“Fake is The New Real”: Staged Detention of Venezuelan Opposition Juan Guaidó

Ed note: This staged apprehension of opposition leader Juan Guaidó was made to look as if Guaidó was being captured by President Nicolás Maduro’s “secret police”, but in fact, what viewers are seeing is a very bad case of false flag imbecility. This is another manufactured story to make it appear Guaidó is legitimate opposition to President Nicolás Maduro who along with Hugo Chavez before him, brought up the standard of living in Venezuela contrary to what the media in the US has been reporting.

Secret police aren’t sent in broad daylight on an open road with countless witnesses and video cameras rolling to capture opposition. This is right out of a bad movie. If the “regime” wanted Guaidó dead or removed, he would have never exited the SUV – alive. Most of the opposition in Venezuela against the legitimate presidency of Nicolás Maduro are American lackeys, most connected to corruption surrounding oil cartels. Guaidó is fake opposition.

Ed note: The 35 year old Guaidó boldly states “he’s not afraid” immediately after being released. Then a rally is already set up waiting for his arrival to give a defiant speech. As to be expected all the American media sources including the The Washington Times comes out stating “it’s time for a new government” with articles and pictures of America’s choice to replace President Nicolás Maduro. That is some fairly good coordination going on here between those “secret police” and the American media. If these people surrounding Guaidó can’t even run a false flag with this stunt, how are they going to run a government? This is what the media have given us: “Fake is the new real.” How many showed up for Guaidó’s rally? One-thousand people, maybe 2000? Hardly convincing.

The US and its military and oil cartels are going to run into a huge problem when they decide to move militarily against Venezuela. A 1.6 million militia are armed, trained and ready to fend off an attack on Venezuela. The National Bolivarian Militia is a force comprised of civilian volunteers and founded by late President Hugo Chávez in 2008 to support the country’s armed forces. What does the US have against President Nicolás Maduro who was elected by the majority of the Venezuelan people? President Nicolás Maduro talks about Venezuela the way American leaders used to talk about America. It’s Venezuelans for Venezuela.

1.6 Million Militia Ready to Defend Venezuela: Maduro

According to US oil cartels that have no such allegiances, this is going to cause a major problem for them; because the Venezuelans are not going to turn their resources over to foreign oil cartels. For decades the US and Venezuela have gotten along well conducting business with each other, then when the US lifted its ban after 40 years on oil exports in 2014 the confrontation started. When the US oil cartels decided to lift their oil export ban after 40 years, this meant Venezuela would have to be removed as a competitor as an OPEC nation and one of the world’s largest producers of oil. Readers will not hear of drug cartels running the country of Venezuela like the cartels run Colombia where the US dumps $500 million a year in “foreign aid.”

Lift the Ban on U.S. Oil Exports

Source: South China Morning Post

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido addresses rally after brief detention

• Supporters of Guaido line the streets at rally as he says he could replace President Nicolas Maduro

January 14, 2019

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido led a rally on Sunday after being briefly detained by intelligence agents, days after saying he would be willing to replace the increasingly isolated President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido’s comments on Friday spurred some opposition sympathisers to conclude that he had declared himself interim president, and led several government officials to say he should be arrested for treason.

Intelligence agents on Sunday pulled him from his car on the way from the capital, Caracas, to the coastal town of Caraballeda, his wife and opposition legislators said.

He was released soon thereafter, they said.

“I want to send a message to Miraflores – the game has changed,” said Guaido, the head of the opposition-run congress, referring to the presidential palace, from a stage surrounded by cheering opposition sympathisers.

“Here we are! We are not afraid!”

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