FBI Paid $100K+ For Concocted Trump Dossier During Election; John McCain Helped Broker Classified Deal With Comey

Source: Black Listed News

September 14, 2017

FBI insiders say fired FBI Director James Comey and Andrew McCabe, deputy FBI director, used Bureau funds to underwrite the controversial dossier on President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, sources confirm.

And the deal to dig dirt on a presidential candidate was put together with the help of Sen. John McCain, sources said.

These new revelations in fact might be the worst kept secrets in Washington, D.C. but now rank-and-file FBI agents want the Bureau to come clean on its relationship with the author of the problematic Trump dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele.

True Pundit first received intelligence from FBI sources in March that the Bureau had struck a financial deal with Steele in 2016.

Federal law enforcement agents have since divulged to True Pundit:

• Steele was likely paid in the $100,000 range by the FBI for the research. Perhaps even more.
• Sen. John McCain was involved in brokering the introduction of Steele or Steele’s preliminary research to FBI bosses.
• The FBI routinely pays third-party private Intel firms to gather evidence used to secure federal search warrants and arrest warrants, as well as FISA court warrants.
• The FBI does not vet the privately commissioned investigators, like Fusion GPS, who work “off the books” for the Bureau.
• The FBI pays such contractors from a budget that is not part of its public expenditures. The transactions are confidential, therefore, Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA) on such transactions are easily and legally denied.
• Steele and the firm Fusion GPS may have performed additional privately-commissioned intelligence work for the FBI.

The Steele dossier on Trump has since proven to be chalk-full (chalk, not “chock” used intentionally here) of wild and unproven intelligence.

The more disturbing revelations however, is that a GOP U.S. Senator from the same party as Trump likely assisted the FBI to perform a bogus investigation of a presidential candidate during the 2016 election; the results of which were leaked to the news media in an attempt to boost Democrat Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency.

Also, it now appears the FBI had a definitive role in digging dirt on a presidential candidate with the likely intent to sway an election.

It’s little wonder the FBI has blocked efforts to turn over records on its relationship with Steele, Fusion GPS, and McCain’s role in putting the two entities together.


Watch this. President Trump knew all along. Justice is coming for John McCain.

President Trump decided: James Comey staying on as FBI director


Update on the FBI wiretapping Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort in 2016:

BREAKING: Obama FBI Wiretapped TRUMP Campaign Manager During 2016 Election



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  • The rank and file should have released the Clinton video and stop messing around , IT’S BAD ENEOUGH they are organising most fake terror attacks which even a 2 yr old can see . They dont even investigate crimes properly like the pedo , murder etc . Its like Al Capone all over again except with a badge . They will be out of a job in the end anyway .
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  • The deep state is in disarray – Trump is going after them and they are not used to the limelight – they only work in darkness – they don’t like it. Drain the Swamp!!!

  • How come nobody goes to jail in Washington?

  • Satan worshipping baby eating political appointed judges do NAZI anything wrong.

  • If the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. can be subverted and maligned by these Globalist puppets, then America needs a better way to insure this can not happen … Or America needs for these groups to CEASE to EXIST.

  • Typical Alt Right BS story with not a shred of evidence provided, instead its un named sources. People don’t go to jail in Washington or anywhere else based on the wonderful reputation of the true pundit.