is your daddy?

Who Do You Serve?
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