False Flag Contrived Terror – THREAT WINDOW 11-7-11 to 11-11-11 – US SES: We Expect a Peaceful Sunrise on 11-11-11

False Flag contrived terror THREAT WINDOW 11-7-11 to 11-11-11

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 10:43 AM

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Attention FBI:

On 8 Nov 10 at 1535 Eastern I sent you a threat window for 8 Nov 10 thru 11 Nov 10. Hours later the MYSTERY MISSILE event occurred in the Pacific Missile Test Range in which case the ignition signal for the second stage was blocked electronically at the same time a cruise ship was shut down electronically. On 20 Jan 11 I sent FBI and others a TW against the Willis Tower in Chicago for time frame 1200-1830 23 Jan 11. That threat FADED OUT but the following day a FF terror event occurred at DMO airport in Moscow. While FADE OUT is desirable, as we approach the 60 hour TW centered on 11-9-11 it appears that we are approaching level 4.

Regarding the ‘exercise’ involving radio and TV set for 11-9-11, recall that it was another exercise on 9-11-01 that went horribly wrong. Oath keepers ( that includes you ) are being called upon by US patriots to uphold their oaths and protect US citizens and the US Constitution just as in London on Guy Fawkes Day ( 5 Nov 11 ) the British Constitution Group is meeting to discuss their expectations for a Constitutional Britain going forward.

Regarding the defendants of Civil Case 3:07-cv-49, if Abel Danger doesn’t see evidence of a cancellation of the ‘penciled in’ FF TE in 11-9-11 window or moderation of 11-9-11 exercise by EOB 2 Nov 11, expect a legal filing with a much tighter focus in the defendants listed. Whereas Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 had 100 named defendants, a filing on, say, 2 Nov 11, would focus on 5 defendants.

U. S. Senior Executive Service and Hugh Shelton botched it last time. They’d be fools to expect better results against a more informed and organized American population. Hugh Shelton should compare my last name to the last name of a confidant aboard the SPECKLED TROUT when it ‘got lost’ for several hours on the morning of 9/11 as it was somewhere in close proximity to W386 Airspace and two NATO E330 AWACS jets holding off Washington DC and NYC expecting that Hugh Shelton’s Speckled Trout would arrive at NATO Hungary as the command of the US Navy would be handed off to NATO in response to the MURDER of US Navy Command Center Duty Officer Captain Gerald DeConto, Annapolis ’79 at the same time MGen Maurice Baril and his lap dog Charles Bouchard kept a short leash on the 1st AF NORAD assets preventing their intercepting, I say again, INTERCEPTING of 4 droned aircraft, 2 Darleen Drunyen Boeings and two Raytheon A 3 Sky Warriors. It seems statistically unlikely that Shelton would plan to drop into London to be knighted by the Queen following a successful Treason against America. What, pray tell, would he have done to deserve the Queen’s favor?

History recalls that Captain Jason Dahl’s United 93 was delayed for 41 minutes thus blocking the TOPOFF AMERICA that had been ill-conceived by City of London, US Senior Executive Service, Lord Timothy Garden, Hugh Shelton and the party who created the US SES.

On 11 September, 1961 QE2 created the Queen’s Guard at William and Mary College. On 11 November 11 Abel Danger will be ‘standing down’ the Queen’s Guards as Constitutionally loyal Oath Keepers assemble at the foot of the Washington Monument and many US Courthouses across America.

Robert Swan Mueller III was informed on 14 Feb 07 exactly how the jets deployed on 9/11 were modified. If the Director of the FBI wishes a reminder, please have him contact me at 715 307 8222 or fieldmcc@yahoo.com as I still have both the letter and the USPS proof of delivery.

Not many Marines abandon their oath. Seems the same cannot be said regarding Pershing Rifle Army officers whose first oath was not to the United States of America.

Abel Danger fully expects to see a calm and peaceful sunrise on 11-11-11 and also a move to shut down the United States Senior Executive Service; the opening through which the effluence from City of London has been pumped into the lifeblood of America since Jimmy Carter and Kristine Marcy commissioned it in 1979. Prior to US SES in 1979 the Crown Agents provided this disservice to America from as early as 1879.

If Veterans Day 2011 is calm, credit Abel Danger. If something goes horribly wrong, in this message I have identified the 5 defendants of Civil Case 3:11-cv-xyz which will be a contingent filing with US District Court, District of North Dakota. That is, the Case will be trashed if we remain calm, served if something horribly wrong occurs.

Happy Veterans Day to all loyal oath keepers in America.

Field McConnell
U S Marine 0116513
715 307 8222


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