FBI Agent Appointed by Comey In Charge of Las Vegas Investigation

Watch a very uncomfortable Sheriff Lombardo give a press briefing on the events in Las Vegas on the shot security guard time line (starts at the 7 minute point). Notice the FBI agent Aaron Rouse in charge of Las Vegas overseeing the interview. Aaron Rouse was appointed to Las Vegas by James Comey in July, 2016.

10/9 @8:30PM Latest Press Conference From LVPD On Las Vegas incident #DNN

Agents of deception have appeared giving their version of events because there is an operation going down here. The story keeps changing because there were two or more shooters. The agents of deception are coming out to be good cops and bad cops to throw more confusion into the public discussion.


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Head of FBI in Las Vegas Is Comey Appointee – No Wonder the Investigation is a Complete Mess!


What is going on here? Burglars break into the Las Vegas shooter’s home? Burglars? Did they find what they were looking for?

Burglars target Las Vegas shooter’s Reno home


Agents of deception at work with the “good cop” here:

Forensic Acoustic Proof of SECOND Shooter in the Las Vegas Massacre


There never was any trust of the FBI. And how many Americans know FBI executives are vetted by the Senior Executive Service?

BOOM! Tom Fitton Says What Everybody is Thinking: “I Don’t Trust the FBI”


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  • Podesta’s daughter Megan is married to Gordon Rouse, NOT Aaron Rouse.

  • Thank you. We went back and checked on this source.

  • So does Aaron or possible Gordon Rouse have Podesta family ties ?

  • @Gordon Rouse
    Seems he is a Clinton fan and retweets of Podesta and Megan Rouse are in his Twitter feed

  • Creepy how the guy is standing there monitoring the Sherif. Looks like one of those cases referred to in the military civil rule occupation manual where the local government needs a more direct military man assigned directly to the local civil officers to make sure they do not do anything to compromise the over all well being of the military. The first thing it says in the manual is that the military occupying force is first and paramount, to be protected and the basic purpose of the manuals. Local officials, while best left alone to keep suspicion and possible unhappy people, in some cases must be overidden if protection of the central command is possibly at risk. Sure looks like it here with that creepy looking guy watching the Sherrif’ every move. Why is the Sherrif part of the police department? Shouldn’t he be the Sherrif’s office? A Sherrif near here told me he had to do what the city told him despite having an office in the county building that the Sherrif said is ruled over by the municipal corporation.

  • jumping jehosophat

    Aaron Rouse is the son of Edward N Rouse and Avril Rouse, deceased of New York. Gordon Rouse is the son of Robert M. Rouse and Joan Rouse of California.