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By Vicky Davis • October 31, 2018 • 1 Comment

Yesterday, Frontline finished airing a two-part series on Facebook and incalculable damage that Facebook has done around the world. It’s not hyperbole to say that Facebook has been a Destroyer of Worlds. They meant to do it in the sense of using technology to change the world but they didn’t mean to do it in the sense of destroying the world. They were young. They developed a computer system but they never gave a serious thought to the potential for harm even as it was being pointed out to them – at least that’s the impression.

Frontline did such a good job on the exposé of Facebook, it seems an opportune moment to point out that our government systems were redesigned by young people who had the very same mindset as Mark Zuckerberg. They were given license to do it by the Clinton Administration without a single thought to the negative consequences of what they were doing. The adults went on vacation and the young people took over the house. The adults didn’t understand the technology nor the power of computer systems but they did understand the profit potential so they turned the young people loose.

The good news from Washington is that every single person in Congress supports the concept of an information superhighway. The bad news is that no one has any idea what that means.” ~ Cong. Edward J. Markey ~

The Frontline series is the first indication that the adults are beginning to shuffle back into the house to survey the wreckage.

Of course it all began with the dot.com stock market boom. As Alan Greenspan termed it, irrational exuberance caused it. The irrational exuberance was because the adults left the building and it was party time. Internet based online trading platforms were developed, cable network TV hyped the stocks as did the day traders who were communicating on the Internet. Telecommunications companies were laying fiber as fast as they possible could and their tax returns reflected potential future profits rather than actual (accounting fraud).

In 2004, Treasury Secretary John Snow was the guest at a meeting of the National Press Club after the crash. He gave a status of the U.S. economy.

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